Chino y Nacho

Chino y Nacho


Chino – 29; Nacho – 30



Chino – November 15, 1984
Nacho – August 22, 1983


Chino – Caracas, Venezuela
Nacho – Lecherias, Venezuela


Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez (Chino) y Miguel Ignacio Mendoza (Nacho) are a Venezuelan reggaeton duo with a romantic, tropical style who made their album debut nationally in 2008 and later scored an international chart-topping smash hit with “Mi Niña Bonita” in 2010.

What you didn’t know

  • Chino & Nacho were formerly in the boy band Calle Ciega and they split from them in 2007
  • Reality TV Star of Million Dollar Listing Luis Ortiz to co-host the 2016 Latino Trendsetter Awards

    Reality TV Star of Million Dollar Listing Luis Ortiz to co-host the 2016 Latino Trendsetter Awards


    About the event
    The Fourteenth Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards, a landmark celebration of excellence in enterprise, arts, entertainment, health, education and community leadership, will be held at on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 from 6-10 P.M. at The Symphony Space Theater in New York City. The event is sponsored in part by New York Presbyterian Hospital, Inca KolaCUNY . Media (sweepstakes) partners, La Mega 97.9 & Amor 93.1 and presented by LatinTRENDS. It will commence with a VIP red carpet reception, attended by awardees, influencers and media.The award presentation will be partially open to the public and special guest and will start at 8PM.  It will feature a musical performances by Frankie Negron , a multi-cultural dance performance featuring tango, flamenco, salsa and bachata music. Emerging urban Tropical musician, Doñé, will perform live as well.

    The Event will be co-hosted by Actress, speaker and author, April Hernandez Castillo and Luxury Real Estate Broker and star of Bravo’s Emmy-Nominated Million Dollar Listing New York, Luis D. Ortiz



    Get to know Luis
    Luis D. Ortiz was born in Hospital El Maestro in Hato Rey, PR. He grew up in the city of Guaynabo, PR with his mother, father and twin brother. Today he is one of Bravo’s most inspiring personalities co-starring in the Network’s emmy nominated hit “Million Dollar Listing New York”. The series follows Luis as he brokers the buying and selling of luxury properties in New York City’s real estate market.

    Ortiz has worked as a real estate broker for the past eight years. He has helped major players in New York City – from partners at Goldman Sachs to celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio & Sandra Lee – find their perfect homes. While working at some of New York’s most successful boutique brokerages, such as Prodigy Network and Synergy, Ortiz had the opportunity to represent some of the most aspiring developments downtown, such as Cipriani Residences (55 Wall Street), The Setai (40 Broad Street), and The District (111 Fulton Street). Later, Ortiz became the Vice President of Keller Williams NYC and later decide to join New York’s #1 real estate brokerage Douglas Elliman and start his own real estate group – Ortiz & Co. He has been at Douglas Elliman for 3 years and has received the Pinnacle award each year.

    Before joining the real estate industry, Ortiz studied film direction at, completing the Director’s Program in 2006. During these years he directed and produced many music videos and short film. Among these are the short film “Amalia”, which won Best Direction in Puerto Rico Film Festival in 2007 and “Chino y Nacho (feat. Don Omar)Dentro de Mi”, which he helped produce. Working on such projects allowed Ortiz the opportunity to travel to many cities in Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, and the US.

    Ortiz implemented his knowledge as a Director and Producer onto his real estate business – treating every real estate transaction as a production. Ortiz directs the process from the very first idea through to its full execution and motivates everyone involved with a genuine eagerness to deliver at the highest level possible, while leading in a way that emphasizes everyone’s importance in the transaction. This enables him to develop an extensive and ever-evolving knowledge of the real estate market and to fully understand every client’s need.

    Ortiz has sold more than $100 million in residential real estate over the past three years. However, making money wasn’t his main motivation; Ortiz was driven by the adrenaline that came with every deal.

    Ortiz has also been a main speaker in different public speaking seminars talking primarily about how to re-invent yourself and how important is to get to know oneself in order to be successful in business. He is looking to inspire young kids and professionals into reaching their dreams through future speaking events.

    About LatinTRENDS
    LatinTRENDS is a multi-media and marketing company that connects with the acculturated Hispanic community via its flagship monthly print magazine, weekly e-newsletter, daily content on and events. The brand’s content is bi-lingual, covering the latest trends in entertainment, travel, technology, wellness, business and cuisine, including featured Hispanic professionals & entrepreneurs.  Content also covers exclusive interviews with celebrities and innovative people that influence trends in pop culture.

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    What You Didn’t about Chino y Nacho

    chino y nacho

    Chino and Nacho were just two kids with big dreams for musical stardom. One was an athlete and the other already knew he wanted to become a world renowned artist some day.

    Before they became the popular reggaeton duo, they were simply Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez (Chino) and Miguel Ignacio Mendoza (Nacho) from Venezuela.

    Pérez came from Caracas, the capital of Venezuela and Mendoza came from Lecherias. Although they lived four and a half a part from each other, their paths would one day collide.

    Not content with being a star athlete in sports such as baseball, and hoping to one day make his mark as a renowned artist, Pérez put all his passion into making music.

    First he joined “Scala 1” and then “Censorship C“, both of which had hits, but were modestly successful as a group.

    Mendoza was known for being a singer, dancer and composer since he was a child. Him pursuing music full time seemed like a natural progression.

    Mendoza started to gain attention by being in the salsa band “Children’s Swing“, which toured the Zulia state and other surrounding cities for years, followed by appearances on the reality television show Venevision Generation “S” with his polyphonic group “Balance.”

    Because of their charisma and talent, they were both soon discovered by Johnny Nunez and ended up joining the merengue hip hop group “Calle Ciega.” The other members of that group were Kent Barry James (Kent), Luis Fernando Romero (Luifer) and Emilio Vizcaino (Emilio).

    Chino Y Nacho appeared on the cover of LatinTRENDS Magazine in November 2014. See Their Video shout out below:

    Within that group they made five albums and helped to create the popular hit song ” Mi Cachorrita.” During that time, the groups sound changed from merengue to more dance style reggaeton.

    As the two members continued to explore more musical styles, they formed the duo Chino y Nacho. Their music incorporated merengue, reggaeton, pop, reggae and salsa. In a few years they went from being popular in their home country of Venezuela to becoming international superstars once their first album “Época de Reyes” started gaining traction in other Latin American countries and then the United States.

    The duo is not all about making music all the time. They like to serve their community. They take part in Education Through Music which raises money to help support music education programs in schools. They also participate in St. JudesThanks and Giving Campaign. This aids children with cancer and their families by providing schooling, housing and treatment for childhood cancer.

    Fun Facts

    • Nacho bought plane tickets for a couple stranded at the airport after they missed their flight
    • Chino considered becoming a professional baseball player
    • They were judges on Simon Cowell’s “El Factor X Kids” in Mexico
    • They have an app to stay connected with their fans
    • Chino has dreams of making films in Venezuela when he is not making music


    Our favorite Latino artists express Father’s Day activities

    Nicky Jam

    Father’s Day, a national celebration, honor and remembrance of fathers and father figures that have positively contributed to their children’s lives, is recognized every third Sunday of June. A few of our favorite Latino artists expressed their experiences and joys of fatherhood and Father’s Day activities on the pop culture and music website Billboard.

    Nacho from the Venezuelan Latin Grammy duo Chino y Nacho says he has no plans except playing with his kids “from 7am in the morning to 10pm”. Nacho, who recently married his longtime girlfriend, has two kids from that relationship.

    Nacho’s partner, Chino, who doesn’t have any children (from what we know) expressed how much he loves hanging around with his father.

    “I love going to baseball games with my father. Watch movies, go to the cinema. I love [to] be with him.”

    Reggaeton superstar, Nicky Jam, who is taking advantage of his number one hit, El Perdon, with Enrique Iglesias, is literally touring all over the world. But Nicky Jam, who seems to have his seeds spreaded all over Puerto Rico (and maybe now around his new home in Colombia), says that he hopes to be around his many kids on that day.

    “On Father’s Day I would like to be with my kids and just have a good time. Or just probably eat ice cream or something like that.”

    “I’ll probably spend it in Puerto Rico because most of my kids live in Puerto Rico. So I’ll probably be there.”

    Nicky Jam was also asked what was the best gift he received for Father’s Day and he said, “I think socks.”

    “I needed the socks,” he explained with a laughter. “I don’t buy socks that much and they noticed it and they bought me socks. That’s why it was special.”

    The Grammy winner composer and singer Luis Fonsi shared the best advice his father have him before the birth of his daughter, Mikaela.

    “I think the biggest advice my parents gave me was before my daughter was born [they said] ‘sleep as much as you can now because you’ll never sleep the same again.’ And it’s true, I mean my daughter is great. She sleeps great. But you’re always waking up saying ‘where is she? How is she? Is she ok?’ Especially because I travel so much. I could be miles away but my heart stays at home with her. I’m never fully there when I’m away. Yeah, that was obviously great advice.”

    “Now it’s all patience and enjoy the ride. Enjoy every little bit of everything because times flies. I just looked at pictures on my iphone a few months ago and she changes so much and learns so much. So I’m just trying to celebrate every tiny thing in life as much as I can, especially when I’m holding her.”

    Raul is prepped for the Red Carpet!

    FARA (1)

    When you see this face, first thing that comes to mind is “where have I seen him before?” Well most likely everywhere because Raul has been able to monopolize his talents and branch out into a number of different fields of entertainment. Off the bat looking at total physique, his dark brown hair to his memorizing eyes, the camera must love him. His image has played a vital role in his career as an established TV Host and elite actor. But it doesn’t end there, as a successful host and actor one has to also have the charisma and the voice. Another career which desires those endearing qualifications is music. Though in today’s era one can digitize and Photoshop with a swipe or a click of a button, in Raul’s case why would you want too? Raul has established himself in this industry with a captivating voice with the mentality of ‘take me as I am.’

    Now with the long list of accomplishments, we can add Latin Tropical/Urban artist. His dream has come true. From his initial release of “50 Sombras” based on the film ’50 Shades of Grey” to his new single “Mala Actitud”, Raul has proven that he is in a league of his own with the continued aspiration that anything is possible.

    “Mala Actitud” was a composed by “Nacho” Miguel Ignacio Mendoza of the famous duo of Venezuela, Chino y Nacho , Raúl and Frank Santofimio.

    “Mala Actitud’s” music video has become a favorite in various music outlets on an international scale. TV, radio and social media have embraced this single because it has become not only a hit with rhythm and mind friendly lyrics, but it has become a single with a message that people relate too.

    ” Mala Actitud ” is a single that will stay around for quite some time. You think its a Grammy Winner?

    Chino y Nacho on the Cover of LatinTRENDS Magazine Nov. Issue


    chino y nacho cover


    Grammy® winners Chino y Nacho are on the cover of the November issue of LatinTRENDS Magazine. Also in this issue, Laura Posada, “Gotham” girls Zabryna Guevara and Victoria Cartagena and a shocking story on Human Trafficking, happening on our own backyards.

    Chino y Nacho, the Venezuelan duo that captivate audiences and make the ladies swoon, are the November cover story of LatinTRENDS magazine ( The Mi Niña Bonita duo talk about hit-making, family and sacrifices they’ve made for success. View their excitement of being the LatinTRENDS November cover in the video below!

    Also in this issue, Laura Posada, wife of former NY Yankee Jorge Posada, talks openly about her son’s illness and her work with Clap for Change, a movement to help women live the life of their dreams. This inspirational story shows how the woman who has it all is committed to giving back.

    LatinTRENDS has the scoop on “Gotham” girls Zabryna Guevara and Victoria Cartagena, from Fox’s new hit TV show, as they share details of what it’s like to be a Latina in the entertainment business. Both actresses play strong roles in the new Batman series. “It’s a blessing to play a Latina woman in a position of power,” says Zabryna Guevara.

    The November issue brings you two of the most influential Cuban chanteuses living on the edge, Cucu Diamantes and Danay Suarez. They are pushing boundaries, expressing their individuality, their politics and their passion.

    Human Trafficking is happening in our own backyard and LatinTRENDS teams up with the good guys to take you on a harrowing journey to save a young girl’s life.

    This issue also includes LatinTRENDS staples like His and Hers Fashion, our annual Holiday Gift Guide, the best travel destinations for your “staycation,” and holiday recipes.


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    LatinTRENDS November Issue Industry Mixer

    LatinTRENDS held a media industry cocktail mixer on Wednesday to celebrate the November issue at the legendary Copacabana. Guests were invited to preview the magazine which features music duo Chino y Nacho, talk to the editorial team and learn about future events. View images from the night below.



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    La Mega Mezcla Live Featuring Alex Sensation & Friends Recap




    Madison Square Garden was the site of Alex Sensation’s Mega Mezcla Block Party. The birthday concert is a tradition of late and has served as a useful showcase for superstars on the rise, young veterans reintroducing themselves, and a few surprises. There was something for everyone this past Wednesday April 9th, 2014.

    However, with Don Omar, Sean Paul, Prince Royce (surprise), Wisin, and 50 Cent (repeat guest) headlining the evening, the crowd energy was pulsing all the way down to the lower section of the Garden. But for those in the media room it was about who was gracious enough to come down and allow the media to ask questions, take photos, and interact a bit. This is something that cannot be overlooked by promoters as Latin media outlets are increasing. It’s important to remind those who invite the press that the United States mainstream cares little about Latin events generally. Latin events and how they will be perceived in the future will be determined by large part by these new young media outlets that work hard to establish themselves and provide additional exposure to such events.

    The highlights here included Chino y Nacho, who have been doing work on the Latin version of X-Factor, speaking and even adding a short singing sample, joined afterward by Farruko. De La Ghetto was pleased to be in his hometown of New York. Nicky Jam, who once rivaled Daddy Yankee for the number one spot in the Reggaeton world, talked about blessings from God and the importance of faith. Jowell y Randy were quite animated and even performed a little old school style rap to the human beatbox which got the largest ovation.

    Optimo spoke at length while Bachata Heightz and K-Rose, bi-lingual young artists were very humble about their appearances there. J.Alvarez spoke at length and mingled as well. The sole female artist Katherine Alexander impressed with an operatic singing of Carmen, with her mike at her side as her voice was sufficient to get her point across.

    SBS Entertainment has to be commended for their ability to bring in top stars together in events of this sort. Another surprise was Frank Reyes, who came in dressed impeccably and joined the media as the only surprise artist to appear. All in all a good event that ultimately highlighted the interest in the Latin market and many thanks to DJ Alex Sensation.


    Photos by: Pantano.Pictures

    Sofia Vergara To Support St. Jude’s Tenth Annual Thanks and Giving Charity Campaign

    63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
    Sofia Vergara is joining singers Luis Fonsi and Prince Royce for the Tenth Annual Thanks and Giving Charity Campaign in support of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

    The Modern Family star said, “As a mother and there is nothing more important to me than helping to support the work of St. Jude, they help save the lives of children around the world.

    In a statement St. Jude hospital said, “The family never receive a bill from St. Jude, including treatment, transportation, and housing. The hospital has the best survival rates in the world for various types of childhood cancer.

    Sofia herself is a cancer survivor. Diagnosed Thyroid Cancer when she was just 28 years old. She discovered her thyroid issue while at her son Manolo’s doctor’s appointment back in 2000. The physician convinced her to get a check-up and then found out that her thyroid was abnormal. They did a biopsy and uncovered that her thyroid was, in fact, cancerous and she underwent surgery to remove her thyroid.

    After the surgery, Sofia was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and has been taking the medication Synthroid to control her hormone levels every day since.

    Back in April at the launch of a new campaign to which Sofia is a spokeswoman for,’Follow the Script,’ aimed to educate individuals with hypothyroidism about the importance of being consistent with the treatment prescribed by their doctors, Sofia discussed her own battle with the condition and what she does to stay happy and healthy.

    They removed my thyroid and since then I have to use medication,” she told reporters at the event. “I got rid of the cancer and then for me it was, ‘Oh shoot, now I have to live with this condition my whole life … I have to be on medication my whole life and I don’t have a thyroid.’ So, of course I had to make myself realize what was going on with my body and I have to say in the past ten years, I never had a problem. I’m very very straight with the way I try to do what the doctor says and I go to my doctor religiously and get my blood tests.

    I think the most important part for me is my dosage and not thinking because I have hypothyroidism. I think everybody should try to eat healthy and work out and exercise for everything. Even for anti-aging, you’re going to look better you’re going to feel better for everything.

    Mana, Banda El Recodo, Carlos Vives, Chino y Nacho and Danna Garcia will also be supporting St. Jude’s campaign, creating awareness through social media and radio commercials.

    ESCANDALOS DE FARANDULA: Madonna celebrates a birthday, Chino shacks up, and the Premios du Mundo Lineup announced!

    by: Shelley Mendoza

    Premios Tu Mundo Lineup


    Telemundo presents Premios Tu Mundo for the first time which will air on August 30th and 8pm/7c and will be hosted by Rafael Amaya.  The award ceremony will honor the best in pop culture, including telenovelas, music, movies and sports.  Some of the night’s performers will be  Don Omar, David Bisbal, Roberto Tapia, La Original Banda El Limón, Jencarlos Canela, and Jesse & Joy.  This should be a great show!


    Chino confirms his relationship with Miss Venezuela


    Jesús Miranda, better known as Chino, of the famous duo Chino y Nacho has confirmed his relationship with none other than Miss Venezuela, Irene Esser.  Chino took to his Twitter to post a picture of the two with his arms around her which he titled “Nice pic.”  The couple look great together.  They are both keeping quite busy these days and will have to find time together.  Irene is busy with Miss Universo and Chino with his US tour.  Best of luck to the couple!


    Happy birthday, Madonna!


    Today, it’s all about the now 54-year-old “Material Girl.”  Madonna has been making headlines lately because of her MDNA tour.  She’s made headlines for exposing her nipple in Istanbul and exposing her bum in London.  The controversy hasn’t all been about nudity.  In July after the tragic shooting at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater, Madonna was warned about the use of props of guns on her tour, but she used them anyhow.  She also showed a swastiska emblazoned on the face of French politician Marine Le Pen at a concert in Paris. The stunt was met with booing and demands for refunds from the crowd.  Madonna will always be Madonna. Happy 54th Madge!