Rosie Perez talks about her days on The View


Rosie Perez calls her time on the The View as being “crazy” and while she may no longer being taking a little time and enjoying The View from the table she is hopeful about her return in the future.

During Monday night’s opening night of the 2015 US Open, Perez, 50, gave a brief interview to reporters regarding her stint on the daytime talk show.

Just after appearing on the show for one season, Perez left The View back in August to re-focus on her acting career. While not on the daytime talk show anymore, and it was a time not without a little controversy, Perez was the first and only Latina co-host on the long-running show.

On leaving the show, Perez said the decision was “bittersweet” but added that “It was fun, it was hard, it was everything. It was like life.”

And according to Perez, the ladies of The View should keep her seat warm because she would love to visit the show sometime in the near future.

The new season of The View returns September 8th with Joy Behar returning to the table alongside with newcomers Candace Cameron Bure of Fuller House and Good Morning America Weekend co-anchor Paula Faris. They will be joining current co-stars Whoopi Goldberg, Raven-Symone, and Michelle Collins.

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Orange is not His new Black: Argentinian Arrest Warrant against Justin Bieber dropped!


Pity, it seems Canadian singer Justin Bieber will not face any jail time
Were he ever to return to Argentina due to a court within the South American country opting to revoke an arrest warrant that’s been issued against him.

Back in 2013, while on the South American leg of his Believe Tour the singer was quite active in breaking the law while touring the region.

From spray painting graffiti in Brazil & Colombia, exiting a brothel in Rio de Janerio, and being filmed in bed—asleep—with an alleged prostitute the Never Say Never singer earned himself the somewhat laughable title of fugitive due to his actions in Argentina.

Back in November 2013, the singer was allegedly involved in an assault of a photographer in Buenos Aires. While at a nightclub within the city, Bieber allegedly ordered two of his bodyguards to attack the victim waiting outside the club. While no one was arrested, Bieber was ordered to appear in court within 60 days to give his testimony.

It is when Bieber and his bodyguards opted out of not responding to the order that he and his two bodyguards were issued an arrest warrant back in April 2015 making a future traveling plans into the country non-existent.

However, the 21-year-old singer may not have to worry and could once again pop up in the country due to the Argentinian court notifying Interpol to withdraw the outstanding arrest warrant that’s been placed on him.

Although the warrant has been dropped, the case pending against Bieber and his bodyguards have not and they could still face legal action.

One other incident in 2013 that Bieber has become largely known for committing while in the South American country is when he rudely removed the Argentina flag from the stage. After fans tossed the flag onto the stage for the singer to take up and wave as sign of him being happy to be in the country, the singer opted to sweep the flag off the stage with his sneakers and the mic stand as though it was a dirty rag.

Bieber has apologized for incident claiming it to be an accident and that he didn’t know what the item was. Despite apologizing for the flag incident, Bieber has not returned to Argentina since his tour. Lucky Argentina.

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Trumping the Trump: George Lopez leads Latino in a chant against Donald Trump

George Lopez is not holding back when it comes to publically ripping Donald Trump for comments he has made in-regards to Mexicans and Latinos at large..

During a recent show of his, the Mexican-American comedian went before an Arizona audience on Saturday night and led the crowd within the Phoenix Celebrity Theatre on a chat against the controversial GOPpresidential candidate.

This country is better with Latinos in it,” said Lopez, before getting the crowd to repeatedly yell in unison, “Donald Trump! F**k that p**o!

You can watch for yourself here:

Lopez’s latest public barrage against Trump comes after the former The Apprentice host angered Latinos with his comments about how Mexican immigrants are typically rapists and drug dealers who are making this country worse. His comments were made during his presidential campaign launch which was last month.

Trump’s comments drew in a great deal of criticism on social media outlets not only from the people but also a collection of Latino celebrities including Ricky Martin, Eva Longoria, as well America Ferrera who presented an open letter to Trump thanking him for motivating the Latino people into politics so that some of his standing may find it difficult when it comes to becoming elected.

While receiving negative responses for his offense remarks from a great deal of people, Trump has also felt the sting of what his said in his pockets as well. Along with the barrage of verbal assaults, Trump has lost a number of business and television deals for his comments and refusing to apologize for them. He’s even lost the privilege of hosting The Apprentice in-which launched him into the limelight and made him somewhat acceptable.

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Glad Marc Anthony Does Not Suffer From Gamophobia

Gamophobia (pronounced ‘ga-me-PHO-bia’) is the fear of getting married, being in a relationship, or commitment. We can gladly say that Marc Anthony is not suffering from that.

Marc Anthony‘s first wife was former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres. The two wed in 2000 and had two boys, Cristian Anthony Muñiz (5 February 2001) and Ryan Anthony Muñiz (16 August 2003). Their rocky relationship was very public and their divorce was finalized on June 1, 2004.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had undeniable chemistry on and off stage. They wed on June 2004 and later had adorable twins Emme Maribel Muñiz and Maximillian David Muñiz. Surprisingly they announced their separation in July 2011 and Anthony filed for divorce on April 9, 2012. Their divorce was finalized on June 18, 2014.


It’s been reported that Shannon De Lima started dating Anthony in early 2012, roughly five months after he and J.Lo called it quits. As soon as the divorce of wife #2 was finalized he married De Lima on November 11, 2014 in the Dominican Republic.

Marc Anthony, Shannon De Lima

We hope the third time is a charm and wish him a long lasting marriage with his gorgeous new wife.

‘Just Between Us’ Mario Lopez Confessed That Sex Was His Drug of Choice

Former LatinTrends Magazine cover model Mario Lopez (March 2013/Issue 96) released his new memoir, ‘Just Between Us‘ and it’s super juicy.


This successful Actor, TV host and heartthrob didn’t hold anything back inside his memoir.

I feel like you need to be completely honest, and unfiltered and put it all out there, and I did,” Lopez said.


In the book Mario shared that he lost his virginity at age 12 and confessed that sex was always his “drug of choice“.

The 40 year old is now the proud parent of two gorgeous children, 4 year old daughter Gia Francesca and 1 year old son Dominic. However at age 15 he had a girl pregnant and was ready to step to the plate but the girl choose to have an abortion.

lopez kids

He also speaks on being a child of Mexican immigrants and how growing up in Chula Vista, California shaped his life.

He is now happily married to Courtney Mazza. But he wrote about his first marriage in 2004 to model Ali Landry which lasted only 2 weeks and was quickly annulled. He was open and shared he cheated on his wife-to-be during a wild bachelor party weekend in Mexico.

I had never addressed certain relationships, especially the truth and the handling of what happened in my first marriage,” he wrote in Just Between Us, via Yahoo. “I got inebriated and a little too friendly with a young lady. When it was time to return home, lightning hit me with the truth: I wasn’t in love. But I walked down the aisle [anyway].

I am excited to read this one are you?

Another Win For LatinTRENDS & Our Readers…

It started in 2001 with a quarterly magazine named Dominican Times. Young Alex Rodriguez graced the cover in his Rangers uniform. The publication later transitioned into DTM (Defining Trends Magazine) in 2005 with the always sexy Jennifer Lopez.


In 2010, CEO and founder Juan Guillen and the team rebranded creating what many know and love, LatinTRENDS.


LatinTRENDS Magazine brings you “pop culture with a Latin twist” and can be found at major stores such as Target, Duane Reade and ShopRite in New York and New Jersey. Today we are happy to announce that starting in November you will find LatinTrends Magazine at selected Barnes & Noble stores. Besides our partnership with major brands LatinTrends continues to stay true to folks who supported us throughout the years which inculdes over 1,500 medical and dental clinics, barbershops and beauty salons throughout the New York metropolitan area.

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WEPA! Dash Of Sazon On Daytime Talk Shows

Two gorgeous Latinas debut as co-host on popular daytime talk shows and we are all ecstatic.

Hailing from Brooklyn, spicy 50 year old Puerto Rican Rosie Perez made history today. She is the first Latina in The View‘s 17-year history to co-host the show.


Another New Yorker, Adrienne Bailon is co-host of the much anticipated new daytime talk show The Real. This young vibrant Puerto Rican/Ecuadorian beauty graced our May cover.

We are Latino Americans, we are mainstream, we speak English, and we want to be able to watch English language television that still represents us.” – Adrienne Bailon


Now tell us which show are you watching?

“When I die, I want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair…” – Joan Rivers


What an emotional day today for the family and fans of the most memorable Joan Rivers. Not a dry eye behind the barricades as loved ones displayed their sadness viewing this star-studded send-off as the late great Joan requested, uniting the corners of media, Hollywood, theater, and fashion.

We still can’t fathom this devastating loss with questions of why, and quiet moments of remember when.

Hugh Jackman sang “Quiet Please, There’s a Lady On Stage” at the end of the ceremony and bagpipers from the New York City Police Department played on the streets as mourners filed out of Temple Emanu-El, many dabbing their eyes.

As per request request, this star studded ceremony surely has her smiling and criticizing at the golden gate of the attires and accessories worn in her honor. To begin Howard Stern delivered the eulogy hat left us speechless by his display of warmth and affection and truth behind the history of Joan Rivers, the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus sang Broadway hits including “Hey Big Spender.”

Tributes were delivered by TV anchor Deborah Norville, dear friend Margie Stern, columnist Cindy Adams and her daugher, and best friend Melissa Rivers, who spoke about how she respected her mother and appreciated everyone’s support.

So many wonderful colleagues and friends can’t even find the words to express their love and admiration they felt for Joan Rivers; Comedians Kathy Griffin, ABC Hosts Rosie O’Donnell Whoopi Goldberg; E! Fashion Police Host, Kelly Osbourne; Actress, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick; and celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Theater stars Bernadette Peters, Alan Cumming; Record producer, Clive Davis; Fashion designers, Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors; TV Broadcast Journalist, Barbara Walters; Host, Geraldo Rivera; TV Anchor Diane Sawyer; TV Hosts Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb and Andy Cohen; Business Moguls Barry Diller, Donald Trump and Steve Forbes.

At the request of Joan’s Publicist in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to God’s Love, We Deliver; Guide Dogs for the Blind; or Our House.

This quote has played since her untimely passing and I believe it would leave a timeless imprint like no other Entertainer has done.

“When I die, I want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights, cameras, action” and “Hollywood all the way.” Instead of a rabbi talking, I want Meryl Streep crying, in five different accents” and “a wind machine so that even in the casket my hair is blowing just like Beyonce’s.” Indeed, her wishes were so valued they were even printed in the funeral program.

Rest In Peace Joan Rivers

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Divorce Is Getting Really Ugly

On August 21 Nick Cannon announced to The Insider that him and 44 year old wife, Mariah Carey were heading towards divorce. He said “We have been living in separate houses for a few months..Right now my main focus is my kids..


They’ve been married for 6 years and the parents of adorable 3-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe. Until now we haven’t heard of any trouble in the Cannon/Carey love shack. However rumors have been coming from everywhere since the separation announcement. They are saying that they are headed for divorce court because Nick had a radio interview where he revealed five women he’d slept with (including Kim Kardashian).


Another source is saying that Nick actually left Mariah because her mental health is emotionally exhausting for him and his kids to deal with on a daily basis. Sources say Nick wants to set up a separate environment for his kids, sort of a safe haven, so they have at least one calm place to go to. TMZ reported that they’re told that the kids have already shown signs of “emotional upset” at having to live with Mariah.


Then to make this even messier today Nick’s dad James Cannon posted the following on his Facebook:

Here a thing to talk about if the wife love sex and the man can’t stand making love to her. What should that women do?

Heres a thing, if the husband say no lies, and the wife lies all the time, what should that man do?

Here a thing, if the wife put on 200 pounds and the husband like a nice slim wife what should that man do?

If a husband tells his wife not to have an abortion, and she it anyways, what should that man do?

Here a thing, if a husband wants to have ten children and his wife only wants two children then what should that man do?

I believe that subliminal post was a way for Nick and his family to share his story. A confidentiality agreement given to Cannon this week says he is unable to speak another word about this divorce/separation or he’ll face financial penalties.

Is Kim Kardashian “Selfish”?


The word on the streets is that Kim Kardashian is putting together a big book of selfies called “Selfish“. Initially the idea came from a sexy polaroid photo book she created while on a family trip. The photo book was her hubby Kanye West‘s Valentine Day gift.

It ended up turning out so cool that we come up with this idea to do a book, a selfie book,Kardashian said on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians show “And so, I’m going to make some super-racy. I mean, every girl takes full pictures of their [rear] in the mirror…I might share some of them.


Although many folks are calling her self-centered and believe this book will be a flop. I think this is clever business move. We all know it will sell and even folks that criticize the idea will sneak a couple of looks inside. I won’t be surprised if this makes the NY Times Bestsellers List.

Selfish” will be a 352-page hardcover book completely made up of selfies. Coming April 2015.