Three Ways To Experience The Dominican Republic Differently

Dominican Republic (Image via

Dominican Republic (Image via

If you’ve been to the Dominican Republic before, then you know there’s plenty to uncover. So much so, that even after visiting two or three times, you still have a shot at experiencing Quisqueya differently:

Don’t just visit the places you’re used to, like the Zona Colonial in the capital, but make it a point to learn its history. As you discover things you didn’t know, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled elsewhere.

While it’s great to photograph yourself (and others), try focusing on the locations you visit. You’d be amazed how much places like El Monumento in Santiago de los Caballeros can change in just a few years!

Ask a Dominican family member or friend to give you a tour of their childhood. Seeing the distance some people walked in Jarabacoa, for example, to get to school is an eye-opener. There are so many privileges we take for granted.

Can you think of any more ways to experience the Dominican Republic differently? We want to know! Comment below or send us a tweet @LatinTRENDS2010.

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