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    Robert Rodriguez’s favorite 8 Classic Cult movies

    From classic cult movies like Rolling Thunder, An American Werewolf in London, The Hitcher, and Escape From New York, Mexican American Film Director Robert Rodriguez lists the eight classic cult films that may have been an inspiration for his own work. “All my movies, whether it’s a kid’s movie or an action...

  • Entertainment
    Introducing: Carlos Irwin Estévez

    Aside from being known to possess tiger’s blood and the DNA of Adonis, Charlie Sheen is also Latino via his paternal grandparents emigrating from Spain. For his entire movie career, and even before earning recognition, Charlie Sheen has kept his birth given name out of the public spotlight until now. Born Carlos...

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    Jessica Alba: New Complaints!

    Another day, another complaint from "Miser-alba"...

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    VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan’s Trash-tastic New Movie!

    Yet another trash-tastic classic hits the airwaves...we smell an Oscar!

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