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  • Entertainment
    Getting an Education Should Not Be a Burden Because of Money

    People say that education is becoming over rated, but is it really? Most families preach about education and that you will get a good job when you are educated. Other families, unfortunately, have the opposing viewpoint and sometimes sadly, outsiders cannot change that. Whatever way education is looked at in your eyes,...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Too Many Accidents Are Not Being Prevented

    With people becoming more aware of what is around them, many are now taking action instead of just talking about it. They are being proactive instead of reactive. They are seeing that something can be done because even with simple tasks are now becoming almost forgetful for some people. Being in a...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Don’t Let Deportation Tear Families Apart

    When a child comes into the world it changes things (almost everything). Think about it. They are the next generation that will take over companies, adopt new technology, and find alternative ways on doing things and so forth. They are where some say, the ‘mold that holds everything together’. Yet what happens...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Cyber Bullying in a Positive Light

    Too many of us are guilty of judging people way too quickly. It is natural for people to do this and we are human, but too much hurt can go a little too far. Insults can vary among people and some take it extremely personal, almost to the point of believing that...

  • Entertainment
    George Lopez: DIVORCE!

    The funnyman and his wife announced that they are separating!

  • Entertainment

    The Y Tu Mama Tambien star's wife is expecting another baby!

  • Entertainment
    J’Martin: The King of Bachata Pop

    LeAura Luciano talks to J'Martin!

  • Social Issues
    YOUNG VOICES: I am Latina

    This week: Glendalee Diaz talks about being Latina!

  • News & Politics
    Biography: Michael Pena

    Michael Anthony Peña (born January 13, 1976) is an American actor best known for his lead role in the film Crash. Peña, a Mexican-American, was born in Chicago, Illinois, where his father worked at a button factory and his mother was an assistant to a social worker. Both of Peña’s parents were...

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