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There is an App for that One Night Stand

One Night Standard

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For those that quickly need a hotel room because they crave spontaneity and indulge in late night, last minute sexual impulsiveness with a certain discreet someone then there is an app for that.

Yep, thanks to the app ‘One Night Standard’ you can quickly reserve a room for a quickie (or something like that) from the hours of 3 p.m. to 5 a.m. With the app, you can reserve rooms at any Standard Hotel locations, which are in New York, Miami Beach and Los Angeles.

But don’t just think you can use this app for inconspicuous activities. The app is also useful for those that need a place to crash because of a canceled flight, to drunk to drive home or because your baby momma kicked you out of the house.

Whatever the reason the free app on Android and Apple is now available with a $99 rate special until May 3, which is not bad considering the hotel’s trendy locations and the room’s high-end décor.

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Que Es Eso… Snapchat?

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Que es Snacha?’ was what my friend’s mother asked me – referring to Snapchat, a social media application that one of her grandsons wanted her to join.

The popular app that was launched in 2011 just introduced a new feature where you can see videos and articles produced by CNN, ESPN and nine other media companies on the apps’ mobile messaging service. After 24-hours of post the app deletes the news content for a new story (here today, gone tomorrow).

But that’s not why her grandson wanted her to join Snapchat. To him it’s an awesome tool that all of his young friends are using. Even though Snapchat tries to target everyone interested in mobile messaging – the app has been extremely popular with teens and college students.

That is because Snapchat will quickly delete your text, photo or video in seconds. You can set your message to delete from 3 to 10 seconds, which is why most youths feel comfortable with this app. However, screenshots and other apps have been able to capture naughty and silly images of teens (yeah, and you thought it was safe).

Another cool aspect of the app is the video calling you can have with your friends like Skype, Tango or Facetime. So texting, sending images or photos are not your only option.

In November, Snapchat partnered with Square, an online payment company that allows users to send money to each other like PayPal and Chase mobile apps.

But with hundreds and hundreds of social media networks and messaging services for mobiles in the world is this app really necessary for abuelita? Sure, why not? Especially that she will be able to text, send images or photos and live video chat with her grandson so that he can ask her for some money – I’m all for it.

5 Awesome Fitness and Health Apps for 2015

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As we get older – time to stay fit and healthy seems to get shorter. Monitoring our calorie intake, what type of foods to eat and how many pounds we’re burning off is too much of a time consuming task to supervise. Fortunately for us there are apps for that. Does that make us lazier? Nope! It makes us wiser for utilizing our resource (our phones and tablets) that makes us more efficient and organized.

Here are five awesome fitness and health apps for your mobile devices and tablets. However, just know that downloading these apps will not lose the weight for you or keep you healthy. You will actually have to workout and eat right yourself.

Five Awesome Fitness and Health Apps for 2015

1) Fooducate:
Statistics show most food products that have the words “Healthy” on the label are actually not that good for you (high sodium, sugar, …etc). But with this app you can scan the barcode to help you make a healthy-ier choice when grocery shopping. The app is free for iOS and Android.

2) Moves:
Do you know how many calories you burn when you walk to the store or run to the bus or train. This app will give you the minute-by-minute calculations on how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day. The app is free and available for iOS.

3) Noom Weight Loss Coach:
Can’t afford a personal coach but you desperately want one. Well the app will not only coach you but it will encourage you with motivating words, display health and wellness articles, healthy recipes and show you which foods are healthy and which are not. This app is free for iOS and Android.

4) Power20:
Become stronger and fit with this app that customizes 20 minute full-body routines. This app’s illustrated videos, infographics and daily tips are the extras while it takes notes and modifies exercises based on what you can and cannot do. Purchase this app for only $2.99 for iOS.

5) Nike+ Running:
Tell Michael Jordan that it’s not just the shoe, it’s the app too. The app is specifically for runners, but joggers and speed walkers can also use it to track distance, pace, time and calories burned. The app helps you reach new goals with training programs, coaching tips and daily workouts to get you ready for any marathon you want to enter. This free app is available for iOS and Android.

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