Only 18-23% of Hispanics may vote for Trump

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Businessman Donald Trump is a controversial figure among Latin Americans. His political campaign began a little over a year ago, on June 16, 2015 , outside of Trump Tower with him accusing Mexican-Americans of being rapists and drug dealers.

As he gets ready to formally accept his nomination as a presidential candidate for the Republican Party, he faces an uphill battle of Sisyphean proportions when it comes to Hispanic voters.

NBC News/Survey polls, from a month ago, had Trump pulling in more of the Hispanic vote, 28 percent, than the former milquetoast Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who had 27 percent of that voting block in 2012 when he was up against current POTUS Barack Obama. However, more recent polls from Quinnipiac and Fox News have Trump somewhere between 18-23 percent of those voters.

If these numbers remain consistent way into Election Day, Nov. 8th, Trump will be the first modern Republican nominee to have the least support from that group. He will have to continue to heavily rely on working class and Southern whites, and the 19 percent of Asian Americans that are in his corner according to the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders voter survey. Also, he will have to court more middle of the road Republicans and women.

To become President of the United States, Trump will have to carry all of the 24 states that Romney won, Ohio, Florida, and one major state in the Midwest or the Northeast (very unlikely) to run away with the presidency over Hillary Clinton.

Website Created to Stop Trump’s Presidential Candidacy

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Just one day after former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for president, a diversity coalition launched a campaign called “Stop Hate Dump Trump“.

It’s supported by entertainers, scholars, religious leaders and activists that have decried Trump’s hateful speech towards minorities and marginalized groups on the website

We have witnessed Trump inciting hatred against Muslims, immigrants, women, the disabled. We have seen him evidencing dangerous tendencies that threaten the bedrock of democracy: unleashing a lynch mob mentality against protestors, calling for the expulsion of Muslims from the country, bullying, and fear-mongering.”

This comes a month after director Alejandro Inarritu and actor Diego Luna penned a similar open letter about Trump’s dangerous rhetoric causing an uptick in violence towards Hispanics.

So far the website has received over 6000 pledges in which signers promise to speak out against Trump’s hate speech and fight for a more inclusive democracy that promotes progress for all Americans.

History has shown us what happens when people refuse to stand against hate-filled leaders.

We pledge ourselves to speak out in every way possible against the politics of hate and exclusion he represents,” states the website.

This all comes just less than two weeks before the Iowa caucus which will help each party determine its eventual nominee. Currently, Donald Trump leads the GOP polls in that state by 30% and Cruz trails him by four points.

Enrique Iglesias Sex! Sex! & More Sex!


When you think of Enrique Iglesias what crosses your mind? Hot and Steamy am I right? Well, that’s what crosses my mind. ;) When he’s on stage belting his lyrics with that sexy ‘mirada, Oh My! Oh My! Oh Dear! It makes me think he is dedicating those words to me for that brief moment.

A girl can dream can’t she? lol

Love and Sex are the perfect words to describe this Latin heartthrob. Why not make it the album title? Enrique has released hit after hit. Each one dedicated to his self expression of passion in many different positions.

‘Bialando’ has been rated the #1 in numerous charts and continues to break records. The hottest single of the Album ‘Sex And Love ‘, the second part of ‘ Euphoria’. Enrique’s sizzling recipe to combine in One album several songs with varous degrees of increased sensual passion and the consistency of rhythmic style is the perfect recipe for foreplay and air play.

As hard as it was for be to believe, i was told Enrique was skeptical to release such a sexual album. However, after a few nights of reminiscing of his past romantic singles it took no arm twisting to convince Enrique ‘Love And Sex’ was a history maker and barrier breaker.

‘Bailando’ became one of the 10 most downloaded songs on iTunes.

This phenomenon with over 100 million albums sold, has overcome criticism and questions over his artistic ability to express his form of love for the music and for the warmth and excitement of a partner. I definitely have no criticism. Express Away Enrique!!

Enrique is smart and sexy and in addition to have a great head of hair he has a great head on his shoulders. He prefers not to include alcohol in a night of passion. It causes problems under the covers, apparently liquor doesn’t make him feel in control. WHAT A FREAK!!

More Fun and more romantic when you remember what you did the next morning. lol!

Despite the eye candy he is to so many fans, Enrique states he’s not interested in casual encounters.

He’s made ​​it clear his view on the double standard that is applied between women and men when judging their relationships.

“If a man lies with a lot of women , it is the best , but a girl does the same , its wrong?? Its not fair!

I personally thought he was a womanizer but he appears to be the whole package of hotness, humor and hero to defending women with double standards.

“… I honestly believe it’s difficult for love to survive without sex.” – Amen to that! lol

How Do Women Cope in a Male Dominated World?

coping_skillsIs it harder for women to succeed in the world today? Some would argue and say that it is, others will say that for some women it is not. Women are coming up in the world, more than housewives, more than just caregivers, more than just what it was back in the day. Women are showing strides for getting an education, rising in positions with companies and even becoming CEO’s.

Running a food truck has its challenges like waking up extra early to catch the morning rush, cook food, making sure that there is an ample amount of supplies to get through the day, and of course, making sure that all money is accounted for and so on.

Yet with the pressure of a very male dominated world, how do women cope? Let’s take for an example that a Latino came to this country to fulfill an American Dream of running a food truck. But she gets told or is assigned to do the entire cooking, prepping and shopping for it. How does she cope with it? Does she just go for it or does she try to compromise with the men and asking them to help her cook?

On the other hand, when Latino men, for example, are on the food truck, they prefer the women to cook. To some, this is a cultural thing, in so that, women are brought up cooking food while men work. For others, it is a way for women to make a living especially if they are undocumented immigrants coming to this country.

One other challenge that women and men alike, face are “the police, who issue summonses to vendors for a variety of violations.” Too many violations can shut a food truck down and other violations can carry fines. This is not only a burden to the business, but the hopes of moving forward with the food truck are slim.

Is the issue here of fairness or cultural upbringing? If men are “in business to make money”, why is it that women have to get up early and prep for the day? Why not the men do it? Do men think they are not accomplishing something nor do they just have it embedded in their head that maybe “women cook and men make the money”?

The world many never have just one answer.

Computer Science and Women?

computer scienceIn this ever changing world, industries need to predict what is going to happen in less time than say, a few decades ago. The change from print to digital was slow at first, but now it seems like the way to go to get information. Yes, there are some ‘old’ ways that people are still do things, yet, it does not mean that the ‘new’ is correct either.

Take for example, the computer science industry. When people think of this industry, naturally computers and men come to mind first. Why is that? Well, men do dominate this industry over women and obviously, the industry involves working with computers. Though working with this industry requires a lot of tedious work. It involves coding; fixing the inner workings of a computer, like hardware, software, spyware and the list goes on and on.

With gender neutrality and equality on the rise, there now becomes a push to get women into computer science and technology companies are trying to make that happen.

Google launched a campaign called “Made with Code”. The narrator of the video told girls that, “when you learn to code, you can assemble anything that you see missing”. Girls were given simple coding lessons on how to choreograph dances or design fabrics using the software offered by female techies in the video.

Additionally, Google is partnering with Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that launched in 2012. The nonprofit, “runs summer coding institutes for girls”.

Without going into statistics and trends, it is important to see that companies are making user-friendly programs for girls to understand and hopefully be inspired to get into the computer science industry. However, like anything else in the world, it is ultimately up to the person about what they like and don’t like. There should not be a societal divide in anything, but there is. Many people, however, can appreciate the push that companies are making to get girls into the computer science industry.

P&G’s My Black is Beautiful Continues Journey to Define Beauty with MBIB Ambassador Search




P&G’s My Black is Beautiful (MBIB) will conduct a nationwide search for six MBIB Ambassadors – with tour stops in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and DC/Maryland – as they continue their path to a new standard of beauty, which focuses on strength, character, spirit and positive action.

P&G will honor and celebrate Black women, age 18 and older, who are currently putting their beauty in action by extending a one-day only invitation on April 11th to apply to become an MBIB Ambassador on MBIB’s website, As an MBIB Ambassador, they will be provided tools for engaging and inspiring their communities to deliver the “Imagine A Future” mission to reach and teach one million Black girls that their Black is beautiful.

After applying online on April 11th, those selected as MBIB Ambassador Search semifinalists, will be invited to audition live at one of the four-city MBIB Ambassador Search stops.

· Atlanta – April 26, 2014 (Walmart Store #3741, 1105 Research Center, Atlanta, GA)
· Chicago – May 3, 2014 (Walmart Store #2204, 1300 Des Plaines Ave., Forest Park, IL)
· Dallas – May 10, 2014 (Walmart Store #949, 3155 W. Wheatland Road, Dallas, TX)
· DC/Maryland – May 17, 2014 (Walmart Store #1985, 3549 Russett Green, Laurel, MD)

Once the finalists are identified in each city, MBIB community members and friends will be invited to vote online for the final six MBIB Ambassadors (May 28-31). The Ambassadors will be revealed at the BET Experience (June 29th) and then celebrated at the largest African-American cultural event – The Essence Festival (July 3rd-6th). MBIB celebrities Lisa Nichols, CEO of Motivation the Masses and Tatyana Ali, actress and singer, will be in attendance.


My Black Is Beautiful/Imagine Puts “Beauty In Action” – 30 day challenge



My Black is Beautiful and Imagine a Future began a new campaign to encourage and celebrate the efforts of young black girls who put their beauty into action to benefit their community. The 30-day “Beauty in Action” challenge kicked off March 10th but you can still catch up. I’ve been doing it myself and I must say it is very inspirational and uplifting.

In a world where beauty is often defined by one’s outer exterior, My Black is Beautiful (MBIB) is paving a path towards a new standard of beauty. In its second year of its Imagine A Future program – which seeks to reach and teach one million black girls to believe her Black is Beautiful – MBIB is challenging its community of Black women to redefine what it means to be beautiful on their own terms and by their own actions…and to put their “Beauty in Action.”

In partnership with transformational expert, Lisa Nichols, who has reached millions around the world through her powerful messages of empowerment, service, excellence and gratitude, MBIB will launch a 30-Day “Beauty in Action” Challenge. The challenge will encourage Black women to use daily ideas, inspiration, tools and resources to showcase that their beauty goes deeper through strength, spirit and giving back. As studies show that a habit is formed after 21 days of consistently practicing a behavior, it is MBIB’s hope that consumers will strive to put their beauty in action on a daily basis, after the 30-day challenge ends.


Examples of specific days as part of the “Beauty in Action” challenge include:

Day 1: Own My Beauty – Learning to love yourself: The more I love me, the more that love returns to me.
Day 2: Set Your “Champion” Free: Remind yourself that you can live the dream and that anything is possible.
Day 3: Each one of my choices has helped me: Share 7 of your accomplishments and how they have made you the woman that you are.


MBIB celebrity ambassadors encouraging the importance of the “Beauty In Action” challenge include:

Lisa Nichols, CEO of Motivating the Masses
Tatyana Ali, actress and singer
Coco Jones, actress and singer


Also, as part of the “Beauty in Action” challenge, MBIB will also embark on a 4-city tour (Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and DC/Maryland) in search of the new faces of beauty. Unlike a typical pageant, these ambassadors will be selected based upon how they display their beauty in action, such as their community commitment and empowerment of their peers. MBIB celebrity ambassadors will serve as honorary judges for the ambassador search.


Start the challenge today!


Love Advice: Mid-life Crisis

Judy Torres

Ask Judy


Dear Judy:

My father is in his early 50’s and I am 19 years old. He and my mother split about six years ago, and he has begun to date women who are only a few years older than I am — young women who could easily be my peers in the classroom.

My dad is a wonderful guy, but when it comes to women he’s very superficial. He doesn’t see any problem with dating very young women, and tries to push me into “befriending” each girlfriend. He will also sometimes make me baby-sit for their children — the children they had at 16 or 17 — and tell me that it’s a “bonding experience.”

Most of these women are ditzy and dumb. I am a serious-minded academic and would prefer not to interact with these people, and I would definitely not want to have one of these women as a stepmother.

How can I explain to my father that the age of his girlfriends makes me uncomfortable, and I would rather not be forced to “get along” with them?

Embarrassed in Elmont


Dear Embarrassed,

It sounds like your father has been going through a rough time. He is not the only man to go through such a time – in life we call this a “mid-life crisis.” Because you are much younger and a “serious-minded academic,” you see the “dysfunction” clearer than he does. Divorce/separation is a hard thing for all, and trying to start over and find oneself again in their 50’s can be VERY challenging. At such an age, the first thing that might enter one’s mind is: “Who will think I’m attractive and desirable at this age?” He is in a state of panic, and doesn’t realize it. Younger women showing interest in him is a HUGE boost for his ego. Not only does it make him feel wanted (which we all need to feel), but to some extent is keeps him attached to the youth he is afraid of losing.

Your father is an adult – he is free to do whatever he wants, and free to date whomever he chooses. You cannot tell him how to live his life. BUT you don’t have to play third wheel here…it’s awkward! At 19, you are now a young woman, and this is a great opportunity to show your father that you can make your own choices as well. Let him know that you love him beyond words, but you are not a babysitter – you are his daughter. Life is about setting boundaries. Let him know that you don’t mind an occasional update on his dating life, but his dating life seems like a revolving door – one woman after another – and it’s unfair to both you and him to have to adjust to a new woman every time you get used to a different one.

Set your boundaries. You are an intelligent woman for 19. Tell him you don’t want to be involved in his private life until he believes for sure she is someone he thinks he will marry. Tell him not to force you to be these women’s friends – you are quite capable of deciding who you want to be friends with, and pushing you to do so only builds resentment.

Lastly, let him know that he and whichever woman he dates are adults, and if they want to go out and have fun, they can find a babysitter. Give him more time, and he will eventually realize what he is doing…and if he doesn’t, and he truly finds a woman whom he wants to marry, then he is entitled to do so. But you are entitled to be yourself, and be the daughter! You will be by his side because you love him, but you don’t have to tolerate being in the middle anymore!


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 – Nicole Miller


Nicole Miller is a fashion designer with a modern, ageless aesthetic. Her silhouettes are artfully draped to achieve a unique body consciousness. Her signature is feminine, sexy and refined.

Yesterday she presented at The Salon at Lincoln Center and I loved the mix of pattern and texture. In our October issue I recommend that every women purchase a great pair of black opaque tights and black heels because the combination makes any outfit look chic and fashionable. In addition it makes us look slimmer and taller. Every model at the Nicole Miller show wore this combo and they looked amazing.









The details in the collection were perfection.