What You Didn’t Know about Carmelo Anthony


Carmelo Anthony was born in Brooklyn, New York to an African American mother, Mary and Puerto Rican father who he is named after. He is the youngest of four and before his third birthday his father passed away , leaving Mary a struggling single mother.

While his mother worked as a housekeeper, his much older siblings helped to raise him as they lived in the projects of Red Hook. To pass the time, Anthony would watch hours of March Madness and NBA Playoff games.

After the passing of his father, his life would go on to change more once his siblings went on their own paths and left home. This time around, Mary had to take care of Anthony on her own and she moved her son to Baltimore when he was eight. What she didn’t know was that the area called the “The Pharmacy,” was plagued by drugs, prostitution and crime.

To keep her son away from trouble she threatened to keep him off the basketball court if he didn’t behave. This incentive would later help him in his high school, college and NBA career as a basketball player. By 1999, the high school sophomore from Towson Catholic High School was becoming one of the best ball players in the Baltimore area.

Although he was 6’5″, Anthony and his mother knew he wasn’t ready for the big leagues of basketball yet.  To keep from slipping with grades in school, Anthony later attended the strict Oak Hill Academy, and worked out more so that he would go from a skinny high school basketball player to become a possible division one college prospect. By the time he graduated he went to Syracuse University where he shined by helping the team out of a slump to become a winning streak that led to the Big East Tournament semifinals.



From this point, the freshman and his teammates knew he had what it would take to join the NBA. He left college, with his coach’s support, and he became part of the top three picks in the NBA for 2003. He was selected by the much beleaguered Denver Nuggets. Once again, this time he went even further than his college team and brought the Nuggets to the playoffs, and later that year helped the U.S. win a bronze medal in the Olympics.

More change would come in Anthony’s life. His behavior on and off the court started leading to his reputation as being “thug like,” and he knew that he quickly had to change his ways.

In 2008, the U.S. Olympic team would win a gold medal at the Beijing games redeeming themselves from the previous Olympics. When it came to playing in the U.S., the Nuggets went through turnover after turnover with coaches. After eight years with the Nuggets, Anthony was traded for the Knicks.

If there was anyone to help mellow Anthony out during that transition to the Knicks, it was Alani “La La” Vasquez, his girlfriend since 2004. In 2007, the couple welcomed their only child, son Kiyan and by 2010 the couple had married shortly before the trade announcement. In 2011, the Knicks made it to the playoffs and Anthony tied his postseason personal high of 42 points. Now, Anthony is playing for the team that he grew up watching during his childhood.


More Carmelo Fun Facts…

He owns a Soccer Team in Puerto Rico
♠He holds the record for the most points ever scored in the Madison Square Garden by any player in history. This game was in 2014 and he managed to get a whopping 62 points!

♣Carmelo and his Puerto Rican dad share the same first name. His dad also sadly passed away when Melo was only 2 years old, and the passing was due to cancer

♥He was cut from his high school team as a freshman.

♦He bought a pet camel.

♣He’s afraid of cats.

♠He listens to Willie Colon every day.

♥His father, Carmelo Iriarte, was a member of the Young Lords.

♦He won the Big East Rookie of the Year Award 10 times surpassing Allen Iverson even though he was in college for one

♠He became the sixth youngest and the 40th player to score 20,000 points in his career this year

♦He was on the cover of LatinTRENDS Magazine



Dine in Brooklyn Celebrates the Boroughs Rich Cuisine


The  kick off of Dine In Brooklyn 2017 will feature many restaurants throughout the borough. Dine in Brooklyn celebrates the five-star flavors that make Brooklyn a “must-taste” destination.

This event is an opportunity to support their continued growth while encouraging diners to discover – or rediscover – their favorite Brooklyn dish. Most importantly, Dine In Brooklyn fosters the connections and memories that make “One Brooklyn” like no place else on the globe.


Dine In Brooklyn 2017 will take place from Monday, March 20, 2017 through Thursday, March 30, 2017 with prix fixe dinners costing $28, not including tax or gratuity; $15 lunch and $12 brunch specials will also be available at some eateries. So, come out and support and get a taste of Brooklyn restaurants and discover the diversity of flavors in the borough.

Today, many young, ambitious chefs are opening restaurants in Brooklyn and all these great places are a hop and a skip away from Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx. Come by

Dine in Brooklyn is supported and being introduced by The Brooklyn Borough President’s Office and its Borough President;  Eric L. Adams


Oscar Isaac as Hamlet


Photo By Gregg Delman

Photo By Gregg Delman

To be, or to be again. Oscar Isaac will be returning to the stage in his third Shakespeare production in a decade, on June 4, 2017, in Hamlet.

Once filming finishes with Star Wars Episode 8, in which he stars as the pilot, Poe Dameron, Isaac will have time to perform in the Off-Broadway production in Brooklyn. This new production of The Bard’s conflicted Danish prince going to be at Theater for a New Audience at the Polonsky Shakespeare Center.

The production will be helm by Sam Gold, a Tony Award-winning director of both musicals and plays. This is the second time that Isaac has worked with Gold. Way back it was in the play We Live Here.

Isaac previously appeared in Two Gentlemen of Verona (2005) and Romeo and Juliet (2007) as part of Central Park’s annual summer event, Shakespeare in the Park.

Isaac star as the titular villain in  X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27, 2016, in theaters nationwide. He is also to star in the historical drama, The Promise, with Christian Bale. The release date for that film has not been released.

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boxing2015 044

A simple act at a boxing press conference brought honor to a sport from a man who well knows the risks this dangerous profession presents. At BB Kings in Times Square in the heart of New York City, a man who once held the WBO Middleweight title led a prayer. His name is Peter Quillin.

The man he directed hopeful blessings for was Puerto Rican boxer Pritchard Colon, a man who a few short months ago was on the same stage, the picture of youth and excellent health and great prospects. One night changed all that, and since he has been hospitalized and in a Coma.

“I want to take the time to pray for him because I want to show my respect for someone who fought so hard.”

It said alot about this undefeated boxer who looks quite content in life and quite thankful to God for all he has. He spoke of his father and his simple introduction to this new country from Cuba.

“My father came to this country without a pair of shoes, without a shirt, just a pair of pants,”

Quillin pointed out,

“Now his son gets to see his son fight for a world title fight, its a blessing.”

Its why he is called “Kid Chocolate” after the original Cuban boxing great. Peter is challenging good friend Daniel Jacobs for his WBA middleweight championship tonight at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY, the site of his first world championship victory. But the title is not his main concern. He vacated his first title to spend time with his family and even went back to school. He opened an account for his son to prepare for his future.

“No money can sell me out for that,”

Quillin explained.

“We all go in there for whatever reason we fight for and we want to be thankful for people who support us for positive reasons.”

So, as he spoke for five enthralling minutes, he reminded the press corp and those who read his comments that it never hurts to care about your fellow man and to be humble in prosperity.


New York Cosmos Farewell Press Conference For Marcos Senna And Raul

The New York Cosmos, who returned to soccer life three seasons ago with a NASL Championship, are looking to win their seventh one for soccer legends Raul and Marcos Senna tomorrow afternoon.

The semi-final will take place in MCU Park in Brooklyn, NY at 2pm. The Cosmos take on the Fort Lauderdale Strikers.

“I think these two players deserve for us to give whatever extra we can find,”

Cosmos Head Coach Giovanni Savarese expressed,

“They deserve to finish their careers as champions as they have been their entire lives.”

Senna, who was there when the Cosmos were reborn, led them to the championship in 2013. He was joined by his former teammate, Raul, 38, Real Madrid’s most prolific goal scorer in history, who sparked a rebound season for New York as they won the overall points title going into this postseason. Raul announced he would retire at season’s end. This has placed the Cosmos with a sense of urgency to do this now.

“This whole season, we have grown as a group,”

Carlos Mendes recounted,

“We have the opportunity to be in the playoffs and win a championship with two legends of the game.”

The winner of Saturday afternoon’s match will gain a berth in Soccer Bowl 2015 and a shot at the NASL title, bringing to mind another legend, Pele, who came to give U.S. Soccer legitimacy, winning the title in his farewell season of 1977. Raul, for one has been impressed with the growth of soccer here in the United States.

“I always wanted to live in America and football in the U.S is growing quickly.”

These two old rivals from the NASL Glory years when they were the top professional league here should put on a show. The Cosmos won their only other game played here in Coney Island during the season.



The Aviator Sports and Events Center in Brooklyn, New York will be the place to see the National Women’s Professional Hockey League (NWHL) in New York. Gabie Figueroa, a Princeton grad, is particularly looking forward to the home opener of the New York Riveters.

Gabie, 23, owns a dog named “Brodeur” named after the legendary New Jersey Devils goaltender, was a four year ECAC All-Academic Team selection, who served as assistant captain her junior year and as co-captain her senior year.

In 2009, she won the silver medal with USA Hockey’s U-18 Team in the World Championships. As a defensive lineman, she will be a key cog in the New York defense.

“My grandfather always said, “The harder you work, the luckier you get,”

Gabie recalled,

“I keep finding that to be true in all aspects of life and I cannot wait to begin doing that for the Riveters.”


The Riveters got their name from the infamous “Rosie the Riveter” character whose image was an enduring one during World War II, symbolizing women’s entry into the workforce. Likewise, the Riveters, a charter member of the league, looks to usher in the era of Women’s Pro Hockey.

Latinos Occupy Brooklyn Borough Hall!




On October 30, 2014 Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna presided over a packed crowd in Brooklyn’s celebration of Latino Heritage. The event, which required the addition of two overflow rooms, was held to honor a number of Latino community leaders. It was opened by Brooklyn Borough President Adams with a fiery speech on the theme of the borough’s diversity, his goal of creating “One Brooklyn” and his gratitude for his partnership with former Councilmember Diana Reyna as his partner in leadership of the Kings County government. He also expressed his desire, to loud applause, to serve the borough for two terms and then “move across the river to City Hall.”

The evening featured intergenerational dance performances by the Roberto Clemente Public School 19 of Williamsburg of the school’s award-winning Bailarines and the Diane H. Jones Senior Center Bailarines. The youngsters from PS 19 danced to bachata and a waltz sung by Frank Sinatra, while the seniors moved to the beat of a cumbia. Also, music was provided by the Benny Lopez Conjunto. The performances were all delightful, but were marked with sadness at the news that the city was closing PS 19 this coming year, so these youngsters were the school’s last class.

The evening’s program centered on presentations to the honorees. These included: NiLP’s Angelo Falcón; NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito; Councilmember Antonio Reynoso; Councilmember Rafael Espinal; CUNY Dominican Studies Institute’s Ramona Hernandez; Make the Road New York; Las Comadres para las Americas; NACOPRW New York’s Michelle Centeno; Kings Co. Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s Rick Miranda; Faith & Hope’s Nicole Dominguez; Judge Jeanette Ruiz; Judge Betsy Barros; Business owner Ariel Barbouth; and Ponce de Leon Federal Bank. The Hispanic Federation was also to be honored, but were not in attendance.


Sunday Funday! Brooklyn Tour

Ever since the World Cup ended people were left feeling confused, sleep deprived and most likely dehydrated (thanks to all those pitcher specials). Now that life and TV is back to normal we’re all trying to find new and fun ways to enjoy our summer Sundays. Like a Local” Tours is hosting an ultimate SUNDAY FUNDAY! This Sunday explore Williamsburg, Brooklyn through local’s eyes and see all the best hang outs, beautiful NYC rooftop views, while learning history of the neighborhood with tons of amazing photo opportunities. While all that sounds great the added bonus throughout the tour are the winery and brewery tours and tastings! Make sure to wear your comfortable shoes since the tour is about three hours long along with chances to shop with local designers and artists.



Your Pet Can No Longer Get A Tattoo in NY

PetsIs it animal cruelty or showing your pet that you love them? Some acts that you do to your pet may seem completely normal, but to some they may be uncomfortable. Dressing dogs up, for example, is a fashion statement among many pet owners. Other owners may have a small house for them to sleep in as opposed to a simple doggy bed.

Having a pet does bring its unique challenges. In this case, they would have their dog tattooed or pierced. It sounds almost unreal, but people do it for all kinds of reasons.

Yet, being able to do this freely is not expected to stay around much longer. Governor Cuomo is expected to sign the bill into law. The law was passed by the New York Senate and Assembly that will ban people from having their pets tattooed or pierced.

The issue was first introduced in 2011 by Assembly member, Linda Rosenthal, but was brought up again this year after a Brooklyn tattoo artist posted a controversial photo on Instagram of his pet pit bull.

People may feel that this is a medical necessity, but it is not and animal rights groups are pleased that the issue is being addressed. Animals are creatures that help us in a time of need or bring us joy, yet are being banned from places like the circus. Similarly, there are exotic animals living right here in New York City. In the end, animal issues are always going to have two sides of every story.

So is this right or should pet owners be allowed to show their pet and others some kind of affection through tattoos and piercings?

Free Memorial Day Concert

Memorial Day Weekend is a time for many to head to their summer houses, the beach or traveling abroad because of that extra day off. Memorial Day is a US federal holiday wherein the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces are remembered. I enjoy a good time out like the next person but I also like to pay my respects. If you’re looking for an alternative to the BBQ’s and something that is more family friendly; gather the family, grab a blanket and kick off the summer with this FREE early summer performance. Green-Wood’s 16th annual Memorial Day concert features the ISO Symphonic Band, founded in 1995 to sponsor talented students throughout New York City and led by ISO’s inimitable founder and conductor Brian P. Worsdale. There will be food and refreshments on sale all day! Make sure to stick around after the concert and enjoy a special trolley tour for only $15. The concert starts at 2:30 PM; make sure to reserve your spots for the concert and the trolley ride as it fills up quickly!

Memorial Day Concert





McDonald’s NY Metro will bring excitement to their local restaurants by hosting a series of Meet and Greet events with actor Jorge Vega from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on April 29th and 30th at four selected restaurants in the region. McDonald’s guests will have the opportunity to meet Jorge Vega, take pictures and enjoy a fun afternoon full of surprises.

On April 29th, Jorge Vega will be visiting the McDonald’s Times Square restaurant located at 220 west 42nd street New York, NY 10036, from 2 to 3pm ET. The second stop will be at the Paterson, NJ –McDonald’s restaurant located at 485-497 Broadway, Paterson, NJ 07514 from 4:30 to 6pm ET.

On April 30th, Brooklyn fans will be able to meet Jorge Vega at the McDonald’s restaurant located at 968 4th Ave & 37th street Brooklyn, NY 11232 from 2 to 3pm ET. Jorge will be then visiting his neighborhood McDonald’s in the Bronx, located at 1982 Westchester Ave. Bronx, NY 10462 from 4 to 6pm ET. For more information visit:

McDonald’s is a proud partner of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and we are excited to be introducing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Happy Meal®,” said Ken Ebo, Director, US Marketing- New York. “We are really happy to offer our customers and their children in the NY metro area the exclusive opportunity to meet the talented Jorge Vega and enjoy a fun-filled family afternoon at our restaurants.”

I am from the Bronx and love the McDonald’s Happy Meal®, so I am super excited to be able to visit some McDonald’s restaurants and meet some of my fans”, said 9 year-old, actor, Jorge Vega. “It’s incredible to be part of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie and to get to wear the Spider-Man suit”, added Vega.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Happy Meal® will be available starting April 25th at participating McDonald’s, while supplies last. For even more fun, kids can use McPlay™ Power and scan The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Happy Meal toy to unlock an exciting game in McPlay, the Happy Meal app.

Leech Therapy May Be Coming Back

LeechCan an age-old technique help with curing a wound? It is possible that what was once a treatment being used almost 200 years ago that could help someone today? The healthcare field changes more rapidly than most other industries because new technology is surfacing, new theories are being tested and more importantly, people are finding innovative ways to stay ahead of the crowd.

The technique we are talking about is leech therapy, also known as hirudotherapy as a fertility treatment. A leech is a small worm and the therapy that is used today is by placing the leeches on the patient’s stomach until they are attached. The purpose of the therapy and leeches is to increase blood circulation and microcirculation and also detoxify the liver.

The most recent use for leech therapy was in Brooklyn and it is not surprised that people will take it into their own hands to find treatments on their own and be willing to do anything to be cured.

Purposes and Uses of the technique

At one point, there was a belief that leeches were a ‘cure-all’ and a miracle to get rid of all diseases. This was not a bad idea for someone who lived during the 19th century.

The idea of leech farms was created so that farmers could produce their own leeches and thousands of leeches were sold showing the impact of the demand.


There were several other ways that the technique was being used, yet it has dwindled and then come back throughout the years. This is one of those kinds of treatments that not the average person would think of when trying to cure a wound. However, it is one of those kinds of treatments where at a glance it could not work and the only way for it to work, would be through trial and error. Who knows, with how advance technology is today, it may become a permanent kind of treatment in the future. Of course, explore all options and ask a lot of questions before starting any kind of treatment.