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  • Entertainment
    Only 18-23% of Hispanics may vote for Trump

    Businessman Donald Trump is a controversial figure among Latin Americans. His political campaign began a little over a year ago, on June 16, 2015 , outside of Trump Tower with him accusing Mexican-Americans of being rapists and drug dealers. As he gets ready to formally accept his nomination as a presidential candidate for...

  • Featured
    Website Created to Stop Trump’s Presidential Candidacy

    Just one day after former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for president, a diversity coalition launched a campaign called “Stop Hate Dump Trump“. It’s supported by entertainers, scholars, religious leaders and activists that have decried Trump’s hateful speech towards minorities and marginalized groups on the website We have witnessed...

  • Entertainment
    Enrique Iglesias Sex! Sex! & More Sex!

    When you think of Enrique Iglesias what crosses your mind? Hot and Steamy am I right? Well,...

  • Entertainment
    How Do Women Cope in a Male Dominated World?

    Is it harder for women to succeed in the world today? Some would argue and say that it is, others will say that for some women it is not. Women are coming up in the world, more than housewives, more than just caregivers, more than just what it was back in the...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Computer Science and Women?

    In this ever changing world, industries need to predict what is going to happen in less time than say, a few decades ago. The change from print to digital was slow at first, but now it seems like the way to go to get information. Yes, there are some ‘old’ ways that...

  • Entertainment
    P&G’s My Black is Beautiful Continues Journey to Define Beauty with MBIB Ambassador Search

        P&G’s My Black is Beautiful (MBIB) will conduct a nationwide search for six MBIB Ambassadors – with tour stops in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and DC/Maryland – as they continue their path to a new standard of beauty, which focuses on strength, character, spirit and positive action. P&G will honor and...

  • Entertainment
    VIDEO: Latina Star Cameron Diaz Is Into Women

    Cameron Diaz Is Into Women

  • Health & Fitness
    My Black Is Beautiful/Imagine Puts “Beauty In Action” – 30 day challenge

      My Black is Beautiful and Imagine a Future began a new campaign to encourage and celebrate the efforts of young black girls who put their beauty into action to benefit their community. The 30-day “Beauty in Action” challenge kicked off March 10th but you can still catch up. I’ve been doing...

  • Love Advice
    Love Advice: Mid-life Crisis

    Ask Judy   Dear Judy: My father is in his early 50’s and I am 19 years...

  • Entertainment
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 – Nicole Miller

    Nicole Miller is a fashion designer with a modern, ageless aesthetic. Her silhouettes are artfully draped to...

  • Fashion
    Lingerie for the Real Size Women

    On November 13th in New York City Victoria’s Secret taped their annual fashion show. I tune in...

  • Events
    Andrea Arroyo Exhibits “Presencia” A Series of Works That Celebrate Women’s Courage

    In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month Andrea Arroyo will be exhibiting “Presencia” at the historical site of the first Women’s Rights Convention, held in 1848, in Seneca Falls, NY. “Presencia” features twenty artworks that celebrate women’s strength and honor the female body. While commemorating the stories of extraordinary historical figures, the artist...

  • Entertainment
    Celebrities Who Support Immigration Reform

    Hollywood celebrities like Julianne Moore, John Leguizamo, and Rosie Perez are sporting fedoras for the “Fedoras for Fairness” campaign, aiming to raise awareness about immigration reform. The fedora symbolizes the fight for immigration reform and the many hats that women wear. Each star has a personal quote regarding immigration reform and how...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Power, Politics and Influence through the Lens of Culture and Gender: A Panel Discussion and Career Workshop presented by AWNY

    Even with ‘equal opportunity employer’ within a company’s description is prominent today, do culture, gender, power and politics still play a role in today’s society in order to get promoted within a company? Unfortunately, for some, the answer is yes and this is one of the key questions that the panel of...

  • Entertainment
    55th Annual Grammy Highlights of the Winners for the Latin Categories

    Results on the 55th Annual Grammy Awards

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