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Where is Luis Jimenez? Show has been off air in over a month!

Luis, who returned to Spanish Broadcasting System, this time at the sister station Amor 93.1, was working for Univision Radio on the station X96.3. that show was taken off the air by Univision, supposedly due to comments that were made on the show, although rumor has it, that is was due to poor ratings.  Luis and his crew came to Amor 93.1 and went live in February of 2015 with big dreams of growing that station to exceed La Mega 97.9 and its now popular morning show “El Vacilón de la Mañana”.

There seems to be no clear reason why Luis is no longer at Amor/SBS. However, rumor has it, that it was due to some level of inside fighting and or that Luis show did achieve high enough ratings.  At the moment the show that he is no longer in “ Sin Censura” is still live with the other crew members:  Carolina Cadillo, Shorty, Guebin and others.


Luis is working on an ongoing project The Luis Jimenez Network which will be a standalone online network. In time, we will see where Luis ends up and if he will be able to enjoy the significant audience he had years ago in the original “Vacilón de la Mañana” show on La Mega 97.9 before he left to Univison, as he has not been able to grow to that level again. Luis is talented, but sometimes there comes a moment in which talent alone is not enough. Timing, production, harmony and a little luck never hurts in the complex-fast-paced world of media, especially radio, and New York radio is even tougher to gain a large audience and following. In addition, La Mega’s, “El Vacilón de la Mañana” which runs at the same time as “Sin Censura” is a popular show and is enjoying a significant audience, that certainly made it difficult as they may have been fighting for the same audience, and it’s clear who may have won that radio battle, if you want to call it that.


The current “Vacilón de la Mañana” with their off-the-wall madness has some funny stuff going on via its on-air-talent: DJ Aneudy, Renato Molfi, Victor de la Cruz, Natalia Giraldo, Yessica Pereyra, Francis Mendez, Arturo Sosa and the very funny and sometimes-merenguero Shino Aguakate. Let’s see where Luis ends up, he is a talented man and we wish him the best. If you are not familiar with “El Vacilón” show, check them out every weekday from 6:00AM to 11:00AM ON 97.9 FM. That can be a bit crazy – I mean crazy funny!

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Carolina Cadillo, morning radio personality for nearly 20 years, has anchored various newscasts. But when she arrived on “El Vacilon de la Manana, she was part of a change in Latin talk radio. By being part of Luis Jimenez team she earned the moniker of the Spanish ” Robin Quivers.”

Carolina has been running through peaks and valleys, appearing in the Vagina Monologues as herself and eventually rejoining Luis in the “Luis Jimenez Show.

But now Cadillo is looking to make her latest project, a podcast called “Carolina Cadillo Show” the latest craze since it launched in September. She is joined by Jeff Jenson, a 30 year broadcast entertainment veteran. And he speaks Spanish!!!

The other member of this team is Carlos “Guebin” Molina, from the Dominican Republic via Queens. He made a name for himself by being a persistent regular caller for Luis Jimenez’ show. He earned the nickname “Guebin” through a risque stunt that will not be mentioned here.


Sorry to disappoint, but already New York has been energized through this unique trio and the feedback gives an indication of how far this show can go. Its groundbreaking in that it flip flops between English and Spanish which has opened up opportunities. Carolina is not sitting around for the next gig, she created one, and now New York will benefit.

5 Must See Latinos at the New York Comedy Festival


Starting tonight the New York Comedy Festival showcases comedians from all over the world and has the funniest of funny people perform at New York City’s best venues to give you a great chuckle or two. Superstars like Bill Cosby, Dane Cook and Bill Maher will perform live while the very talented up-and-coming comedians will also have the opportunity perform in front of actual people. Close to 70 shows is scheduled to stage these comics at 20 different venues. And because we Latinos love to laugh, here are five must see Latinos that will perform at the New York Comedy Festival this Wednesday to Sunday.

If you live in New York City and don’t know the radio personality of Luis Jimenez then you live in a very heavy rock that’s very quite with no radio antenna. The very funny Puerto Rican will display his humor at Carolines in Times Square.

Another radio host with a funny bone, Cipha Sounds, from Hot97 brings his “Don’t Get Gass” improve show to the festival. This multi talented Nuyorican that DJs will appear with his improve cast to create funny scenarios from the audience’s participation.

Louis J. Gomez sets the stage on fire with his honesty on race, communities and family. The hilarious New Yorker makes fun of himself, his family and his multi racial ethnicity with jokes about his racist Italian and Irish mother, his Puerto Rican father getting stabbed and applauding white people for not stabbing each other.

Brooklyn stand up, or El Salvador… ummm, doesn’t have the same ring to it. Julio Torres, a very funny comedian in NYC, will show off his comedic view point by ranking people from “chill” to “whatever, I guess”.

Rojo Perez has been featured in the Village Voice, Time Out magazine and has appeared on radio shows, podcasts and popular comedy venues. His jokes on his personal life, family and the Latino community are something to watch out for.

X96.3 LUIS JIMENEZ SHOW – OFF THE AIR! “Bring Back Luis! Bring Back Luis!”




The Luis Jiménez Show, on Univision Radio’s WXNY 96.3 FM since 2008, was canceled almost 2 weeks ago. Their social media is still on alert when thousands of fans reached out with questions, and emoji’s of sad faces, angry faces, broken hearts and confusion.

Why, you ask? Possible layoffs, egos, or competition with La Mega’s 97.9 FM new talent, “Miguel y Raymond” on their morning show “El Vacilon.” A morning show which Luis Jimenez hosted for 14 years before transitioning to Univision Radio.

X96.3 will no longer carry the #1 nationally syndicated morning show. Programming announcements will be made in the near future. But for now they will air a music intensive format from 7 AM to noon.

The Luis Jimenez Show is pursuing wonderful ventures and all that can be said is there is nothing but amazing surprises to come. Stay tuned!

VIDEO: Bud Light Presents Daddy Yankee!

If you like Daddy Yankee — and we know you do — check out this awesome video!

On September 18, hundreds of excited fans lined up in the middle of Times Square to get into a private concert with the Big Boss, Daddy Yankee thanks to BudLight. After months of cross-promotional efforts that integrated radio, retail promotions and an aggressive digital and viral campaign, BudLight’s “Nueva York en Privado con Daddy Yankee” turned into a BIG hit for fans… but most important the brand made a BIG impression with the Latinos in Nueva York.
While spirits and beer companies are known for “throwing big celebrity parties” this event and campaign was a great example of 360° marketing cross-promotion. A well orchestrated marketing and promotional effort that involved the careful coordination of multiple agencies and experts, delivered a program that resonated with customers and retail partners alike. Including a partnership with local radio celebrity Luis Jimenez, complemented with text to win promotions with key retailers in the north-east and an online entry destination made the customer’s touch-points diverse yet complementary. One element that clearly marked the difference was the unique integration of digital and new media which generated thousands of posts, tweets, Facebook of excited people wanting to get tickets to this private event. The social media effort reached key influencers including local celebrities, media personalities and even die-hard fan clubs in the tri-state area. Digital elements included a microstie, Facebook entry tab and personal postings by Daddy Yankee himself (who has over 2.7 million friends on Facebook). However, the experience promises to live longer than the event itself.

The brand deployed a professional crew of producers, photographers and talent to cover the event exclusively and generate a “branded entertainment” experience producing video vignettes and exclusive backstage content. These materials will be made available via digital and social media, in places like BudLight Latino on Facebook; which will keep fans and followers excited, sharing and engaged.