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  • Entertainment
    Milly Quezada: The Queen “MQ” is Back

    .     Refreshing, joyful yet sentimental, is how...

  • Entertainment
    Reggaeton Duo, Axcel & Andrew –’Los Brothers’ To Make U.S. Impact!

      Puerto Rico’s music duo, Axcel & Andrew, also known as “Los Brothers” are bringing their Reggaeton style and contagious beat off their first single “La Oportunidad” to the US! After rapidly gaining astounding popularity in Latin America, Axcel & Andrew are another example of contemporary music being born on digital platforms...

  • Entertainment
    The “Mystery” Voices in Harlem Shake Want Their Money…But

    If you haven’t heard the Harlem Shake, or had to sit through your cousins home-made rendition of it, well, congratulations, you are a select few. Brooklyn producer Just Blaze (also know to his abuela as, Harry Baauer Rodrigues) sampled work by off-the-map-for-a-minute Reggaeton star, Hector el Father, now a preacher known by...

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