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    Dominican Co-Worker Remembers George Floyd as Friendly & Respectful

            Over the weekend, protests formed in cities across the country to demand justice...

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    Hundreds of Fast Food Workers arrested during Nationwide Strike

    A week ago we celebrated Labors Day Weekend which is a yearly celebration to honor labor workers in the workforce. Started as recognition to workers who embarked on social and political movements, the holiday was to remember what workers did in the past in order to better their livelihood and the livelihood...

  • Social Issues
    Hispanic Fast Food Workers go on Strike!

    On May 15th 2014, thousands of workers in the fast food industry went on strike demanding their wages be raised to the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. Across 33 countries within 230 cities, worker in McDonald’s, Burger King, and 12 other well-known fast food restaurants, fast food workers joined a...

  • News & Politics
    Fight against censorship: The Latino President vs. Ecuadorean Americans

    Since becoming president in 2006, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa is steadily becoming known as the tyrant with a smile. On Capitol Hill, Correa has been referred to as a tyrant with an “irresponsible tongue” that abuses his power within his country. As president of Ecuador, Correa has used his power to stifle...

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    Congressmen Charles Rangel Arrested in Washington, D.C

      Yesterday, an estimated 200 people were arrested in Washington D.C when protesters blocked a main street near the Capital. Among the arrested were at least eight Democratic Members of the House including Congressman Charles Rangel. Congressman Rangel and the other arrestees were taking part in a massive rally that was aimed...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Young Voices: Protesting for Education

    Check out the student point-of-view!

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    Jessica Alba: Miser-alba!

    Today's target of Jessica's rage: WRITERS!

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    ESCANDALO! Dave Navarro is now with Tila Tequila!

    And there goes Navarro's sex appeal...

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