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  • Entertainment
    J.Lo’s New Charitable Clothing Collection

    I have a love/hate relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Okay, hate is a strong word; let’s say I have love/kinda not thrilled sentiments towards her. On one hand I can’t deny she’s paved the way for a lot of Latinas. She made us cool, she has made us marketable, and did it with...

  • News & Politics
    Where’s Brooklyn At?

    Check out this awesome fashion designer!

  • Trendspotting
    New York Celebrates Pride Week

    In celebration of Pride Weekend, check out this growing trend!

  • Entertainment
    Miguelito: Heart of Gold!

    Learn what a special surprise he had in store!

  • Entertainment
    J-Lo Announces New Line

    She & Marc Anthony have announced a new line for Kohl's...

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