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    How Bill Gates reads books

    Check out this video of business guru and Microsoft founder Bill Gates to get some insights on...

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    New Spanish-Language Publishing House in New York City

    With the way the world is changing today, it is no surprise that many people are becoming entrepreneurs for an endless amount of reasons. It is arguably so, that entrepreneurship is a new trend because people are thinking ahead as opposed to thinking what is happening now. Books by Latino authors are...

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    Where are the Latino Authors?

    “Books are paths which upward lead, book are our friends, come, let us read!” said anonymous. Have you noticed that when the major news sources come out with their lists of the best books for the year, most of them do not have Latino authors on them? It gets exciting, especially for...

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    The Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide—Non-traditional that is

    Traditional stocking stuffers can have all kinds of things inside like gift cards, candy, small travel items, jewelry and even makeup. These stocking stuffers are great for any person in the family, but we have to admit that it becomes a little mundane every year of getting the same gift for people....

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    A Monologue Presentation of the book: Count on Me: Tales of Sisterhoods and Fierce Friendships by Las Comadres Para Las Americas

    Writing a book is not as easy as it looks and marketing it is not easy either. As an author, you have to be able to get out there, talk and promote your book for people to know about it. While word-of-mouth is an important way to promote a book, there are...

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    Interview with Peggy Robles-Alvarado

    Peggy Robles-Alvarado is a Puerto Rican and Dominican poet, writer, and educator based in New York. From being featured in numerous articles and attending speaking engagements all around New York City, Robles-Alvarado uses her poetry to educate and empower others around her. Her most recent accomplishments are having two self published books....

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    Book Launch Event of Two Nations Indivisible: Mexico, the United States, and the Road Ahead by Shannon O’Neil hosted by AS/COA in New York

    Like the United States, Mexico had changed in the last 30 years politically, demographically, and economically. Author Shannon K O’Neil, writes about these topics in her book Two Nations Indivisible: Mexico, the United States, and the Road Ahead, giving an overview about what happened then now and everything in between. The book...

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    Book Discussion: The Economic Development of Latin America since Independence by José Antonio Ocampo

    Economics may not be the most interesting thing to talk about on an everyday basis for some people, but to have an author that studied and knows a lot about it, is something different. Author, José Antonio Ocampo, presented his book, The Economic Development of Latin America since Independence on March 14th,...

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    Chemorella by Katy Franco

    Based on the story of Cinderella, the book Chemorella by Katy Franco, is about beating breast cancer and seeing your dreams come true. Chemorella is a breast cancer patient overcoming obstacles to dealing with this disease. She tries to stay strong by following her doctors orders and by following her heart. Despite...

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    Festivals Have Good Books, Too!

    Need some reading material?