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  • Entrepreneurship
    Circus Accident During a Rhode Island Performance

    Circuses provide a great form of entertainment for all ages. It takes great talent, precision and timing to do the acrobatics and provide a great experience for the audience. Yet no two performances are alike and while everything may look ‘awesome’, it is no joke that something may go wrong, even with...

  • Entertainment
    New Year’s Eve 2013 Celebration

    A tradition of more than century old, the iconic dropping of the New Year’s Eve ball, makes its debut here on New Year’s Eve. Here is the breakdown of each aspect of the celebration taking place at Times Square in New York City. Who’s Flipping the Switch? This year, U.S. Supreme Court...

  • Entertainment
    The American Music Awards Results

    Another night of great music and tributes to those that have passed 10 years ago. Many well-known musicians were competing for several of the same awards and also gave performances of hit songs. Here is a recap of tonight’s performance of the 41st Annual Music Award held live in Los Angeles. Winners...

  • Entertainment
    The 2013 Video Music Awards Recap

    For the first time, the VMAs were hosted at the Barclays Centers in Brooklyn, NY without an actual host. The performers and presenters took over the stage with announcing nominees and winners while giving their own commentary throughout the show. Here is a recap of the performances, the winners of the awards...

  • Events
    Brazil Carnival

    Music, dance, food, and being around family and friends are so important to a lot of people today no matter where you live. Though every once in a while, a celebration, or in this case, a carnival, brings more people closer together for some of the same reasons. The Rio Carnival is...

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