Plot from

Fearing the actions of Superman are left unchecked, Batman takes on Superman, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs. With Batman and Superman fighting each other, a new threat, Doomsday, is created by Lex Luthor. It’s up to Superman and Batman to set aside their differences along with Wonder Woman to stop Lex Luthor and Doomsday from destroying Metropolis.

Romeo Santos, Jennifer Lopez & more Latinos star in HBO’s “The Latin Explosion: A New America!”


Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin, Sofia Vergara, George Lopez are just a few of the Latino superstars who will appear in a new HBO documentary aimed specifically at spotlighting just how Latinos impact the United States of America.

In a recently released trailer, “The Latin Explosion: A New America,” is a documentary that brings together some of the hottest and well-known Latino celebrities in music, television, and film within the country and asks them: what it means to be a Latino in the U.S.? And the obstacles they have had to overcome.

Within the trailer, singer Gloria Estefan describes how at the start of her career she was advised that she should change her name because it would be too complicated to pronounce.

In candid interviews, stars like Cheech Marin, Rita Moreno, Shakira, Romeo Santos, and many more with the stars above take part in this project and also share or discuss their own personal experience within the entertainment industry in the U.S.

The documentary also will depict major historical events within the industry that had a large effect on impacting the Latino community today.

The U.S. is the 2nd largest Spanish-speaking country in the world,” said Ricky Martin, in the trailer for the movie, before adding, “Boom!” to demonstrate how impressive that idea is considering that there are numerous other Spanish-speaking countries in this world.

Tommy Mottola, a well-known Music Producer who has a hand in launching some of the music industry’s most popular stars like Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, as well as Lopez, Martin, and Shakira served as the documentary’s producer.

In an interview about the documentary, Mottola said that a documentary has “assembled the largest array of Latino superstars ever in a film telling a powerful story of their history and immigration, politics, and rise from a small minority population to the most critical demographic in the United States.”

The documentary couldn’t be coming out at a more important time. With certain political candidates shining a negative light on the Latino community, the film can be a powerful tool in showing other groups outside of Latinos just how important and impactful the community is.

Latinos spend $1.3 trillion a year, making them one of the most powerful groups of consumers today,” Mottola added, noting that Latinos are known as one of the biggest consumer demographics within the United States.

In the trailer it is noted within a caption that “In 1950 1 in 50 Americans were Latino,” but “By 2050, it will be 1in 3,” which is a statistical prediction that has yet to be discredited, but continues to gain backing.

And being a community believed to growing, it is quite possible when Mottola explained that Latinos will also have a huge impact on the upcoming 2016 presidential election once again. Latinos presented a strong presence in the 2012 election, and not every Latino voted then.

Latinos may not just only impact the 2016 elections, but could be more of a presence down the road in politics.

There is no doubt in my mind that by 2025 we will have a Latino president,” Mottola said, and he may just be right.

The Latin Explosion: A New America, narrated by John Leguizamo will air Nov. 16 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Latino.

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Adriana Cataño Conquers the World of Entertainment


Adriana Cataño is an actress and television host with over twenty years experience. This green eyed beauty is known as one of Miami’s Beauty Icons. Thanks to her clean and positive image, Adriana has been the spokesperson for Rooms to Go (largest chain of furniture stores in the U.S ) for over 19 years, making it evident that she is loved and respected among Hispanics in the U.S. She is completely bilingual and has worked in both the mainstream and Hispanic market making her a true crossover talent. Adriana is the beauty writer for Eventos Magazine, one of Florida’s most elegant and prestigious publications. Adri was chosen to host the reality show “Cuerpos de Gloria” for world renown beauty expert Gloria Hincapie due to her elegance, class and expertise on nutrition & beauty tips. Adriana’s last award was the “Mujer Imagen” award by the Mujer Imagen Foundation and Imagen Magazine in Miami, Florida for her show business seminars and her endless work with teenagers in the Dade County community. Her seminar has been so successful she now has her own segment on how to get started in show business on America Te Ve’s hightest rated show, “Happy Hour.”


When Adriana launched her two-day seminar, “How to break into show business and succeed” she was immediately named “Hispanic Artist of the Year” by the Hispanic Heritage Council and Miami Dade College for her amazing work with teenagers in the Miami Dade County community and her superb acting seminars. She continues her seminars for teenagers who want to break into show business, giving them all of the do’s and dont’s, supplying them with headshots, an acting coach and an overall view of the in’s and out’s of the show biz industry. All five of Cataño’s seminars have been sold out.

Her most recent acting credits include a principal role on “America’s Most Wanted” on Lifetime Television, which is one of the most respected and highest rated shows in the US. In addition she was part of the main cast of the award winning series titled “Grachi” season 1 and season 2, playing “Cristina Esquivel.” Both seasons won Favorite Telenovela at the Kid’s Choice Awards and have been the highest rated series of all time on Nickelodeon Latin America.

Adriana has worked on several Spanish language telenovela’s for networks such as Nickelodeon Latin America, TV Azteca, Univision and Telemundo. She played the role of Jacqueline Tovar, a sexy villain in TV Azteca’s telenovela “Belinda”, which aired internationally with overwhelming success in the US and Mexico. During the launch of Univision’s “Secreto de Amor”, Adriana garnered a huge fan base by playing the role of “Elisa Ferrer” and establishing herself as a dominant force among her peers. Other Spanish lead roles include: Grachi 1 and Grachi 2, Belinda, Secreto de Amor, Morelia, MariElena, Amor Latino and Cadena Braga. Adriana’s crossover to the mainstream market took place with the lead role of “Julia Vargas”, on ABC’s “Moon Over Miami.” Also, she starred in the independent film “Zombie Farm”, which was shot in English and Spanish making it the first indie of its kind and was released on DVD in 2011. Due to Adriana?s undisputable beauty, charisma and talent, she has worked along A-list talents such as Will Smith in “Bad Boys” and Eddie Murphy in “Holy Man.” Cataño recently co-hosted several days on Telemundo’s morning show titled, “Un Nuevo Dia.” She excels at hosting live television & live events. She has also co-hosted several shows on Univision including “Despierta America” and “Viva La Familia de Todo Bebe”, as well as hosted several “New Year’s Eve” specials for Telefutura on several occasions. She has been a recurring guest on Univision?s top rated shows such as: “El Gordo y La Flaca,” “Don Francisco Presenta,” “Primer Impacto,” and “The Cristina Show.” Another astonishing phase in her career was being an anchor and TV host for Telemundo’s highest rated shows “Edicion Especial” and “Cinemundo.” Adriana was the producer, writer and reporter for Telemundo?s “Hollywood DF”, where she had the honor of interviewing celebrities which include: Shakira, PDiddy, Julio Iglesias, Celia Cruz, Halle Berry and Jimmy Smitts amongst others.

She has hosted several TV Specials for Telemundo of vital importance such as “Latin Billboard Awards Pre-Show and Post Show,” “Ritmo Latino Music Awards,” “Calle Ocho,” “Lo Maximo del Espiritu Latino,” and “Sonidos del Milenio. Adriana hosted Fox Sports weekly show “Fox Al Bate”, which required her to cover the Major League Baseball All-Star Games and World Series, as well as the opportunity to interview MLB legends such as: Alex Rodriguez, Cal Ripken Jr, Ken Griffey Jr, Jose Canseco, Livan Hernandez and Edgar Renteria among others. On three different occasions, Adriana has had the opportunity to be the presenter at the regional Emmy’s, and co-hosted an NBC TV Special “My People, Mi Gente.” Most recently, she had the pleasure of interviewing Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for his film GI JOE Retaliation.
Adriana is a household name among Hispanics in the US, Central and South America. She has graced the covers, and has been featured on hundreds of National long leads and regional newspapers such as: Selecta Magazine, Venue Magazine, Latino Show Magazine, Gente Latina Magazine, FHM,, Eventos Magazine,People en Español, Conexiones Internacional Magazine, Hola, Cosmopolitan en Español, Ocean Drive en Español, TV Notas Mexico,TV Notas USA, Mira, Men?s Fitness en Español, and Open Your Eyes Magazine just to name a few. She has starred in over 1000+ advertising campaigns world-wide including: Coors Light, Colgate, Bud Light, Coca-Cola, Head and Shoulders, Shiseido Cosmetics, Revlon, Presidente Brandy, Cerveza Presidente, Pepsi and Tide.

A few years ago, Adriana discovered a hidden talent and her passion for voice-overs. She is a favorite among the largest ad agencies in the US and Latin America, and has been the voice of several international campaigns such as: Gucci Guilty Perfume, Glade, Sunny D, Tylenol, Alltel Wireless, McDonald?s, Statefarm Insurance, Walgreen’s, Aveeno Cosmetics, Smirnoff Vodka, L?Oreal, Folger’s, Payless Shoes, Tampico Orange Juice and Mike’s Hard Lemonade among many others.

Her fans are so happy that Adriana launched her facebook public figure page catanoofficial. She posts daily beauty tips along with exercise and nutrition guides. Most people are not aware that Adriana was an obese teenager, weighing 165 lbs. by the age of 16. She worked very hard to lose 50 lbs. by the age of 17 and managed to keep off her weight, and began her modeling career during high school. During her pregnancy, Adriana weighed 185 lbs. and after giving birth to her daughter Gaby, she dropped her weight down to 122 lbs. (before Gaby turned 1) through perseverance and staying focused. Her daughter is now 19, and Adriana is a true example that an obese teenager can blossom into a calendar beauty just like she did. Through dedication, patience, love and self-control anything is possible. Adriana is adamant and excited to help millions of people around the world who are struggling with their weight issues. Her friends, colleagues and fans have insisted that she writes a book about three important life components: Mind, body and soul (beauty, exercise and nutrition). Cataño is also a philanthropist and very active in charity events in Miami, Florida. She recently donated all of the proceeds from her seminar to the Scarlett Contra el Cancer foundation and she is a supporter of St. Jude Cancer Research Hospital, Miami Children’s Hospital and many more.

Adriana was born in Miami, Fl but she is extremely proud of her Colombian roots. Her perseverance and hard work have led her to a successful career at a young age. She studied Broadcast Journalism at Florida International University, and acting methods with well-renown acting coaches such as: Michelle Danner at the Larry Moss Acting Studio (Los Angeles, CA), Lori Wyman, Dan Chernau, Michael Gioia, Marc Durso, Sonia Nikore, John Fionte, Mel Johnson, Marc Macaulay, Robbie Burns and Iris Acker.

Mujer Imagen 2013- Mujer Imagen Foundation & Imagen Magazine
Artist of the Year 2012- Hispanic Heritage Council & Miami Dade College
Female Icon 2012- Women In The Arts
Female Icon 2011- Women In The Arts
Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards- Favorite Telenovela- Grachi season 1
Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards- Favorite Telenovela- Grachi season 2

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Can Levy & Lopez play that love game?

jlo and william levy

when it comes to hot and sexy Latinos, many yummy men come to mind. Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Derek Jeter, I can go on and on and on. But when it comes to steamy and sweaty only one man can put you in a trance. Can you guess? He has dirty blonde hair, piercing eyes, perky pecks, and Oh-So toned up thighs! WILLIAM LEVY! “YUMMMM!”

When rumors spread of the break up between William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez, all I could say is “AGAIN?” What is it with these celebrity couples? How did it go from being their love-at-first-sight to becoming their guest-over-night? What burns out their fire of endless desire? Many celebrity break ups occur by only two reasons. One, their contractual commitments. Filming, producing, and performing all play a big part when it comes to building a strong trust foundation in a relationship. And two, depending on the status of the celebrity, ie.. A-Lister w/ a C-lister, the insecurities are a nightmare. That optimistic climb up the ladder, not necessarily moving at the pace they projected or their partner had hoped for. Leaving them all the way back there when they are all the way up here.. “HEELLOO DOWN THERE!” (Echo)

Whatever it may be, these couples are made aware clearly by their family,friends and of course their annoying publicists of the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’ when it comes to dating in the industry. Passing judgment of it being portrayed the real deal, a ‘red carpet romance’ or a ‘pow in the face’ publicity stunt.

All this dramatization doesn’t apply to everyone. See, as I mentioned before, the Ricky’s, and Enrique’s and the Levy’s of the world don’t fall into that publicity stunt to stay afloat. They don’t need it. Truth is, no matter who they date we at one time or another, have been caught kissing the TV or smooching the Iphone for one of them.

Well, it seems like we aren’t the only ones sending love sparks through technology. There is a rumor that Cuban Casanova, William Levy has been caught cuddling with the infamous for her ‘Big Booty’ Jennifer Lopez. Seems, that Casper has really just become her friendly ghost.

JLo and Levy met shooting her music video “I’m Into You.” Their chemistry was definitely noticeable on and off the set. Both with a track record of mixing business with pleasure, do you think this is a match made in heaven or a race for the red carpet to kick off the new year?

THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PT. 1 – Women Warrior Gallery



The worldwide phenomenon of The Hunger Games continues to set the world on fire with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, which finds Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) in District 13 after she literally shatters the games forever. Under the leadership of President Coin (Julianne Moore) and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss spreads her wings as she fights to save Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and a nation moved by her courage. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is directed by Francis Lawrence from a screenplay by Danny Strong and Peter Craig and produced by Nina Jacobson’s Color Force in tandem with producer Jon Kilik. The novel on which the film is based is the third in a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins that has over 65 million copies in print in the U.S. alone.

Below view the gallery of women warriors – courageous and inspirational Latinas throughout history that have exhibited Katniss-level bravery.



Victoria Soto – This courageous teacher was hailed as a heroine after she died protecting her young students during the Newton, CT shootings on December 14, 2012. She demonstrated tremendous strength when she hid her students in a closet and told the shooter that they were in the gym. She was killed protecting them, after the shooter didn’t believe her and she shielded her room from the bullets with her own body. President Barack Obama awarded Soto the Presidential Citizens Medal, describing her as a selfless and courageous woman who “inspire[s] us all to look for opportunities to better serve our communities and our country.”



Alicia Dickerson Montemayor – The Mexican-American activist from Laredo, Texas, was one of the first truly inspirational Latina women. She crossed a lot of barriers for women, becoming the first woman elected to national office (that wasn’t created for a woman specifically) as vice president general of the League of United Latin American Citizens and also the first woman associate editor of the LULAC newspaper. She encouraged girls and women to join the Latin American activism movement and is designated as a Women’s History Honoree by the National Women’s History Project.



The Mirabal Sisters – Patricia, Belgica, Maria and Antonia (commonly known as Patrisia, Dede, Minerva and Maria Teresa) became involved in the political movement against dictator Trujillo. They formed the group Movement of the Fourteenth of June in order to oppose his regime, but they were incarcerated and tortured on several occasions, resulting in the deaths of Patricia, Minerva and Maria Teresa. Their amazing courage and persistence in the face of endless opposition remains an inspiration to many. The day of their deaths, November 25th, is now official the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.



Frida Kahlo – Although her artwork wasn’t well known until the 1970’s, Kahlo was always considered an important figure in folk art. Many of her works were self-portraits that captured her pain and anguish from surviving a bus accident and her rocky romantic relationship with artist Diego Rivera. With each brush stroke, her vibrant style and cultural depiction has inspired countless Latinas ever since.



Julia de Burgos – The renowned Puerto Rican writer and poet was a feminist at heart. Her poems, “Yo Misma Fui Mi Ruta (“I Was My Own Path”) and “A Julia de Burgos” symbolized messages of individual and nationalistic freedom. As the oldest of thirteen children, Burgos pursued her education at The University of Puerto Rico and would go on to become one of the most influential Caribbean civil rights activists.



Sylvia Rivera – Orphaned at the age of 3, Rivera learned how to take life’s punches at an early age. The transgender activist fought for the LGBTQ community and organized plenty of protests fighting for gay rights in the 1970’s in New York City. Her legacy is still strongly felt within the community and she has been honored in the musical, Sylvia So Far.



Sonia Sotomayor – Being the third female justice and the first Latino to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court of the United States is no small accomplishment for the New York City native. Other than her inspirational work as a Latina in the legal work, Sotomayor published her memoir, My Beloved World, earlier this year, which recounts her early life of growing up in housing projects in New York and the challenges she overcame.



Dolores Huerta – Along with Cesar Chavez, Huerta co-founded the National Farmworkers Association, which eventually became the United Farm Workers (UFW), in order to unite farmers into a union that fights to protect their rights. She is a labor leader and civil rights activist who has also advocated for immigrants’ and women’s rights, earning her the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights and Presidential Medal of Freedom.

THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY — PART 1 in theaters nationwide on November 21st!


#LaRebelionVive #Mockingjay

The Ouija Movie Sweepstakes




In Ouija, a group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board. Stiles White directs the supernatural thriller that is produced by Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller (The Purge, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th) alongside Blumhouse Productions’ Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity and Insidious series, The Purge), Bennett Schneir (Battleship) and Hasbro. Juliet Snowden and Stiles White wrote the script for Ouija, and Universal will distribute the film worldwide.

Ouija Movie in theaters October 24


Win a pair of tickets to one of the theaters below:

10/21/2014 7:30 PM Miami Cobb Dolphin 19
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THE BEST OF ME MOVIE GIVEAWAY starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan.

The Best of Me_Fin1_W16_theater crop


Based on the bestselling novel by acclaimed author Nicholas Sparks, The Best of Me tells the story of Dawson and Amanda, two former high school sweethearts who find themselves reunited after 20 years apart, when they return to their small town for the funeral of a beloved friend. Their bittersweet reunion reignites the love they’ve never forgotten, but soon they discover the forces that drove them apart twenty years ago live on, posing even more serious threats today. Spanning decades, this epic love story captures the enduring power of our first true love, and the wrenching choices we face when confronted with elusive second chances.

Cast: Michelle Monaghan, James Marsden, Luke Bracey, Liana Liberato, Caroline Goodall, Sebastian Arcelus, Jon Tenney and Gerald McRaney


(3) guaranteed seat winners to each theater below:

Wed 10/15 7:30pm Miami Cobb Dolphin 19 11471 NW 12th St Miami

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Wed 10/15 7:30pm Houston AMC Studio 30 2949 Dunvale Rd Houston

Wed 10/15 7:30pm El Paso Premiere Cinemas Bassett Place 6101 Gateway Blvd West El Paso

Wed 10/15 7:30pm San Jose AMC Eastridge 15 2190 Eastridge Loop San Jose

Wed 10/15 7:30pm Chicago Regal City North 14 2600 North Western Ave Chicago

Wed 10/15 8:00pm Dallas Studio Movie Grill Royal Lane 8 11170 N. Central Expy Dallas

Wed 10/15 7:30pm Los Angeles Krikorian Pico Rivera Village Walk 15 8540 Whittier Blvd Pico Rivera

Wed 10/15 8:00pm New York AMC Empire 25 234 W 42nd St New York


To enter for a chance to win click HERE! Contest ends October 15 at 12 a.m.

**Winners should check in with screening rep inside the theater lobby
– Winners must arrive 30 minutes before start time to claim their guaranteed seats
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“Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” Premiere Photos


Premiere of ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.


Disney’sAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” follows the exploits of 11-year-old Alexander (Ed Oxenbould) as he experiences the most terrible and horrible day of his young life—a day that begins with gum stuck in his hair, followed by one calamity after another. But when Alexander tells his upbeat family about the misadventures of his disastrous day, he finds little sympathy and begins to wonder if bad things only happen to him. He soon learns that he’s not alone when his mom (Jennifer Garner), dad (Steve Carell), brother (Dylan Minnette) and sister (Kerris Dorsey) all find themselves living through their own terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Anyone who says there is no such thing as a bad day just hasn’t had one.


Photos by: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney


Gloria Trevi. From running a sex cult to prison to acquittal…The Movie!

Controversial pop/rock icon Gloria Trevi’s unbelievable life story.




Picturehouse has acquired all U.S. rights to GLORIA, the biopic based on the true story of Latin America’s most controversial pop-rock icon, Gloria Trevi, from Matthias Ehrenberg of Río Negro, and plans a first quarter 2015 release.

GLORIA has also been acquired by Universal Pictures International for release in Mexico and Latin America. The film will have a broad release in those territories in early January 2015.

GLORIA is a bold and compelling musical drama told through the lens of the provocative, socio-politically charged music that made her famous. Often referred to as the “Mexican Madonna” and called the “Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop” by VH1, Trevi has sold more than 20 million records and is currently again on top of all the charts.

The film traces Trevi’s ascent to stardom in the ‘80s and ‘90s with her manager and then husband Sergio Andrade, never shying away from their destructive relationship or his abusive sexual behavior and its consequences. It also chronicles her astounding fall from grace in 2000 when she was accused of running a sex cult and thrown in jail to her triumphant acquittal and release in 2004.

Gloria Trevi’s meteoric rise to stardom and astounding downfall is vividly portrayed in this riveting film about love, fame and betrayal,” says Picturehouse CEO Bob Berney. “We are excited to work with Matthias and his team at Río Negro to bring this film to audiences across the US.”

Written by one of Mexico’s top screenwriters and playwrights, Sabina Berman (BACKYARD, PANCHO VILLA AND A NAKED WOMAN), the film was directed by first timer Christian Keller, who chased down the Trevi’s life rights and has been developing her story since 2005.

It’s a story about redemption, love and unlove, and how one can lose control of things; it doesn’t intend to scandalize, but it certainly doesn’t hide what happened,” says Río Negro’s founder Matthias Ehrenberg. “Christian has delivered a very powerful movie, well-conceived and well-directed.”

Sofia Espinosa explodes on the screen in the title role, performing some of Trevi’s most beloved hits, including her first Number One hit, “Dr. Psiquiatra,” from 1989. Marco Perez (AMORES PERROS, TRADE, BACKYARD) delivers a tour-de-force performance as Sergio Andrade whose rise on the back of Gloria´s success unleashes his most destructive sexual demons and ultimately brings them both down.

The film was made with a top notch team of filmmakers, including producers Matthias Ehrenberg (ITS NOT YOU, ITS ME, THE OTHER FAMILY, BEFORE NIGHT FALLS, CHANCE), Barrie M. Osborne (THE GREAT GATSBY, THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy) and Alan B. Curtiss (MASTER AND COMMANDER, THE PRESTIGE), Director of Photography Martin Boege (INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED, THE VIOLIN) and editor Patricia Rommel (THE LIVES OF OTHERS).

Disney’s ‘FROZEN’ @ Barclays… An Ice Cold Emotional Performance


When “Frozen” was released I thought it was just another Disney animated movie. I imagined frustrated aunts, uncles and grandmas scrambling to find the new toy, new cd, new lunch box — anything “Frozen” – for the favorite child in their life.

But then, when I saw the movie, I found myself totally engaged, trying to figure out which Disney girl I was. Even at my age, that little princess was still inside my heart.
 And it was Elsa who reminded me of me! So, while I am technically an aunt, I ended up buying a couple things for myself! Lol. (Let’s be honest. At what age can you stop comparing yourself to Pocahontas, Ariel, Belle, Mulan, or Snow White?)

You can imagine that I am now very excited to see Disney On Ice presents Frozen at Barclays Center in November. I can’t wait to enjoy the amazing movie fairy tale as it is presented through an ice skating performance.

The Academy Award©-winning story will be told live for the first time in this production, capturing the dynamic between Anna, a girl with an extraordinary heart, and the magical Elsa, who is determined to remain secluded as she finally feels free to test the limits of her powers. Rugged mountain man Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven, the lovable snowman Olaf and the mystical trolls help Anna in this story about love conquering fear.

Not only that, but audiences will get to sing along with such musical masterpieces as “Let it Go,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” and “Fixer Upper.”

The show runs from November 11 to 16 at Barclays Center, and you can buy tickets at It is an event for children and adults alike. Families will feel that they are trekking up to the North Mountains with Anna, Kristoff and Sven. Elsa’s magic will be enhanced by state-of-the art special effects while her emotions will be conveyed through powerful skating.

Want a Family 4 Pack to attend this spectacular? Stay logged into LatinTrends.Com to find out how.