Enrique Iglesias Sex! Sex! & More Sex!


When you think of Enrique Iglesias what crosses your mind? Hot and Steamy am I right? Well, that’s what crosses my mind. ;) When he’s on stage belting his lyrics with that sexy ‘mirada, Oh My! Oh My! Oh Dear! It makes me think he is dedicating those words to me for that brief moment.

A girl can dream can’t she? lol

Love and Sex are the perfect words to describe this Latin heartthrob. Why not make it the album title? Enrique has released hit after hit. Each one dedicated to his self expression of passion in many different positions.

‘Bialando’ has been rated the #1 in numerous charts and continues to break records. The hottest single of the Album ‘Sex And Love ‘, the second part of ‘ Euphoria’. Enrique’s sizzling recipe to combine in One album several songs with varous degrees of increased sensual passion and the consistency of rhythmic style is the perfect recipe for foreplay and air play.

As hard as it was for be to believe, i was told Enrique was skeptical to release such a sexual album. However, after a few nights of reminiscing of his past romantic singles it took no arm twisting to convince Enrique ‘Love And Sex’ was a history maker and barrier breaker.

‘Bailando’ became one of the 10 most downloaded songs on iTunes.

This phenomenon with over 100 million albums sold, has overcome criticism and questions over his artistic ability to express his form of love for the music and for the warmth and excitement of a partner. I definitely have no criticism. Express Away Enrique!!

Enrique is smart and sexy and in addition to have a great head of hair he has a great head on his shoulders. He prefers not to include alcohol in a night of passion. It causes problems under the covers, apparently liquor doesn’t make him feel in control. WHAT A FREAK!!

More Fun and more romantic when you remember what you did the next morning. lol!

Despite the eye candy he is to so many fans, Enrique states he’s not interested in casual encounters.

He’s made ​​it clear his view on the double standard that is applied between women and men when judging their relationships.

“If a man lies with a lot of women , it is the best , but a girl does the same , its wrong?? Its not fair!

I personally thought he was a womanizer but he appears to be the whole package of hotness, humor and hero to defending women with double standards.

“… I honestly believe it’s difficult for love to survive without sex.” – Amen to that! lol

Love Advice: What is “Normal” For Sex?

[Originally published for LatinTRENDS magazine December 2011 Issue #84]

Judy Torres

Ask Judy


Dear Judy,

Wanna know something about my sex life with mi hombre that no one else knows? (I debated even asking you, but that’s the beauty of anonymity.) He rarely initiates sex. Don’t get me wrong: he enjoys it. He doesn’t have complaints. He never turns me down. He gets really, really into it. And he’s very sexually flirtatious with me. But he just doesn’t initiate the hook up that often.

For the past month or so, I haven’t really had to think about this because, well, we were having sex almost everyday. But lately, our sex life has been slowing down, and therefore, this concern is popping up in my mind more frequently.

So…I guess my question to you is, what’s wrong here? Shouldn’t un hombre be the initiator? And if he isn’t, does that mean he has someone on the side? Do you think he’s cheating?

This whole situation doesn’t seem “normal,” if you know what I mean. What do you think?

Sincerely yours,
Confused in Centereach


Dear Confused in Centereach,

Ah! For the first time, I am presented with a question about the roles men and women play in the bedroom.

First, let me say that I wish you gave me more information. How long have you both been together? Are you married? Living together? Children? I ask these questions because sometimes they can add insight to the situation. For example, if you’re married to one another for a few years, I could guess that perhaps things have become too uncomfortable, and you may have to spice things up.

Another example: if you’ve been together for five years, and you were always the one initiating sex, then I could tell you that you’ve “taught” him how to respond – you are in charge.

Let’s talk about “normal” for one second. To me, what is normal to one couple may not be normal for another. In our society, it is expected that the man is in charge. Therefore, he should be the aggressor, right? But if you’ve always initiated, and he never has and you never asked him in the past to initiate, then why would you expect him to be different now?

What does concern me, however, is that it’s been more than a month that you’ve not been intimate with one another, especially if you say he enjoys it, and gets really “into it.”

How much do you know about his past sexual history and experiences? Sometimes if a man is resistant to initiate he is afraid of rejection. Sometimes, if there’s some sort of trauma that is attached to his past, he may be afraid of being too aggressive. I think the best thing to do here is to COMMUNICATE with him. But there are four words that you should never tell a man: “We have to talk!” As soon as you say that to him, he will immediately think, ‘okay, what did I do now?’ and he will quickly become defensive.

Wait until you and he are having “a moment,” when things feel cozy, and just say straight out that you miss him sexually. Let him know that you’ve been thinking about your sex life and would like to spice things up. Tell him you have a secret fantasy of HIM initiating sex and “taking over” – let him know that it would really turn you on. Then see how he responds.

In regards to your suspicion of him cheating on you, I cannot say that just because he’s not been interested means he’s cheating. However, if this is the first time your intimacy’s hit a stop sign, then you should just ask him straight out. I believe strongly in women’s intuition. Deep down in your heart, you will know. Who knows, maybe he is waiting for you to ask…so just ask him and be honest about your concerns. If he loves you, he will respond in love and work it out. Good luck with your hombre!


Love Advice: I’m Dreaming of Another Man

[Originally published for DTM magazine February 2010 Issue #66]

Judy Torres

Ask Judy


Dear Judy,

I am a 27 year old father of two, which makes my problem even more scary: I have dreams about being with another man. I dream about the sexual part…never the kissing or hugging. I am “with” these men in my dreams, and when I wake up, I am very aroused.

The arousal is stronger than when I am “with” my wife, and now I think about being with a guy when I take showers or when I am home alone. Why is the thought about being with another man so arousing to me, and what do I do about it?

– Alberto


Dear Alberto,

I am not a dream analysis expert, however, I do know that not all dreams are to be taken literally. In dreams, sometimes sex is about power and aggression. You may be very stressed out at work, or angry with someone, and these dreams give you a way of acting out that rage, especially since you mentioned that there is no kissing or hugging.

However, I am curious that you mentioned that the thought of the dreams arouse you. We don’t always act on our thoughts. Sometimes we can imagine strangling someone we’re angry with, but we don’t do it.

I know what you’re wondering and I know why you wrote in for advice. You are, perhaps, wondering if you are gay?

It is hard to answer because as I mentioned in a previous article, I cannot tell you what YOUR sexual preference is. Only YOU can make that decision for yourself. I think you should reflect on some things: before these dreams, did you ever have a curiosity of men? One a day that you don’t dream of sex with another man, do you find you think about sex with a man anyway? Is the man in your dream a stranger? That would help determine a lot.

Lastly, should you find that you might be (or ARE) gay, take things slowly. I recommend you have a session with a professional who can help you find out in a healthy and unbiased way. Many straight people dream of sex with people of the same sex…and they are still straight. Sometimes, married “straight” people realize years later that they are bisexual.

Get some professional advice and you will eventually know what to do about it. Good luck, Alberto!


Love Advice: My Boyfriend Has Lost Interest

[Originally published for DTM magazine January 2010 Issue #65]

Judy Torres

Ask Judy


Dear Judy,

I didn’t think I would need sexual advice so early in my relationship, but after being with my boyfriend for 8 months, it seems that he has lost interest in me. He always tells me how sexy I am, but when it gets late, he suddenly has a lot of headaches and stomachaches, or is just already asleep when I get out of the bathroom.

My friends tell me how their boyfriends have sex with them 3, 4 or even 5 times in one night, and I wonder why I’ve never experienced that. My current boyfriend doesn’t even try a second round!

How often do couples really have sex in a relationship, and what can I do to make my boyfriend want me again?

Maria, 22


Dear Maria,

There is nothing wrong with asking for advice, sexual or otherwise. And there is nothing wrong with you! Usually in relationships, the sex doesn’t taper off until about a year or a year and a half after the relationship has begun. So if it is tapering off after only 8 months, it seems a little unusual.

Now, one of the challenges that all couples face is that each person in the relationship has a different sex drive.

Scenario A: If I were to give your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt, I’d say he may have a different appetite for sex than you. Therefore, it may be hard for him to tell you the truth. I would assume that your boyfriend is in his 20’s (as you are), and I would imagine he has a strong appetite. Result? Nothing funny going on here, just a matter of preference.

Scenario B: When a man suddenly falls asleep by the time you return from the bathroom, or says “Sorry, honey, not tonight…I’ve got a headache,” etc., he’s playing the avoidance game. He may be avoiding you for some reason. The reason could be that he really isn’t in the mood. The reason could be that he may be worried he can’t perform, particularly if he’s stressed out. But the reason can also be that he’s avoiding you out of guilt for being with someone else. I have no proof of this, but just keep it in the back of your mind just in case.

Ask yourself these questions: How long has it been since the last time? The last time you were together, did anything embarrassing or strange happen? Besides the bedroom, how is the relationship going overall? This is where you have to call on your inner voice. Your female instincts will never steer you wrong.

By the way, never compare your relationships to your friends’ relationships – they may be lying! Even if they’re telling the truth, I can guarantee that 5 times in one night may leave you in a bit of pain.

You asked me, what can you do to make your boyfriend want you again? Here’s my answer: do nothing! You’re not doing anything wrong. I can tell you to wear something sexy, make some naughty phone calls, etc… but I honestly feel it’s not you, sweetie. If you remember this for the rest of your life, you will save yourself from a lot of pain: You cannot control what other people do. You can only control how you respond to it.

Talk to him, and if you’re not happy after exercising patience, leave. Every person in a relationship needs to feel wanted, desired and fulfilled. Good luck, sweetie! Remember – it’s not you!


Love Advice: Sex & Marriage

[Originally published for DTM magazine October 2009 Issue #62]

Judy Torres

Ask Judy


Dear Judy,

Before our daughter was born, my husband and I used to have sex all the time. It was spontaneous, crazy and just plain hot. When our daughter was born, I started to go to sleep really early because she would wake me up everyday at 5 a.m. She is now almost 2 years old, but our sex life is still non-existent.

Most times, I just feel too exhausted, with no time for sex. What can I do to keep my marriage and my sex life hot?


Dear Friend,

I’m going to say something a little controversial, but just brace yourself and give it a moment to sink in: your husband — not your children — comes first. I know you all hate me right now, but the truth is that you married your husband. You chose this man to be your partner for life. You raise your children to let them go, and what is left behind? You and your husband. Your daughter is very young right now. One day your daughter will leave the nest, and you and your husband will stare at each other like strangers.

In addition, having children brings a whole new experience of fun, but we don’t anticipate the amount of time it takes to raise them. Women, especially find themselves doing everything.

Where and when in the world is there time for sex? The truth is, when something is very important to you, you make the time.

Before you got married, you dated, correct? So, you and your husband need a good old-fashioned date night! This date night should happen once a week, no matter what! You should sit your husband down and tell him you love him and that you miss the sexiness between the two of you. Talk to a relative or friend to babysit your daughter. You must have personal and private time for just the two of you. It doesn’t have to be expensive – just some one-on-one time where you never discuss bills, children or work.

As far as exhaustion, you also need “alone time.” When your daughter is napping, try meditating, working out, or taking a bubble bath. Do something that makes you feel good. You can’t give your husband and your daughter good attention if you’re not happy. You know what they say: “Happy wife – happy life!”

As far as your sex life being sexy, I don’t think you’ve forgotten a thing. Sometimes the “quickies” can be pretty exciting. Before he goes to work, put a couple of Post-it® Notes with sexy messages all over the house and wear clothes that make you feel sexy. I know you’ll both be very happy. Good luck!


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Adrienne Bailon Shows Off Her Cat

Adrienne Bailon, best known as Rob Kardashian’s & Fabolous’ ex tried to show her SEXY SIDE last night . . . by wearing a RISQUE dress and no drawers.

But a breeze came by and blew away her coverage, exposing her stuff.

Now, since we’re a family site, we can’t post the pics. However, the curious amongst you can check it out AT THIS LINK.

DAMELO! Enrique Iglesias, Shirtless, in St. Bart’s


Here’s hoping that this photo will alleviate your back-to-work blues.

If you want some more of Enrique’s lusciousness, CLICK HERE to see more photos from his vacation.

Meet J-Lo’s New (Much Younger) Sidepiece!

J-Lo is totes over Marc Anthony, if this hot tamale is any indication…

His name is Caspar Smart, he’s one of her backup dancers, & The Insider is reporting that J-Lo is taking a page from Madonna’s playbook & fogging up the back windows of her Fiat 500 with him.

A “source” (read: J-Lo through a Vocorder) says that the relationship is labeled as “very casual” and JLo is trying to keep it that way. At 5’8″ and 160 pounds, Casper is a pocket hottie and moved his tiny little legs while dancing in an episode of Glee and in the direct-to-the-discount-bin masterpiece Honey 2. Casper joined JLo’s harem of dancers earlier this year.

Turtles: Just Like Us!

Ah, nature…resplendent in its glory, it is a true reminder of the Divine amongst us.

Most of the time.

At other times, nature just takes a minute to show us how its beings are just like us.

Take, for instance, these very enthusiastic turtles. In the, um, process of coitus, the male turtle says “WOW.” The female turtle, clearly unimpressed, says “MEH.”

Sound familiar?

Peep the video below: