Who is the Billionaire Backing Marco Rubio?

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Cuban-American presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, is not quite as popular as Donald Trump and Ben Carson amongst the Republican crowd, yet.

But, after trouncing Jeb Bush in the CNBC debate on Oct. 28, he has garnered a lot of new backers that seek a serious contender that is part of the GOP establishment to go against Democratic front-runner, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

One of those supporters is Paul Elliott Singer.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 6.10.15 PMBut who is Singer and what does he want out of a candidate?

Through his hedge fund company, Elliott Associates Corporation, Singer has become a self-made billionaire and is worth $2.1 billion.

His business practices have come under attack for absorbing debt at low prices from bankrupt companies and countries on the brink of financial collapse, only to sue for money at high-interest rates. Two of the countries that have taken the bait are the Congo and Peru. Argentina is currently countersuing.

Singer is one of few billionaires that Republicans go out of their way to court when they need donations for their political campaigns, the others being the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson. His endorsement or lack of support can make or break a candidacy.

Last year, the self-described conservative Libertarian donated $11.5 million to Republican candidates. He was a major contributor to George W. Bush’s presidential bid and supported both Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney’s run. After Romney was leading the Republican nomination in 2011, it was Singer that helped Paul Ryan snag the spot of running mate.

A Jewish New Yorker from the Upper West Side with strong ties to Wall Street, Singer is a strong pro-Israel supporter and is known as the “bundler”, because of his ability to rally other wealthy donors and guide their decisions towards a certain candidate.

Singer was one of the few financiers to predict and speak up about the downturn of the housing market and unstable global economy but was ignored. During the Great Recession, Singer’s company managed to remain unscathed as other hedge funds went under. Similar to the Republican elite, he is a defender of the 1%.

Unlike other Republicans, Singer is a supporter of LGBT rights. After his son Andrew came out to him in 1998 he became a strong advocate of fighting discrimination in the workplace for the LGBT community.

Defender of the 1%, pro-Israel and supporter of LGBT rights. Well, Rubio supports two out of the three of Singer’s initiatives. Rubio’s tax plan, which would make changes to corporate income taxes, would benefit one-percenters like Singer by giving them tax cuts. Rubio is also all for supporting a nuclear Iran deal that would include Israel and currently agrees to shut down mosques after the Paris attacks. However, while he is willing to respect those in the LGBT community that want to get married, he firmly believes that marriage

should be between one man and one woman,”

and has vaguely implied that he would overturn the current same-sex law if given the opportunity.

By next year, we will find out if Rubio, with Singer’s backing, will succeed or not.







The 44th edition of the Copa America, South America’s premier national tournament this Saturday afternoon, will be most intriging. We have Argentina, World Cup Finalist, who are hungry for a trophy they have not held since 1993. Their opponents will be the hosts, Chile, La Rojo, who have been quite impressive in this competition and historically a tough opponent for “La Albiceleste.”

Argentina, led by Lionel Messi, are a talented bunch who started slowly from Group B, drawing with Paraguay 2-2 in the opener. Then they squeezed by Uruguay, the defending champions, 1-0, followed by another close one, 1-0 over Jamaica. They topped the group but offensively had not shown the potential.

Chile, from Group A, set the tone early with a 2-0 win over Ecuador. They had an exciting 3-3 draw with Mexico, and then blew away Bolivia 5-0 to win the group.

The knockout stage was a revelation as Argentina played its best game in years, outplaying Colombia throughout but not on the scoreboard. It ended 0-0 and in penalty kicks it took Carlos Tevez to hit the winner that put the Argentines over 5-4. In the semi-finals, Lionel Messi was the facilitator as he set up a lot of the goals and after a close first half leading 2-1, Argentina opened up and won going away 6-1 in their rematch with group opponent Paraguay.

Chile disposed of Uruguay 1-0 with a 81st minute goal from Mauricio Isla and put away Peru 2-1 in the semifinals with two Eduardo Vargas tallies and four for the tournament lead thus far. The crowds have made a major difference and it has increased with each victory. But Jorge Sampaoli of Chile recognizes the final hurdle will be the hardest.

“We have achieved something great as a group of players, achieving the dream of playing the final here in Chile.”

Sampaoli shared,

“Now we must be well prepared for what is coming.”

That something is the quiet storm, Argentina, who has Messi and scorers in Sergio Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain, or even Angel DiMaria who scored twice against Paraguay. But often it has been the misses that has defined Argentina and not the goals. But they are playing an excellent brand of football now. Chile is motivated by its home cooking and the desire to win their first ever Copa. However, experience and Messi will be the difference as Argentina will win, by a goal most likely, and raise their first Cup since the days of Gabriel Batistuta.

Latin America… the New China?

post china emerging countries in latin america

On Feb. 23, 2015, Stratfor, a geopolitical firm, released its annual Decade Forecast (2015-2025), which analyzes the future of industries and markets around the world. One prediction is that within the next decade China’s economy will rapidly slowdown because of internal conflicts within the country, and economic reforms that will focus on “return on capital.” Four of the sixteen countries anticipated to fill the gap in garment/footwear manufacturing and mobile phone assembly jobs are in Latin America: Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Peru and Mexico (specifically Campeche, Veracruz, Yucatan & Chiapas). Part of the economic shift from China to these countries is because of entrepreneurs of small businesses choosing to invest in these new developing countries.

(Photo courtesy of Stratfor)


Hillary Clinton Campigns In Iowa, Meeting With Small Business Owners

The presidential aspirations of Hilary Clinton would require, like any hopeful, the Latino vote which is significant enough to swing any election. Recognizing that she has to make impact moves, the former Secretary of State has enlisted immigration activist Lorena Praeli as her Latino Outreach Director.


It is a well thought out decision when you run down Praeli’ credentials on the issue of immigration. Praeli was herself an undocumented resident here for 13 years. A member of DREAMer, she has been the voice in the wilderness so to speak on the issue of immigration and citizenship. Amanda Renteria, the Political Director of “Hilary for America National Political” was specifically excited to have Praeli on the team.

“Her courage and perspective in the fight for Latino families across the country is the next step in our campaign to make sure Latinos are not living in fear of deportation.”


Clinton has gone on record as saying that she supports a full and equal citizenship for undocumented immigrants, implying that anything short of this will provide what she referred to as “code for second-class status. Praeli, from Peru, is the face of this issue. She lost a leg at two, came to the U.S. at ten, and worked as a housekeeper and graduated from Quinnipiac University as summa cum laude.

It was here where she admitted her undocumented status and joined DREAMer. She obtained her green card in 2012 while other family members have retained no legal status. She challenged President Obama and his wife on the subject putting her into media headlines and putting them on notice that DREAMers were free agents that were looking at potential candidates to back.

Hilary Clinton, by this attempt to reach out will also serve as a valuable asset when she battles Republican Jeb Bush, who has a Mexican wife, and Marco Rubio, whose is of Cuban descent, are looking to place a foothold among Latinos for 2016.

Small Town in Peru Selects Mayor with Coin Toss?

Coin Toss and Winner

Heads or tails was called high in the Peruvian Andes where a small town selected their mayor with a coin toss after the two candidates were tied at the ballot box.

The new mayor, Wilber Medina, the winner of the coin toss, and his rival were tied with 236 votes respectively. The Associated Press reports that Peru’s “electoral law allows for tied races to be decided by a coin toss”. But I wonder, who decides whose getting heads or tails. What if both candidates want heads? Is there a coin toss on who gets the head or tail?

Medina’s opponent, Jose Cornejo, accepted the lost to the 40-year-old schoolteacher that will now head the small town of Pillpinto, which is near the tourist center of Cusco. The Associated Press reports that Medina, the electoral winner or the coin toss victor (yeah, I think that’s more appropriate) said, “he’ll work to earn voters’ trust”. I’m sure both Medina and Cornejo will practice coin toss tactics for the next mayoral elections as well.

Five Ways To Relax Before Your Vacation

Colombia (Image via Huffington Post)

Colombia (Image via Huffington Post)

It’s easy to get caught up in planning a vacation and forget all about enjoying the moment. It’s as important to enjoy your vacation as it is to enjoy the days leading up to it. It’s in those days that you’ll be able to unwind and prepare for what will likely be an unforgettable getaway. Whether you’re thinking of jetting off to Guatemala, Peru, or any other part of Latin America, there are five simple ways to let loose and have fun:

Get beautified before leaving: This means, get your hair, nails and feet done. There’s nothing like spoiling yourself to get your mind off everything else.

Meditate: Plug in your headphones and listen to some classical music (or any other genre you prefer) and envision yourself on a beach. Before you know it, that’s exactly where you’ll be.

Pre-parties are acceptable: Get your groove on even before leaving! Join a group of friends (who isn’t accompanying you on your vacation) and dance the night away. It may be exactly what you need right before going away.

Plan ahead: Get everything in order before the trips, so that you can unwind in the hours leading up to your getaway.

Set your mind on being the happiest you’ve ever been: Attitude will get you further than anything, so it’s important you take steps to getting to your happy place before you leave on vacation. It’s much easier to make the best out of a not-so-perfect situation if your mind is already in the right place.

How do you prepare for an adventure?

3 Signs You’re Overdue For A Vacation

Machu Picchu in Peru (Image via Backroads)

Machu Picchu in Peru (Image via Backroads)

If you’re debating between taking a vacation now, or waiting another year, it’s time you take a closer look at yourself and the life you’re leading. While you likely accrue vacation days on a yearly basis, a weekend getaway is another option. All in all, there are a few signs that make it evident a break is long overdue:

1. It’s hard to focus at work. Whether it’s a hectic day at the office or a slow one, you have trouble keeping your mind on whatever it is you’re working on. You’re either daydreaming of your last getaway, or dreaming of a future escape.

2. Your work no longer excites you. You’re stuck in the mundane everyday tasks and no longer feel challenged or excited by the prospect of a new project.

3. You worry too much. You worry about the choices you’ve made and the opportunities you’ve let pass. You worry so much, that you’ve failed to enjoy the journey. A getaway can lead to a refreshed point of view.

Are you overdue for a vacation?

14th Havana Film Festival NY (@HFFNY) Opening Night


The 14th Annual Havana Film Festival New York (HFFNY) runs April 12-19

The Havana Film Festival New York (HFFNY) collaborates with Havana’s International Festival of New Latin American Cinema to introduce its audience to prominent and emerging filmmakers by showcasing the latest award-winning films and classics from and about Latin America, the Caribbean and the U.S. Latino community. HFFNY seeks to cultivate audience-artist dialogue through panel discussions designed to give a behind-the-scenes look at an industry that continues to gain global recognition. The festival program offers directors, actors and producers an opportunity to exchange ideas, enriches and expands the vision of Latino culture and provides a multi-cultural experience for a diverse audience.

Havana Film Festival New York (HFFNY) is an internationally recognized film festival celebrating Latin American cinema. In its 14th anniversary, HFFNY features more than 40 films from the most current cinematic talent from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, U.S. and Venezuela.

HFFNY upholds the reputation for which it is known: enriching and expanding the vision of Latino culture here in the United States. The films chosen each year reflect strong cultural and social identities rooted in their respective cities and countries. Our audience has an opportunity to see award-winning full-length feature films, documentaries, shorts, animation and classics as well as new independent films that are rarely screened in the U.S.

All foreign language films are subtitled in English.

For further information visit: www.hffny.com/2013

Hispanic Heritage Month: Peru

Date of independence-declared July/28/1821 consolidated December/9/1824 and recognized in August/14 /1879
Capital city- Lima
Head of state- Ollanta Moisés Humala Tasso
¿Sabias qué?
-The potato is originally from Peru and they produce over 3000 varieties.
-The weeping willow is originally from Peru and it produces the base for aspirin.