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Wilmer Valderrama




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January 30, 1980


Miami, Florida


Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama is an American actor and television personality, known for the role of Fez in the sitcom That ’70s Show, hosting the MTV series Yo Momma, and voicing the character of Manny in the children’s show Handy Manny.

What you didn’t know

He is of Colombian and Venezuelan descent.

Wilmer Valderrama on the October Cover of LatinTRENDS Magazine

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Wilmer Valderrama heats up LatinTRENDS’ cover. In the interview, Valderrama gets fired up about his acting career, immigration, his will to rise above challenges and uniting Latinos in the U.S. “It’s important that all [Latinos] unite and understand that there is a different movement happening. We are part of the engine in this country just like everybody else, and that, to me, is number one.

“It’s important that all [Latinos] unite and understand that there is a different movement happening”.

She’s the newest Bond Girl and she plays Valeria Velez, Pablo Escobar’s mistress in the latest Netflix hit series “Narcos.” LatinTRENDS speaks with Mexican-American stunner, Stephanie Sigman. Also starring in “Narcos,” playing Colonel Carrillo, actor Maurice Compte weighs in on the plague of Latin American drug cartels. The special feature explores the rise of cartels and lists its most powerful capos.

The CIA is on the hunt for Latinos. In this month’s issue, the CIA’s fourth ranking official, Carmen Middleton, who happens to be a Latina, explains why the CIA is committed to hiring more Latinos. “As the Hispanic population grows in the United States and the Hispanic representation in federal service, as well as in the Agency, is not keeping pace, the disparity is becoming quite stark.

There is a new chapter in the history of the Boy Scouts of America. “In 2001, the Supreme Court ruled that the organization had the right to exclude homosexuals. The Boy Scouts of America, which has over 3 million scouts and 1.2 million adult volunteers, erupted in turf wars.Antonio Camacho, Scoutmaster Troop 729 based in Washington Heights describes how his troop shifted their efforts toward gender neutrality and weathered the storm until the organization lifted the ban.

Meet opera singer turned bachatero Johnny Sky, and multi-talented instrumentalist Ava Gold—two of the hottest artists emerging today. LatinTRENDS explores their unique styles and musical inspirations. “I thought it’d be really cool to write a song about my parents—all the struggles and sacrifices they had to make in pursuit of ‘The American Dream,’ but all the while never forgetting where they came from,” says Ava Gold.

This month’s health and wellness advice offers “5 Reasons to Start Daily Meditation Practice,” “Food for Glowing and Beautiful Skin,” and “5 Latin American Ingredients You Need In Your Kitchen This Season,” plus an interview and a tempura avocado recipe from celebrity chef, Cheo.

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Latino Star Wilmer Valderrama: A Long Way From Fez

[Originally published in LatinTRENDS Magazine Issue #86; March 2012]

By: Chia Schonberg


At 16 years old Wilmer Valderrama was a Colombian and Venezuelan actor who recently learned English, and with limited means, tried out for the role of the culturally ambiguous exchange student, Fez, on what was then a show called “Teenage Wasteland.” Now, just celebrating his 32nd birthday, he has three nationally syndicated shows, directors credits, his own production company, graced the silver screen with award winning actors and comedic legends, and is about to occupy a major role in a new NBC show set to premier in March.

After the last episode of “That ’70s Show” in 2006, Valderrama made his silver screen debut with a leading role in the movie “Fast Food Nation,” followed by “Unaccompanied Minors” opposite comedian Lewis Black. That same year he became the voice of Disney’s Latino cartoon sensation, “Handy Manny,” and created his first project as a producer with MTV’s hit show, “Yo Momma,” where he spans the country for America’s best trash talkers. “I want to open the door to the rest of my community,” he says. Valderrama feels being Hispanic has taught him how to work hard and appreciate his opportunities. Watching his father struggle to give his family a better life is what Valderrama says drives him to achieve his goals. “[My background] has given me a disarming way to fit into any culture,” he says pointing to experiences from his world travels from China to Afghanistan. He has solidified relationships with companies like MTV, where he’s producing a reality series with BMX biker Ricardo Laguna, a show which he hopes will “remind us all of the importance of family and never forgetting.” But Valderamma’s body of work transcends a few inspiring projects. His production company WV Enterprises has quickly set itself apart, making deals for both scripted and non-scripted projects with Fox, Disney, MTV and Nickelodeon. Tom Forman, CEO of Relativity Media, one of the country’s largest suppliers of unscripted television, says Valderamma is the industry’s most original, and creative producers. “The sky is not only the limit, but a destination I’d like to live,Valderamma says of is goals, among which, creating a movie studio that he claims is just on the horizon for him.


And that’ll be no surprise when he releases a new documentary under his production company called “Shred,” about a 7 year-old boy named Asher from a struggling family, who became a YouTube sensation almost overnight for his savant skills as a skate boarder. The pattern in his work, Valderrama claims, is that he is trying to bring forward a “new type of hero” to mainstream media. He points to Cuban actor, innovator and entrepreneur, Desi Arnaz as an inspiration. And highlighting accomplishments in the Latino community certainly seems imperative. According to the Pew Research Center, in a 2010 national survey of 1,300 Hispanic adults, 74% said they either didn’t know who the most important Latino leader in the country was today, or that it was “no one.”

Hispanic women such as Jennifer Lopez and Sofía Vergara of “Modern Family” have been able to flourish as iconic beauties. Male Hispanic athletes like Alexander Rodriguez of the New York Yankees or newbie Victor Cruz of the New York Giants are commonly credited for the success of their dynamo teams. Typically however, Hispanic men have had a harder time garnishing credit for the accomplishments achieved in the entertainment industry, which can boast percentages in the single digits of Latinos in front or behind the camera in network television.

Valderrama had key roles in movies such as The Dry Land along side America Ferrera at The Sundance Film Festival in 2010, “From Prada to Nada” in 2011 with Lionsgate films, and most recently, “Larry Crowne” with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, where he claims to always soak up wisdom from his legendary co stars, but his work outside of Hollywood may be even more impressive.


He’s been involved in social issues such as animal cruelty through PETA, and HIV and Aids awareness in the Hispanic community. He is involved in the USO tour to entertain the troops where the popularity of “That ’70s Show” is huge among the soldiers. He encouraged Latinos to take the census for the organization Voto Latino, with actress, Rosario Dawson. He is also the spokesperson for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, a college readiness program that empowers Latino high school youth and gives them leadership development in the most heavily populated Latino cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami.

Valderrama only accepts projects he feels are organic to who he is, a decision he says is integral to his success. His best friend, motocross racer, Carey Hart, introduced him to the extreme games, which is what attracted him to some of his more recent productions. And with his world travel, it is no surprise that he is a major investor along with his “That ’70s Show” co-star and friend Ashton Kutcher, in the high-end multicultural chain of restaurants through the Dolce Group. It’s nice to know, however, that Valderrama hasn’t strayed from his comedic roots. With the development of his alter ego Eduardo Fresco, who he says is a culmination of if Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias had a baby, his outrageous music videos and vlogs are reminiscent of what might be Fez if he grew up, left Ohio and moved to L.A to become a singer.

Returning to the big screen, Valderrama recently finished shooting for Spike Lee’s latest film “The Girl Is In Trouble,” set to release in 2012, and is currently on set in LA shooting the upcoming network television drama “Awake,” where he plays a leading role as a young Latino detective opposite John Isaacs in this series designed to keep the audiences guessing which parallel reality our protagonists are existing in, premiering on NBC March 1st. And all this, Valderrama insists, is only the result of half the vision for his career, leading the way for Latino self-empowerment by any means.

Former Co-Star Don Omar And Other Latin Celebrities React To Paul Walkers Tragic Death

Credit: @IamDonOmar - Instagram

Credit: @IamDonOmar – Instagram

Puerto Rican Reggaeton star and Actor Don Omar who also had the opportunity to work with Paul Walker, remembered the late actor who was killed in a tragic car accident on Saturday afternoon.

Paul Walker left a great philanthropic and professional legacy. For those who had the opportunity to work with him, today we remember him as a wonderful colleague who would give the best of himself in every project.

This is how stars, Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson and Don Omar who all worked with Paul in the Fast & Furious Trilogy remember their colleague and friend and honor his memory.

Rio de Janeiro, FF5 (Fast Five) rest in peace Paul Walker”. Wrote Don Omar on his Instagram below his picture with Paul Walker.

It was in 2009 and 2011, the reggaeton singer made his acting debut in the forth and fifth installment of the Fast & Furious saga.

Walker has worked with a number of Latino actors over the course of his 27-year career, including Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Freddie Prinze Jr., Eva Mendes, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Jacob Vargas, J.R. Villarreal, John Ortiz, Laz Alonzo, Jay Hernandez, Don Omar, Elsa Pataky and many others.

Condolences were quickly shared through the Twitterverse from members of the Latino Hollywood community.

Michelle Rodriquez Tweeted –“I’m gonna carry this torch for you brother, with a forced smile on my face and Im gonna open my heart just cause your telling me to.

PitBull Tweeted –“RIP your in a better place now papo now show the heavens who is fast and furious.

Jessica Alba Tweeted –“He was a lovely person -so sweet and grounded. My heart goes out to his family.

Cameron Diaz Tweeted –“#RIPPaulWalker Heartbreaking. My heart goes out to his loved ones for their loss. His light will forever shine through those he loved.

Gisele Bündchen –“What a sweet and simple person was Paul Walker. Sending my love and prayers to him and his family.

Mario Lopez Tweeted –“RIP Paul Walker.. Eerie that the star of The Fast & The Furious died in a car accident… God Bless his daughter.

Zoe Saldana Tweeted –“A very sad day indeed. R.I.P. Paul Walker. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Wilmer Valderrama–“Heartbreaking!! One of the most genuine & humble people I have EVER met in this industry… A TERRIBLE loss, be at peace.

Christina Milian Tweeted –“Shocked and so sad hearing this news. He was one of my favorite actors. Beautiful inside and out, 4 ever missed…

Laz Alonso Tweeted –“My prayers are with Paul Walkers family and friends. Down 2 earth & real as they come. #RIP

Vin Diesel also posted this on Facebook last night –“Pablo, I wish you could see the world right now… and the profound impact, your full life has had on it, on Us… on me… I will always love you Brian, as the brother you were… on and off screen.

Images: Voto Latino’s 2013 Inauguration Celebration

Voto Latino held its 2013 Inauguration Celebration at Oya Restaurant in Washington, D.C. this past Sunday, one day before Barack H. Obama was publicly sworn in for his second term as President of the United States.

Enjoy the images by Alfredo Flores/Moët & Chandon, and make sure to check out LatinTRENDS magazine’s interview with Voto Latino CEO/President Maria Teresa Kumar, which is featured in our current issue.

Rafael Amaya Joins Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama in Voto Latino PSA

Actor Rafael Amaya joined the Voto Latino organization as part of a PSA directed by Wilmer Valderrama and Andrew Sandler.  The sketch also starred Demi Lovato, Maria Menounos, Francia Raisa, Michael Pena, Lea Black, and Robert Hoffman.

“I’m thrilled to support such a great organization as Voto Latino is,” said Amaya, “I believe that it is our duty as citizens to exercise our civic duties and have our voices be heard through the process of voting.  Working on this PSA with such an incredible cast was amazing and it was wonderful to see Wilmer in his new facet as director. “

Voto Latino empowers American Latinos to claim a better future by voting and bringing their voices into the political process through celebrities and the latest technology.  As part of said effort, the PSA will air this August.

Amaya is currently readying for his participation on “El Señor de los Cielos”, Telemundo’s new prime time series, in which he plays the title character.

For more information on Voto Latino please visit: www.votolatino.org

Wilmer Valderama Gets Sued By His Neighbor for Partying Too Hard!

By Randy Rosario

Wilmer Valderama gets Sued By his Neighbor for Partying Too Hard

The “70’s show” actor reportedly has been sued by his next-door neighbor for throwing huge parties. His neighbor Eichenbaum claims that he has been an inconvenience for years now and enough is enough. In his lawsuit he claims that the “ongoing and continuing loud and disturbing noises from the property.” He said he tired of all these disturbances they go on all through the night. He also added that he tired of his annoying dogs.

Eichenbaum says that he made efforts to talk to Wilmer about the occurrence through letters and telephone calls but it didn’t make a difference. He says he wants a judge to tell him to bring the noise down and he also want monetary compensation.

Wilmer hasn’t said anything yet about the law suit but he was on the red carpet during the Billboard’s Latin music awards speaking on how Latinos need to vote because we are so influential.

On the red carpet he told Fox New Latino “It’s the time that we as a Latin culture, as Hispanics, as Latinos, that we go out there and we show America that we have not only been here but that we are also the influential force that will tip over been here but that we ware also the influential force that will tip over this election, if all of us don’t tell each other to do this, if our friends and our family and our neighbors don’t tell each other to do this, that we have to go out there and make a difference for one another, to be able to let the country know that we are here and we are here to stay, if we don’t do that, then our voice and our numbers are not going to matter.”

For more up-to-date info visit: www.latintrends.com/?p=17272

2012 TriBeCa Film Festival [PHOTOS]

Time Warner Cable and JetBlue sponsored this year’s annual TriBeCa Film Festival. Special guests included actor Wilmer Valderrama (our March cover), along with Sprout’s Super Why, Food Network chef Aarón Sánchez, who cooked up a little something for guests, and Alvin & the Chipmunks, for the screening of Chipwrecked. See featured photos below.

Chef Aaron Sanchez, Food Network’s Seekers and Chopped, at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Drive-In Screening of JAWS sponsored by Time Warner Cable and JetBlue and hosted by Brookfield. Photo credit: Amy Sussman/AP Images for Time Warner Cable.

Actor Wilmer Valderrama from nuvoTV’s Pastport and Sprout’s Super Why at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Drive-In Screening of Knuckleball sponsored by Time Warner Cable and JetBlue and hosted by Brookfield. Photo credit: Amy Sussman/AP Images for Time Warner Cable.

Actor Wilmer Valderrama from nuvoTV’s Pastport at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Drive-In Screening of Knuckleball sponsored by Time Warner Cable and JetBlue and hosted by Brookfield. Photo credit: Amy Sussman/AP Images for Time Warner Cable.

Alvin and the Chipmunks from the movie “Chipwrecked” at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Drive-In Screening of The Goonies sponsored by Time Warner Cable and JetBlue and hosted by Brookfield. Photo credit: Amy Sussman/AP Images for Time Warner Cable.

Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama: Reunited!

By Zuleyka Indarte
Joe Jonas is old news for Disney starlet Demi Lovato as her romance with That 70s Show alum, Wilmer Valderrama, heats up. The couple, who hasn’t formally announced their relationship to the public, took several cozy shots together at Tiffany Thornton’s wedding recently. Thornton costarred alongside Lovato in the Disney sitcom “Sonny With a Chance” prior to the star’s rehab stint.
The actors’ romance first began in 2010 shortly following Lovato’s highly publicized break-up with Joe Jonas. The relationship ended abruptly in June 2011, allegedly due to the large age difference.
The couple hasn’t made many strides to keep their renewed romance private. Just a few weeks ago, the two stars were caught by paparazzi kissing in public. Thornton’s wedding pictures reveal a happy Lovato. Fans are pleased to see the singer/actress enjoying herself, especially after her release from rehab for an eating disorder and emotional distress.

Demi Lovato: Back with Lindsay Lohan’s Ex?

Demi Lovato, best known as the Jennifer Aniston to Ashley Greene’s Angelina Jolie, still has serious man issues. A little backstory: right after Joe Jonas dumped Demi for Ashley Greene, Demi rebounded with Wilmer Valderrama. Wilmer was sort-of/kind-of Demi’s boyfriend when she went crazy and went for “rehab” for issues that probably extended beyond the eating disorder that her publicist admits to. When Demi got of rehab (and while she was still an out-patient), she began seeing Wilmer again. And then something happened (God knows what) and Demi started quietly boning Ryan Phillippe. Of course, Demi and Ryan went nowhere, but with those two men, we can establish a pattern, can’t we? Demi likes older douches, the kind of douches who “prey” on very young, inexperienced girls with emotional problems. Anyway, according to Life & Style, Demi has gone back to Wilmer. Oh, Demi.

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are giving love another go! Life & Style can exclusively reveal that on Oct. 22 the on-again, off-again couple were spotted getting hot and heavy at Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s house party in LA.

“They showed up together and made no effort to hide that they’re back together,” an eyewitness inside the party tells Life & Style. “They were stealing kisses throughout the night, holding hands and just seemed to enjoy being together.”

The “Skyscraper” singer, 19, and the 31-year-old former star of That ’70s Show, have broken up twice since they began dating in 2010, but this time they didn’t leave each other’s side all night. “Demi couldn’t seem happier about it!” the eyewitness tells Life & Style.

“They were dirty-dancing to the music, and when they were seated, Wilmer had his hands on Demi’s knee the entire time,” the eyewitness reveals. “He was being very boyfriend-like and affectionate.”

Demi famously dated Wilmer before her time in rehab to treat physical and emotional issues last November.

“Treatment was the best decision that I ever made, and it saved my life,” Demi says. “I feel a lot better, and I feel like now that I’m able to speak about it, I’m able to help younger girls with their issues they’re dealing with and that makes me feel like a role model.”

California Legislators Honor Latino Celebrities, Humanitarians During Latino Spirit Awards

The California Latino Legislative Caucus honored 10 recipients with Latino Spirit Awards on the Assembly floor of the State Capitol on May 9. Assemblymember Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) Chair of the Latino Legislative Caucus and Vice Chair Senator Ron Calderon (D-Montebello) hosted the ceremonies.

The Spirit Awards recognize those individuals who exemplify the spirit of the Latino community and have contributed to the State of California. The honorees have been found to have furthered the understanding and acceptance of Latino values, culture and traditions through leadership and service. This year’s recipients include pioneers in film, literature, art and public service, among other categories. They include:


JOAQUIN AVILA – Achievement in Civil Rights

ROSARIO DAWSON – Achievement in Entertainment & Philanthropy

YSABEL DÚRON – Achievement in Journalism & Media

ZOILA D. ESCOBAR – Achievement in Health & Business

JUSTICE CARLOS R. MORENO – Achievement in Public Service

JOSE LUIS OROZCO – Achievement in Music & Literature

JENNI RIVERA – Achievement in Music, Entertainment, & Philanthropy

WILMER VALDERRAMA – Achievement in Entertainment & Philanthropy

HELENA MARIA VIRAMONTES – Achievement in Literature & the Arts