Gerard Pique

Shakira’s Sexy New Single

After over a month of anticipation, Shakira‘s new single “Chantaje (Blackmail) ” featuring Maluma has finally hit the airwaves.

Shakira’s new single will be a part of her first full album under Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation management team. Her previous manager was Argentine lawyer Antonio de la Rua, who was her romantic partner for 11 years.

Unfortunately, after leaving Rua, he sued the multiplatinum singer initially for $250 million and then for $100 million. The lawsuit was dismissed and Shakira moved on to a relationship with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique with whom she has two sons with.

Could “Chantaje” be about her former lover?

Throughout the song Shakira sings that “en esta relación soy yo la que manda (in this relationship, I am the boss) and that “Yo nunca quise burlarme de ti (I never wanted to mock you).”

Listen to the full song below.

Lyrics below:



Yo te quiero aunque no quieres
Puro, puro chantaje
Puro, puro chantaje
Vas libre como el aire
En esta relación soy yo la que manda
No pare bola, que eso es mala propaganda
Para que te has ido, para que te coman el oído
No vayas a enderezar, lo que no esta torcido
Pregunta a el, o a quien tu quieras
Mira te juro que eso no es así
Yo nunca tuve una mala intención
Yo nunca quise burlarme de ti
Yo te quiero aunque no quieres
Puro, puro chantaje
Puro, puro chantaje
Vas libre como el aire
English translation


I love you but you do not want
Pure, pure blackmail
Pure, pure blackmail
You are free as air
In this relationship, I am the boss
Do not stop ball, that’s bad propaganda
So that you’re gone, so you eat the ear
Do not go right, which is not twisted
Ask him, or anyone you want
Look swear it is not so
I was never a bad intention
I never wanted to mock you
I love you but you do not want
Pure, pure blackmail
Pure, pure blackmail
You are free as air




Goalie Don’t Lie: Shakira nearly gets hit by ball kicked by boyfriend Gerard!


Shakira can now add part-time goalie or dodge player to her list of talents after nearly being hit by a ball kicked by her long-time boyfriend Gerard Piqué.

In a 15-second video posted to her Facebook page, the Hips Don’t Lie singer is captured walking out of a bedroom within her Barcelona home she shares with Piqué after being lured out due to a tiny ball being kicked in her general direction.

It’s when Shakira exits the room that she dodges the ball being kicked toward her yet again which causes Piqué to chuckle at the near hit.

You can see the video: here!

This is what it’s like living with a footballer!” Shakira captioned in the video she’s posted.

The recent soccer video is the latest one she’s posted since just weeks ago she uploaded a short clip her new born son, Sasha, kicking a soccer ball.

The Colombian singer has stated in the past that she loves that her boys–Milan Piqué I Mebarak born in January 2013 and Sasha Piqué I Mebarak born in January 2015—are little soccer players, but with a father who is an FC Barcelona she can expect to find herself having to dodge more kicked balls around the house.

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Shakira… A Mom, A Sister, A Best Friend.


If you haven’t seen or heard how adorable Shakira and Gerard Pique is you must be headless.

Shakira recently released through social media her magical moment with baby Milan reading. Yes! Reading! Not to long ago mommy released a video of Baby Milan on her lap reading words she writes on her little notepad. Can you imagine how our parents would of felt if we would of done that during our infancy? I mean don’t get me wrong we were smart babies, but can you honestly say we were smart like today’s 1, 2, and 3 year olds with tablets and iphones? LOL!

As this Colombian sensation is clearly showing signs of her second child with soccer stud boyfriend Gerard Pique. Baby Milan clearly has a little one to look out for. Will he be a soccer celeb like his daddy or a signing sensation like his mommy? Which ever way both parents have amazed there fans with not only their continued success but their love for each other and humanity.

” If not for my musical projects I would be pregnant already ,” said the Colombian star of Latina magazine . “I would love to have eight or nine children with Gerard , my own football team .”

Shakira has alot on her plate an iconic Colombian performer, as founder of the Pies Descalzos (Barefoot) Foundation, member of President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics and Unicef Goodwill Ambassador it is no wonder that she wants a big family. She is a mom, a sister, best friend to so many people around the world. Today Shakira is the true role model for tomorrow’s youth.

Top–10 World Cup Hotties That Will Make You Scream… GOOAALLLL!!!

Here at LatinTrends we’ve had the very difficult task to search through hundreds of World Cup soccer players to find the hottest hotties in the game.

With very happy (wide) eyes we can tell you it wasn’t easy but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 hotties of all for 2014’s World Cup!


Rafa Márquez is one of the Mexican national team’s most beloved players (and it’s easy to see why)! He’s also the first ever Mexican soccer player to win the Champions League with Barcelona in 2006.

Lionel Messi, captain of the Argentina National Team, is handsome and arguably the top soccer player in the world.

This handsome fella plays as a defender for the England’s national team.

Sergio Germán Romero is an Argentine soccer player who plays as a goalkeeper for the Argentina national team. And he’s a hot dad.

We also don’t mind watching Besler’s teammate, Omar Gonzalez, a defender for team US, run around the field!

USA men’s national soccer team goalkeeper Tim Howard continues to be a hero to us all: First, he continues to be a beast in the U.S., making wonderful saves galore.

Something about France’s Olivier Giroud reminds me of David Beckham … maybe it’s all those tattoos!

The Brazilian football star can definitely hold his own standing next to Gisele. Check out that toned stomach!

Gerard Pique
The 27-year-old plays center-back for Spain, but is known just as much for those baby blue eyes as for his skills. Too bad he’s already taken by our girl Shakira!

Besides being the star and captain of the Portugal team, the forward knows how to work the crowd. The world soccor audiences and all of social media are absolutely in love with Cristino, regardless of whether they are into soccer or not.

Latino Star Shakira Comeback Complete With New Album & More



Shakira has not put out an album in five years. Its hard to believe as she focused on her personal life. A year ago she gave birth to a son with her partner, Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique. At 37, Shakira doesn’t look like she has been away a day as she released “The Daily Mail.” The album is her tenth as she reminded her public why she is one of the sexiest artists alive with her posing on her cover with a guitar held low and her dark blouse completely open showing off her black bra and other assets.

Again showing that her post pregnancy figure was never to be an issue, Shakira joined Rihanna in a steamy video to her single, “Can’t Remember to Forget You.” It was so convincing a performance that many were left wondering. But not to fear. Shakira is very much into her man. Now that her drawing power was displayed once again, the news that followed was even bigger as Shakira will once again sing the official song of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil this June.

The single, named “La La La” a revised version of her new single “Dare” was written by Shakira with a video accompanying it ends with her son, Milan featured at the end. Shakira talked about that moment, “I had him on my lap and he was listening and then when it came to the end of the song, he just went ‘myah,'” she recalled.

This is the second time she will have the official song of the World Cup after having had the honor four years ago in 2010 with “Waka Waka” in South Africa. Shakira is taking it all in and there is a sense of contentment in her words, something established in the song, “Spotlight” where she refers to “the link I was missing.” One return appearance and her fans recall what they have been missing for half a century, the woman with the hips that dont lie, abeit a more mature version.

Famous Latino Gerard Pique on his “normal family” with Shakira

She is an international singer who has sold over 70 million albums worldwide and he is a renowned soccer star with a World Cup Title to his name, but to Latin superstars Shakira and Gerard Pique are just like every other normal family.

Apart of CNN’s Human to Hero series focusing on inspirational athletes from various sports, the FC Barcelona soccer player Gerard Pique is one of the athletes featured. During his segment highlighting his career–which has seen 19 domestic trophies including the 2010 World Cup title–Pique takes time to talk about his famous family.

Back in 2010, Pique met Columbian singer Shakira while shooting the music video for her 2010 World Cup Song entitled Waka Waka. Sparks flew on the set and just four years later the two are now parents to a 12-month-old son named Milan.

As one of the internationally popular celebrity super-couple–almost outshining the legendary David and Victoria Beckam–it seems impossible for the two to retain any sense of normalcy. However, Pique notes the two make it work.

Maybe it seems like it’s really difficult to manage everything but we are trying to do it as naturally as we can,” explained Pique, discussing how he manages his personal life as partner and father while its out there under public surveillance.

Included in the Forbes’ 2013 list of the World’s Most Powerful Pairings, Pique and Shakira are highly sought targets for the menacing paparazzi. Constantly followed and hounded, Pique describes how he has come to deal with the nuisance of the flashing camera lens.

It’s true sometimes we have to deal with paparazzi but you have to accept it. It’s no problem,” said Pique, disclosing that he’s accepted the attention his four year relationship with Shakira has attracted.

We are like a normal family and we try to spend a lot of time with our son and before that, just to be a good couple—going to the cinema, going to have dinner.

To see more of the interview with Gerard Pique check out the Human to Hero series on CNN.

Shakira Will Give Birth Today

by Zuleyka Indarte

Shakira will be meeting her son any second today!

On their site, Latina posted, “According to various Spanish sources, the Columbian singer will undergo a cesarean section. El Pais is reporting that everything in the Teknon clinic in Barcelona is ready to take care of Shakira. She is due any moment now.”

The star has chosen to follow in the footsteps of prior famous moms and give her child a unique name, Biel. The star’s entire pregnancy has been followed closely in the media from the moment she revealed that she was with child.

Baby Biel will be surrounded by females in his first few moments out of the womb. According to a source, no men, besides husband Gerard Pique, are allowed in the delivery room. The singer opted for a completely female staff and had them sign confidentiality agreements.

Considering his and Shakira’s loyal fans, Pique stated he would be posting a picture of the newborn as soon as he sees his face.

Good luck to the couple!