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    Donald Trump Cards Take The Presidential Pot From Hilary Clinton

    It’s early morning and the announcement that the Republican candidate Donald Trump became the 45th President last...

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    The former 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado, has been many things. Now you can call her U.S....

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    The Day After New York Primary: Clinton & Trump Victorious!

    So it looks like New York has a lot of faith in both Senator Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump who were victorious in the New York Primary. After yesterday’s primary, exit polls are showing that both Clinton & Trump have attained a significant push forward in obtaining their party’s nomination to duke...

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    Hilary Clinton & Bernie Sanders to Debate in Brooklyn, New York

    Hilary Clinton & Bernie Sanders will be rumbling in New York City next week as the two finally agree to a debate in NYC before the upcoming Democratic primary that will go towards naming the Democratic candidate who will seek the 45th presidency of the United States of American in the 2016...

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    Ricky Martin endorses Hilary Clinton to become our next President!

    Ricky Martin has taken to his Twitter to announce his endorsement of democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to become our next President of the United States of America. “Proud to announce my support for @HillaryClinton, a Latina at heart. Text RICKY to 47246 to become a part of this historic campaign,” Martin tweeted...

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    The presidential aspirations of Hilary Clinton would require, like any hopeful, the Latino vote which is significant...

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    Clinton vs. Rubio: Who will Latinos vote for in 2016?

    While there are members of the Republican Party already drawing attention about being possible candidates for the 2016 Presidential elections–such members as: US senator Marco Rubio, Governor Jeb Bush, and Representative and 2012 Vice President candidate Paul Ryan–there is one name drawing attention and support amongst the Democratic Party. That name is...

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