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Rachel Slaiman

  • Entertainment
    “Bailando Por Una Causa”(Dancing for a Cause): A Night of Dancing to support the Latino Commission on AIDS Organization

    Supporting a charity shows that you are standing up for what the organization believes in and are willing to help in some way achieve the organization’s goals. This could be from making a donation, to volunteering, or spreading the word about the cause throughout various social media platforms. By spreading the word,...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Opening Doors for Women Fifth Annual Luncheon, Live Auction and Raffle Event

    To some people, it is still a shock that women receive almost as much recognition as men do when it comes to the workplace. Some women overcome this simply by working hard and overcoming any obstacles that may arise in life. The Fifth Annual Luncheon, Opening Doors for Women event hosted by...

  • Entrepreneurship
    The HISPA Role Model Program

    Being or becoming a role model does not happen overnight. Like anything, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and motivation to keep the momentum going. Great leaders start with the youth that are inspired by others in some way to achieve great things and having programs that can jumpstart it,...

  • Entertainment
    The 65th Annual Emmy Awards Recap

    For many people, getting awards or even being nominated for their work is rare. They may have great talent or the application could be perfect, yet they still do not win the award. Why? Some say it is politics, while others say it is favoritism. Whatever the case is, actors will always...

  • Entertainment
    ‘The Graduates/Los Graduados’ Series Premiers on Independent Lens

    A new bilingual series 'The Graduates/Los Graduados' by Bernardo Ruiz

  • Entertainment
    ‘Latino Americans’ on PBS Features LatinTRENDS

    Television has probably become the second most popular media that people use next to the Internet and after that, comes film, and print media. Naturally, people will like one media over the other and choose that one as their main source for their news about the world. Speaking of television, LatinTRENDS is...

  • Leadership
    Muralist Betsy Casañas

    Ever wonder what it takes to become a muralist? Well, it not only takes a certain talent, but then being able to market and share that talent with the rest of the world. For 19 years, Betsy Casañas, is a studio artist and a public mural artist from Puerto Rico, is now...

  • Events
    Chef Leticia Moreinos: The Brazilian Kitchen

    After working briefly in the finance industry, Chef Leticia Moreinos changed professions to cooking. In addition to teaching cooking classes, Moreinos also has published two books: The Brazilian Kitchen: 100 Classic and Contemporary Recipes for the Home Cook (2010), and the other is My Rio de Janiero: A Cookbook (October 2013). More...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Photos & Coverage of LatinTRENDS 2013 Mayoral Debate

    @ the CUNY Graduate Center

  • Entertainment
    Soledad Speaks in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

    Celebrating someone’s heritage gives an opportunity for people to learn about where their ancestors came from and educate others. It is where they can really talk about and show the different customs, types of food and other unique traits specific to that heritage. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Soledad Speaks is...

  • Entertainment
    The 2013 Video Music Awards Recap

    For the first time, the VMAs were hosted at the Barclays Centers in Brooklyn, NY without an actual host. The performers and presenters took over the stage with announcing nominees and winners while giving their own commentary throughout the show. Here is a recap of the performances, the winners of the awards...

  • Love Advice
    Has Online Dating Become the New Bar Scene or Something Else?

    The way people have dated in the past has greatly changed by one thing, the Internet. Online dating sites have become such a “go-to” place to meet compatible men and women that some people may even feel they have to alter their profile of whom they really are just to get noticed....

  • Events
    100 Years of Flamenco in New York presented by New York Public Library Performing Arts Center

    Yanii Gough also contributed to this piece. Zumba, belly dance, the shuffle are among the many type of dances that people have performed over the years. Some dances are more for entertainment, while others are more for expression and be able to tell stories of the past, present and future. If a...

  • Entrepreneurship
    The U.S. Launch of Telefónica’s Global Millennial Survey hosted by AS/COA

    No matter what, people are always going to ask you for your opinion and ask to take a survey about their product. Most of them people can ignore, but unfortunately, there are some surveys that the world cannot simply ignore because they give an overall perspective of the world. Some of these...

  • Entrepreneurship
    A Live Art Show presented by La Casa Azul Bookstore

    When someone has talent, they take the opportunity and run with it. In this instance, artists from around New York City made it into a career. Artists showcase their work through a gallery, but during the Latin Alternative Music Conference, there was an opportunity for them to showcase their work through a...

  • Events
    Q and A with Legendary Musician Rubén Blades

    Legendary musician Rubén Blades sat down with Gabriel Abaroa, president and CEO of The Latin Recording Academy to discuss his life and career during the Latin Alternative Music Conference from 9 July to 13 July in New York City. He is a Grammy and Latin Grammy award winning Panamanian salsa singer and...

  • Events
    Book Launch: When the Money Runs Out, the End of Western Affluence by Stephen D. King hosted by AS/COA

    Money. It is something that everyone wants to earn at one point or another in their lives and something that is most often traded for goods and services. Money can very beneficial in help restoring a community or it can be very dangerous, by someone betting it all a hand in a...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Power, Politics and Influence through the Lens of Culture and Gender: A Panel Discussion and Career Workshop presented by AWNY

    Even with ‘equal opportunity employer’ within a company’s description is prominent today, do culture, gender, power and politics still play a role in today’s society in order to get promoted within a company? Unfortunately, for some, the answer is yes and this is one of the key questions that the panel of...

  • Events
    Book Launch: Midnight in Mexico: A Reporter’s Journey Through a Country’s Descent into Darkness by Alfredo Corchado hosted by AS/COA

    News reporting is not one of the easiest careers for anybody. It takes a certain talent, dedication and asking the right questions to get the story—not to mention knowing whom to trust for information. Reporting in another country also has its risks as well through being limited on where to report, to...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Benjamin Alire Saenz Named First Latino Writer to Win the Pen/Faulkner Award

    Getting published is hard enough and to win an award for your work may be something that takes years of rejection, editing, and proofing in order to perfect that piece of work. But hard work and dedication eventually pays off and your work begins to get notice by others outside of your...

  • Events
    A Monologue Presentation of the book: Count on Me: Tales of Sisterhoods and Fierce Friendships by Las Comadres Para Las Americas

    Writing a book is not as easy as it looks and marketing it is not easy either. As an author, you have to be able to get out there, talk and promote your book for people to know about it. While word-of-mouth is an important way to promote a book, there are...

  • Events
    Addressing the Skills Gap in Latin America hosted by America Society/Council of the Americas

    Having many skills that are marketable in today’s workforce are critical for moving up the corporate ladder. Some people are very privileged and have the opportunity to get special attention and learn new skills at an early age through special school programs. Others unfortunately, learn valuable skills later in life or may...

  • Events
    Milagros Day Worldwide: Turning Abuse into Success

    It is hard to believe that domestic violence exists and sometimes nothing is done about it until it is too late. There are not only women, but men and families that are affected by domestic violence and may not even have someone to talk to or share their feelings with. Milagros Day...

  • Entrepreneurship
    From Start Up to Permanent Residence, the Ms. Cheezious Brand ®

    Starting a business is not only challenging, but takes a lot of time and patience. In less than three years, the Ms. Cheezious Brand® has built a successful business with a loyal following. After, winning several awards all around Miami, Florida where the business began, it is evident that this brand has...

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