John Rodriguez

  • Finance
    Young Voices: Financial Aid System road-blocking Latino Students?

    As times get tighter economically-wise the cost for school also becomes harder. Paying for college is a heavy price felt by all, but a recent study revealed Latinos students seem to feel it more. Unable to pay out of pocket, some students rely on various financial aid programs to help cover a...

  • iConomy
    Young Voices: Lack of Diversity in works of Literature

    If you’re a child who loves to read, loves to pick up a book and dive right into the world contained in-between the front and back covers, you tend to be enthralled by a story that may—in some way or form—relate you. But what if you’re a child of a diverse background...

  • iConomy
    Returning Home: President Hugo Chávez returns to Venezuela

    10 weeks after leaving his country, President Hugo Chávez returned to Venezuela from Cuba on Monday after leaving for cancer surgery. President Chávez, 58, left Venezuela back in December; his absence from his country left its citizen uncertain as to what would become of it and their cherished leader. So, his return...

  • iConomy
    Young Voices: President Barack Obama’s State of the Union and Reaction

    Last Night, President Barack Obama stood before Congress and all of America and delivered his State of the Union address. On Tuesday, President Obama discussed both economy recovery and for immigration reform. Continuing to place emphasis on the importance of reforming immigration, Obama called for Congress to send him an immigration reform...

  • Celebrity News & Gossip
    Latino Rock: Latino Performances at the 55th Annual Grammys

    The 55th Annual Grammy Awards were held this past Sunday and much was discussed from Jennifer Lopez’s eye-popping gown, Justin Timberlake’s return, and the impressive Frank Ocean performance giving a nod to Tom Hank’s “Forest Gump” the night involved Latinos dominating the stage. Singer Miguel graced the stage with a pulsating performance...

  • Celebrity News & Gossip
    Breaking the Dress Code: Fashion at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards

    People are talking about several highly-profiled individuals who broke a CBS rule

  • Celebrity News & Gossip
    Latino Superheroes coming alive in Comic Books

    Taking heroes from the colorful panels of comic books and placing them on the silver-screen in live-action movies has been a big trend for Hollywood, and now comics are making a trend of their own. Lately, comics have been making their world containing super-powered heroes more diverse by introducing characters with racial...

  • Celebrity News & Gossip
    3 Latina Actresses Grace Super Bowl Ads

    This past weekend was all abuzz with Super Bowl XLVII (47) pandemonium which ended in the Baltimore Ravens beating the San Francisco 49ers 34-31, but today’s water cooler talk isn’t just about the game or Beyonce’s half-time performance. Aside from intense football and pulsating entertainment, Super Bowl Ads is just one of...

  • iConomy
    ‘Zeke’ Montes: Advocate for Latino Literacy Passes Away

    Apart from being a businessman and publisher, Ezequiel “Zeke” Montes was an activist and advocate of the Latino community who wanted to help as many people as he could. Sadly, Montes passed away last week of respiratory failure after battling pneumonia for a few months. Founder of a Latino publishing company, Montes...

  • Events
    Nominees needed for the next Social Revolució[email protected]

    SXSW has become known as the main stage for new tech and creative ideas

  • iConomy
    Mexico’s Reaction on Obama’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto supports President Barack Obama on immigration reform.

  • iConomy
    The Time is Now: President Obama takes action on Immigration Reform

    Obama says “The time is now. Now is the Time. Now is the time” ...