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  • Travel
    “Hispanic Heritage Month” Special Report on Honduras

    Read all the fun facts about this Hispanic country!

  • Featured
    Opening Up Doors to Better Opportunities at Hostos

    When Sandy Guido left Honduras at 18-years-old in 2008 to live in New York, she immediately knew...

  • Featured

    It is a way of life. When one plays for clubs in South and Central America, you...

  • Entertainment
    What You Didn’t Know about Carlos Mencia

    Carlos Mencia is a Honduran-born comedian that doesn’t fear controversy and is willing to tackle any topic. From race, natural disasters and politics, no subject is left untouched. I have little compassion for people in trailer parks who refuse to move after getting tornado warnings. How hard is it for them to...

  • Entertainment

    The recent news of the disapearance of Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, 19, and her sister Sofia...

  • Entertainment
    Death at Home: Migrant Children face Violence & Death if deported back

    In order to escape the hardship or violence currently existing in their country, there are more children making the long trek from South America into the U.S. However, despite their efforts to obtain a better, safer life these immigrant children are being deported right back to where they came from. And sadly,...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Mine Workers Are Still Trapped

    Working as a construction worker or in the mines is probably one of the most dangerous jobs that anyone could do. Lives are at risk because there is so much electric work and other kinds of dangers that if not careful, someone could get injured. Yet imagine that you are working in...

  • Entertainment
    Eva Longoria and America Ferrera Graduate College

    Eva Longoria graduated Wednesday with a master’s degree in Chicano studies from Cal State Northridge. The “Desperate Housewives” actress began her studies while on set three years ago. The 38-year-old petite beauty titled her thesis “Success STEMS From Diversity: The Value of Latinas in STEM Careers.” “STEM” is an acronym for science,...

  • News & Politics
    Latin American Leaders React to the Legalization of Pot in CO, WA

    As the nation's war on drugs continues.

  • Español
    Septiembre con sabor a Tequila

    ¿Cómo “gritas” tu Independencia?

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