Shakira Gets Animated!

By Jessica Torres

In theaters today, the movie Zootopia features Shakira as pop sensation Gazelle!

The long awaited for Disney movie brings the themes of diversity and togetherness to the forefront in an easy to follow and riveting plot.The plethora of trailers feature a soon to be hit song performed by Shakira herself called “Try Everything” with an upbeat rhythm and lyrics so catchy even her 3 year old son is singing it!


Traditionally a gazelle is a small slender animal but Shakira worked very closely with the film’s animators to give the singing Gazelle a more realistic figure such as hers. Known for her amazing hips Shakira divulged that she pushed for her character to have bigger hips as well! She confesses that when the producers approached her with the first visuals of Gazelle she thought that “she was too skinny, she was too fit. I told them, guys you have to put some meat on her bones!”

Living in a world where a little extra meat on your bones is beautiful it’s great to see characters in films reflect society, even if it makes the character of Gazelle seem much more appetizing to the likes of lions! When asked about her resemblance to the character she plays Shakira admits that not only do they both have hips but they are also equally opinionated and outspoken.


Shakira definitely recommends this movie to people of all ages, it’s not just for kids! Catch Zootopia at your local theater today.

Watch the official trailer here!

Colombian native Shakira is an inspiration to us all as a hard working woman balancing her career and raising 2 young children with help from her husband, “I consider myself a laborer building my career brick over brick under the sun” – Shakira

What You Didn’t Know about America Ferrera

America Ferrera

America Ferrera was chosen by TIME magazine as one of the top entertainers in “Time 100: The Most Influential People in the World” issue. A woman, who is a firm believer that a single person can make an impact if they really put effort and try. Ferrera was awarded the Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s Inspira Award which was given to her as a result of her contributions as a role model through her work as an activist and actress. She is an ambassador for Save the Children and has received the Global Action award for Childhood Development and Education in 2011 due to her efforts of raising more the $44,000 to build an elementary school in Mali. Ferrera has also traveled to India to take part in a PBS film called “Half the Sky”. The film paints an image of the trials and obstacles of women throughout the world that struggle for equality and opportunities. She has spoken at high schools and encouraged youth to overcome any obstacles in the way of achieving their dreams and to take advantage of unexpected opportunities. America wanted to become an actress since she was a child but was told it was nearly impossible due to the fact that not many faces like hers have been seen on screen as they are today.

In 2013, Ferrera was the keynote speaker at The Women’s Foundation of Colorado’s annual Denver luncheon. Instead of speaking about her career she spoke about inspiring stories and then shared hers. She was raised by her single mother from Honduras with 5 older siblings. Her mother made sure she received a proper education and once America went to college she noticed how little she knew about the world and she really wanted to make a difference in the world. She began to think that her acting career was more self serving than helping others so she decided to quit acting but consulted her professor who left his corporate job to teach. Instead of supporting her like she thought was going to happen he persuaded her otherwise and proceeded to tell her a story where her acting in “Real Women Have Curves,” helped him connect with a Latina student he’d been mentoring.

“This story he shared with me was a gift as valuable as any I have received in my life,” Ferrera said. “It taught me many things, the most immediate being that I had the permission to live out my passion. … That in fact, my passion had the ability to change a life. And the most important discovery I made that day was this: That living in the truth of who I am gives me the power to connect with others.”

America Ferrera is an inspiritional Latina celebrity that loves acting but loves making an impact and difference in our society today.

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What You Didn’t Know about Alexa Vega


Alexa Vega who is known for her break through role as Carmen Cortez in Spy Kids is now using her Star Powers to fight the sensitive issue of domestic violence. Vega along with many other celebrities, one of whom is Joanna Garcia Swisher, have partnered with Mary Kay. Mary Kay has taken initiative against domestic violence with their “Don’t Look Away Campaign” and their strong foundation that supports women and the fight against domestic abuse. They invited women from all over the nation to share the opportunity to be flown to Hollywood to produce documentaries that inspire, educate and create a national conversation about the issue of domestic violence. Alexa Vega, alongside other women distressed by this issue, stand and work together to say “No more violence”. She is truely a inspirational Latina celebrity to all women.

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What You Didn’t Know about Adriana Fonseca

Adriana Fonseca

Adriana Fonseca faced discrimination when she first came to the United States to pursue her acting career like many other Latina’s have before her. Her accent had become an obstacle she thought she would have to overcome. Many other Latina’s have encountered this same struggle, one of whom is Sofia Vergara.

“As a Latina, if you don’t pronounce something correctly in English, they look at you badly,” Adriana said, according to Diario Basta. “They don’t respond to you. They humiliate you.”

Some Latina’s such as Penélope Cruz and Salma Hayek had not fixed their accent and it has worked for them as well as Sofia Vergara. Penélope Cruz, who once struggled to speak English, has even gone on to win an Oscar.

What inspires us most about Fonseca is that she is determined and ambitious and she has not let this obstacle defeat her. Fonseca is apart of a group of Hispanic celebrities that has overcome adversity. We are hoping we see this strong and motivated Mexican actress more in the future.

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Iconic Beauty Sissi Fleitas Gets 5*


The international beauty mogul, Sissi Fleitas was recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters, presented by the chairperson Rosalie Buaún , for her 20 years of success in the entertainment industry as an actress, host and broadcaster in the US, Mexico and through out Latin America.

Sissi Fleitas began her career as a very young participating in youth events produced in the Gran Teatro de La Habana in Havana,Cuba.

In 1998, after her arrival in the United States, Sissi’s embarked on a journey of lights, camera, and action that placed her on an international scale of notoriety. Sissi holds the Guinness World record as spokes model and co-host for the oldest television program in the world and still on air as we speak, Univision’s, Sabado Gigante with host, Don Francisco. And why not? Her beauty and charming wit captivated over 100 million households viewers every Saturday in the United States and Latin America.

Being considered one of the most beautiful women in the Hispanic entertainment world, voice of numerous radio segments and television programs Sissi, is whom I consider to be the Marilyn Monroe of Latinas. From morning segments to Late Night Shows, transmissions through Telemundo, Univision and MegaTV US, Televisa in Mexico and Channel 13 in Chile ,Sissi became a household name.

In the present, Sissi is filming a pilot for US televised programming. With two film projects released, one in Mexico and one internationally, two additional film projects in production, and the one year anniversary of her most heartfelt role in “The Vagina Monologues”, Sissi has broken all barriers ever put up for a woman to achieve in this still male dominated entertainment world.

Sissi Fleitas triumphant success has earned her recognition by the Association of Critics & Journalists from Mexico, top entertainment executives, international franchises and hundreds of thousands of fans on social media. It goes without saying, “Sissi is truly a woman of noble character embraced by the Latino community with reason.”

Latin Pop Artist, ‘Thalia’ Is The Queen of Hearts


Latin Pop Artist, Actress and Entrepreneur, Thalía recently released her single ‘Por Lo Que Reste De Vida’, which is part of her latest production album ‘Amore Mío.’

From the moment I was introduced to the song, I completely fell in love with it and knew immediately that I wanted to sing it and give it life,” says Thalia.

To much surprise Thalia presented her fans with the video ‘Por Lo Que Reste De Vida’ with scenes shot in the beautiful Big Apple right outside her former residence. Leading creative producer Carlos Perez along with his team to capture amazing footage with full imagery of these amazing lyrics composed by Ricky Montaner. ‘Por Lo Que Reste De Vida’ depicted by Thalia truly tells an emotional story of unconditional love, a pure romance through these passionate lyrics.

Shooting this video while working with Carlos Perez and his team was a wonderful experience. The chemistry on stage was amazing and I have genuine respect and admiration for Carlos as a person and an producer,” added Thalia.

This video illustrates a story of eternal love. The timeline of memories of two people growing up together, having genuine love each other and sharing a special friendship.

Thalia put great effort, heart and soul into her new project. Behind closed doors with renowned Mexican producer Armando Avila, she shared her most personal experiences recording an album that only her dearest fans would relate too.

” …the kind that transcend time and borders,” she added.

Giselle Blondet is 50 and Fab!


We all know this Latin bombshell Giselle Blondet, as an elite actress and powerful business woman. Well now we can add successful published author to that list.

Releasing not her first but her second book entitled, “Tengo 50…Y que?!” speaks for itself expressing to the world through not a template biography but through an reader friendly journal of life experience filled with her triumphs of tears and laughter. Achieving what many consider to be a self-fulfilling women empowering movement – a new opportunity to re-invent themselves.

My favorite quotes would be: “Do something crazy for love…” and “Dance in the rain.”

Whether your curious in reading the book or trying to get yourself out of a rut Giselle is an example of being 50 is Fabulous! Either way have much to gain from her learning from her experience and inspirations.

J-Lo’s Jaw Dropping “Booty” Performance


“FLAWLESS!” Word of the night to describe Jennifer Lopez. This bold and beautiful entrepreneur put her hour glass figure on display at the “Fashion Rocks” event last night in Barclay Center wearing a revealing black dress with slits showing off her toned legs and cleavage.

Outshining the other starlets, her gold collar, matching gold belt and gold trimming around her neckline dazzled upon arrival.

Giving full access view of her curvacious figure, Jen wanted to assure the paparazzi and press that she was not just a pretty face. Keeping it simple and sexy, J.Lo had her hair out of her face in a swooped ponytail, showing off her glowing skin with a nude lip, and flattering long eyelashes.

Let’s not forget her “Booty” performance. In a skimpy, sequined leotard-mini. J.Lo shook it, twerked it, and made it clap putting the entire audience in an uproar.

Did you ever recall a moment when J.Lo didnt have a red carpet momentum?

Actress Angelic Zambrana Stars in Musical Chairs

Photo Courtesy of Big Pictures Media

Photo Courtesy of Big Pictures Media

Acting involves being able to capture the audience’s attention to make them see what you are doing through body movement, voice and theatrics. Sometimes, taking smaller roles will help build your career as an actor and also allow you to appreciate what you are made of.

By combining dance, drama and romance, Musical Chairs, is about the journey of Armando (Bonilla) to become a dancer and Mia (Pipes) the studio’s star performer whose dance career is interrupted by a tragic accident. In order for Mia to keep going, she becomes involved in wheelchair dancing and in the process, brings back to life what she has once lost. Actress Angelic Zambrana who is one of the many stars in the show, sat down with LatinTRENDS to talk about Music Chairs, what she has learned in her career and the drive to keep going.

LatinTRENDS (LT): What drew you to act for Musical Chairs?
Angelic Zambrana (AZ): Wheelchair ballroom dancing, a Latino cast and Susan Seidelman who directed some really entertaining cult classic films like “She Devil.” I was also excited about learning ballroom dancing and wheelchair ballroom dancing at that. I just had so much fun! We had the sweetest producers and a great cast.

LT: What is your specialty as an actress?
AZ: Haha “my specialty.” hmmmm. I guess that would come from my training with Susan Batson. I have an endless imagination and I’ve trained to ground everything in truth. Therefore, no matter how far fetched a character, I can make it real. I also have a really expressive and angular face.

LT: What have you learned thus far in your career that you could pass onto inspiring actors/actresses?
AZ: Wow, a lot. Mannnn…I can already write a book and I’m still at the early stages of my journey. But here we go… Your skills are key. Train and learn your craft. Be prepared so that when you become a working actor, you can put great work out there and hopefully stay working. I have an athlete’s heart and mentality of dedication. I’ve sacrificed a lot to be an actor, but I learned that you can be dedicated and live your life at the same time, it’s important to! Don’t get lost in only doing acting; especially because there is a lot of rejection involved in what we do. You need to live in the real world and to be able to play another person. You need to enjoy the world, and allow yourself to be inspired by the real world and real life. Don’t get caught up in the idea of fame, it’s a result. It has nothing to do with who you are and what you can do as an artist. Accept who you are and love it..all the great and ugly parts of you, No matter what! This is how you can give your magic to whatever art you choose to express yourself with.

LT: Do you have any actors that you look up to?
AZ: I’ve always loved Angelina Jolie. She’s beautiful, but has a strong energy and she’s very deep. I favor the brilliant character actors like Gary Oldman, Jeffrey Wright and now Michael Fassbender.

LT: What is your favorite motto that you live by?
AZ: Ooo.. “Do what you Love…the money will follow.”

Photo Courtesy of Big Pictures Media

Photo Courtesy of Big Pictures Media




In May 2014, the theater company Guacamolink Performing Arts, based in New York City and comprised of Hispanic actors, will present the classic “Oedipus Rex” with a big twist: Sophocles’ Greek play will be performed by a single actress under the new title, “Oedipus,” in a free adaptation written and directed by Walter Ventosilla and starring Emely Grisanty.




The work is presented as a theatrical novelty never before seen in the Hispanic and American theaters in New York, as it has been structured such that a single actress represents the universe of the Greek tragedy through a solo act: performing eight different characters on stage, several of them at the same time. To perform this staging, the classic piece has been aesthetically adapted to parameters of contemporary theater through a special process of theatrical action and technical work of the actress.

The play is being directed by theater professor, director, and Peruvian playwright, Walter Ventosilla, who has been working with Guacamolink for three years. Ventosilla has over forty years of theatrical experience both in his home country of Peru and in Europe and the U.S. He has collaborated with Guacamolink to develop a proprietary method for training and preparing actors, and his actors have received recognition and awards such as ACE and ATI for their acting work in the Latino Theater at the Big Apple.

Emely Grisanty, Dominican actress, personifies the eight characters involved in the Greek tragedy throughout the 75-minute play. She was recently recognized with the ATI 2014 Award for Best Actress by the Independent Theatre in New York. The previous year she received a Best Actress nomination in the Monologues category. Emely Grisanty has been preparing extensively for this demanding play, both in the physical and vocal arenas, in order to property construct each of the characters.

Oedipus” will be presented May 9-11 at the Producers Club located at 358 West, corner of 44th St. to 9th Ave., New York, NY 10036. Shows are Friday & Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 7pm.