Christian Daniel ‘Me Vuelve un Cobarde’ despierta America

christian daniel

The Puerto Rican singer , DANIEL CHRISTIAN bursts back onto the music scene with his music creating an emotional evolution in the Pop genre. Not to long ago, Christian Daniel’s single “Donde Quedaran” positioned itself among the on top of the charts nationwide. This week, Christian Daniel new single entitled “ME VUELVO UN COBARDE” stands in the Top 10 list “Latin Airplay ” and at # 3 of the “Latin Pop Airplay ” magazine Billboard. Seems like this Latin heart throb has many stories to share about surrendering to love.

Solidifying its position, Christian Daniel released “ME VUELVO UN COBARDE” on Despierta America, where he delighted viewers with his sexy fresh look ( Where did he hair go?… I loved your long hair!) , great vocals and artistic presence. The program also showed clips of his music video, which currently has over 190,000 views on YouTube . His amazing performance marks the launch of a nationwide promotional tour that will take Christian Daniel to visit Los Angeles, New York and many among others.

His unconditional support of his native country, has played a strong role in his success and longevity as an artist. “ME VUELVO UN COBARDE” is available on iTunes, Pandora and Spotify, and other digital platforms.

I’m ‘Stuck On A Feeling’ for Prince Royce!


For a Latino artist to break into the Anglo market it is not an easy task. When iconic artists such as Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias made their initial debut, as talented as they were, it was not an easy transition. I’m not talking about the production, I’m talking about the acceptance. Let’s be real, it’s the fans love that have these artist shine bright like a diamond, as Riri would say.

Prince Royce’sStuck on a Feeling” featuring Snoop Dogg, was like his new demeanor came out of thin air. His history of performing bachata in venues worldwide with almost a child-like innocence to transition to such an almost manly appearance with sultry lyrics sounds miles away from “Darte un Beso.”

The collaboration of these two diverse artists, one of pop and one of urban hip hop is not something we are unfamiliar with. From the first note of “Stuck on a Feeling” there was an entrancing sound and then when I heard the Royce’s lyrics and Snoop, it was like this song was meant to show the world that music like our culture has no boundaries. I’m really looking forward to this album release in mid- 2015 under the RCA.

Prince Royce is nominated for four 2014 Latin Grammy’s (Record of the Year; Song of the Year and Best Tropical Song for “Darte Un Beso” and best contemporary tropical album for “Soy El Mismo.” He has had nine No. 1 singles on Billboard and has sold out venues worldwide. Royce’s triumphant journey has taken him places in his heart he knew he was meant to see, feel and experience. He has proven that for every moment of gratitude he has been blessed with a multitude of success.

I’m Livin’ La Vida Loca for Ricky!


Ricky Martin
been considered to be one of the Latin music industry’s hottest commodities. The obligations of Martin as a father to twins, Matteo and Valentino, his busy work schedule, I don’t see when he has the time to become available for himself.

When he is free he loves to be at peace. In a tranquil atmosphere and partaking in exclusive beauty treatment. Enduring a deep pampering with a facial mask, and a purification moisturizer on his lips and hands are just a few of his masculine routines Ricky embarks in to please not only himself but his fans.

What can we say about Ricky. His debonair facial expressions and piercing eyes are just the beginning of what we begin to fantasize about seeing him on stage. Can you relive in your mind his sexiness at the World Cup? Can you feel the sweat? I don’t care if its sweat, its Ricky’s! Every choreographed step whether ‘PG’ or ‘R’ made me want to be on stage so he can sing to me ‘She Bangs‘ after the world cup that is.

From his stardom in Menudo, Ricky has always had this aura that made him stand out from the rest of the talented artists in the group. Whether it was his vocals or the way he would caress his hair when it would go into his eyes, his touch became magnetic. His successful career as an entertainer, ambassador, entrepreneur, actor and also being a devoted father is truly commendable and his look is scrumptious to his fans.

Although it remains to be seen whether all his desired wishes came true for Ricky; to have the body of a Greek God and face of an angel, I can testify that his spectacular silhouette is something I think even his shadow will envy.

Prince Royce Crossing Borders w/ Banda Version “Soy El Mismo” at #1


It is no secret that fans love to hear their favorite artists collaborate with artists on their wish list of “meet n’ greet.” Prince Royce is on the top of that list. His collaborations with some of his famous peers, including Thalía, Maná, and Daddy Yankee has paved the way for the next generation of talented musicians who are eager to join forces with artists they have only dreamt of recording with.

Royce’s success is consistent with every single release. What’s his secret? To Think Outside The Box!

As A judge on “La Voz Kids” Royce felt the artistic chemistry with Mexican artist, Roberto Tapia, who also was a judge on “La Voz Kids.”

When it occurred to me that this song would be great recorded in banda version, of course the first thing I did was call Roberto Tapia to see if he wanted to sing it with me and when I told him I was looking for a producer for the song, he told me he would be in charge of the production – so everything flowed perfectly for this collaboration to be made,” said Royce.

Their collaboration of “Soy el Mismo” banda version reached #1 on iTunes after an immediate release. The bachata version of “Soy el Mismo,” composed by Royce and Daniel SantaCruz, landed them a top spot of Billboard Latin music and radio charts.

Prince Royce’s success stems from strong values, determination, a creative open mind and a strict but supportive family. “I still haven’t really taken it all in, and I don’t want to. I know I’m blessed and I’m so grateful.”

Latino Star JUANES Unveils New Album Name And Release Date



On January 30 in a Tweet & Facebook post to his 15+ million followers, the Colombian rock superstar Juanes revealed that his highly-anticipated new studio album “Loco De Amor” (‘Crazy From Love’) will be released globally on Tuesday, March 11th.

With lyrics and music written by Juanes, “Loco De Amor” is the first Spanish language album produced by Steve Lillywhite (U2, Killers, The Rolling Stones & More) with the collaboration of Emmanuel “Meme” del Real of Café Tacvba.

In conjunction with making his fourth appearance on the GRAMMY Awards Telecast, Juanes recently spoke about the album with the Hollywood Reporter’s annual music issue .

Just released over the holidays, Juanes’ new single “La Luz” (The Light) continues its fast climb at radio, already surging to #6 on Billboard’s “Latin Pop Airplay Chart” – while setting airplay records at #1 in Colombia, Argentina & more of Latin America.

“La Luz” is a propulsive fusion of Colombian Cumbia, EDM, and Latin Alt. Rock that captures seduction in the darkness. With over 2.5 Million views already, the recently released video for “La Luz” finds Juanes bringing viewers into the midst of a joyous street party in Old Town Cartagena when the lights go out.


Miguel May Be Sued For Billboard Awards Performance

Miguel at Billboard Music Awards

We can’t say we didn’t see this one coming! R&B singer Miguel looks like he may be sued for accidentally drop kicking a woman during his Billboard Music Awards performance of “Adorn” on May 19th. Khyati Shah was all smiles backstage after the incident icing her injured arm. When asked how she felt about the singer she jokingly responded that she “adorn(s) him.” He later tweeted, “got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay,” but deleted the post the next day.

According to E! News, attorney Vip Bhola indicated a final decision will soon be made as to what course of action to take, most likely after Shah’s medical results tests return.

“We will determine that after we have feedback from medical providers,” Bhola told E! News, declining to reveal a timeline as to when any civil litigation may actually be filed. He added that his client has been experiencing “difficulties” of late he related to the incident.

Miguel has not made a comment on the potential lawsuit.

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Enrique Iglesias Has Been a Busy Boy Nowadays…

By Randall Rosario

Enrique Iglesias has been putting out top hits for over a decade now. The Latin superstar has sold over 100 million albums worldwide. The 36-year-old pop singer always has proven himself each year releasing hits that top the billboard including his recent singles “I Like It’ featuring Pitbull and “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)” off his latest album Euphoria. The Latin megastar is teaming up with J-Lo for her upcoming world tour. He will also be all over the Latin Billboard Awards with various nominees in several categories. He also has a sponsorship for the awards with his new liquor line Atlántico Rum. Latina sat down with Enrique and spoke about his new drink obsession “Atlántico Rum.” He says it started about a year ago but he knew about for two years prior. “It was one of those partnerships that started in a very organic way,” Iglesias said. “He got me into drinking the rum and one day he mentioned to me that he knew the guy that started the rum. We started talking and then he said maybe it would be a fun project to partner up together. For me whenever you partner up with someone you got to make sure that you’re passionate about it.”

Yunel Cruz: Dominicanito

by: Eddie Olmo

If love songs were an indication of the type of music Yunel Cruz was going to lean towards when he grew up then you know it was going to be Bachata.  This Dominican prodigy wrote his first song at the age of nine, ironically a salsa song.  Even though this music is different from what he is singing now, nevertheless it was a love song.

Yunel had envisioned himself as a singer at an early age.  He approached his father with the idea of becoming a singer and his father response was “You could do whatever you want to do, but first you have to finish school.”  And he did just that, Yunel eventually went to Fisher College and after he completed his studies, majoring in music, then he began his career.

With only a few months of releasing his hit single ‘Domincanita’, he already has hit the top of the billboards.  The song has also been used for the phone card titled ‘Dominicanita’.  Because of his song the card has also sold well.  When asked if the card helped in promoting his song, he responded “The phone card commercial definitely helps promote my song and in turn it helps them sell their phone cards.”

What makes Yunel stand out from the rest of the new group of youthful Bachatero’s like Prince Royce, Extreme or Bachata Heightz is that his main influence is salsa not Adventura, who established the New York Bachata sound.  Yunel grew up listening to the likes of Miles Pena and Frankie Negron.

Yunel hopes to drop his first album by the summer.  If it’s anything like his first hit then the album is sure to go far.