Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony






May 29, 1984


Brooklyn, New York


American professional basketball player who plays for the New York Knicks. Anthony was born to a Puerto Rican father and an African American mother. His father, after whom he is named, died of cancer when Anthony was two years old. Since entering the NBA, Anthony has emerged as one of the most well-known and popular players in the league.

What you didn’t know

  • When attending Syracuse, he helped the school to win the National Championship, then went on to the NBA. He left college after his rookie year.
  • What You Didn’t Know about Carmelo Anthony


    Carmelo Anthony was born in Brooklyn, New York to an African American mother, Mary and Puerto Rican father who he is named after. He is the youngest of four and before his third birthday his father passed away , leaving Mary a struggling single mother.

    While his mother worked as a housekeeper, his much older siblings helped to raise him as they lived in the projects of Red Hook. To pass the time, Anthony would watch hours of March Madness and NBA Playoff games.

    After the passing of his father, his life would go on to change more once his siblings went on their own paths and left home. This time around, Mary had to take care of Anthony on her own and she moved her son to Baltimore when he was eight. What she didn’t know was that the area called the “The Pharmacy,” was plagued by drugs, prostitution and crime.

    To keep her son away from trouble she threatened to keep him off the basketball court if he didn’t behave. This incentive would later help him in his high school, college and NBA career as a basketball player. By 1999, the high school sophomore from Towson Catholic High School was becoming one of the best ball players in the Baltimore area.

    Although he was 6’5″, Anthony and his mother knew he wasn’t ready for the big leagues of basketball yet.  To keep from slipping with grades in school, Anthony later attended the strict Oak Hill Academy, and worked out more so that he would go from a skinny high school basketball player to become a possible division one college prospect. By the time he graduated he went to Syracuse University where he shined by helping the team out of a slump to become a winning streak that led to the Big East Tournament semifinals.



    From this point, the freshman and his teammates knew he had what it would take to join the NBA. He left college, with his coach’s support, and he became part of the top three picks in the NBA for 2003. He was selected by the much beleaguered Denver Nuggets. Once again, this time he went even further than his college team and brought the Nuggets to the playoffs, and later that year helped the U.S. win a bronze medal in the Olympics.

    More change would come in Anthony’s life. His behavior on and off the court started leading to his reputation as being “thug like,” and he knew that he quickly had to change his ways.

    In 2008, the U.S. Olympic team would win a gold medal at the Beijing games redeeming themselves from the previous Olympics. When it came to playing in the U.S., the Nuggets went through turnover after turnover with coaches. After eight years with the Nuggets, Anthony was traded for the Knicks.

    If there was anyone to help mellow Anthony out during that transition to the Knicks, it was Alani “La La” Vasquez, his girlfriend since 2004. In 2007, the couple welcomed their only child, son Kiyan and by 2010 the couple had married shortly before the trade announcement. In 2011, the Knicks made it to the playoffs and Anthony tied his postseason personal high of 42 points. Now, Anthony is playing for the team that he grew up watching during his childhood.


    More Carmelo Fun Facts…

    He owns a Soccer Team in Puerto Rico
    ♠He holds the record for the most points ever scored in the Madison Square Garden by any player in history. This game was in 2014 and he managed to get a whopping 62 points!

    ♣Carmelo and his Puerto Rican dad share the same first name. His dad also sadly passed away when Melo was only 2 years old, and the passing was due to cancer

    ♥He was cut from his high school team as a freshman.

    ♦He bought a pet camel.

    ♣He’s afraid of cats.

    ♠He listens to Willie Colon every day.

    ♥His father, Carmelo Iriarte, was a member of the Young Lords.

    ♦He won the Big East Rookie of the Year Award 10 times surpassing Allen Iverson even though he was in college for one

    ♠He became the sixth youngest and the 40th player to score 20,000 points in his career this year

    ♦He was on the cover of LatinTRENDS Magazine





    She was not the first Puerto Rican to win a gold medal or the first woman for that matter. If you look back you have quite a few athletes that are Puerto Rican by birth or descent who have won gold in the past and the current 2016 Rio Olympics. But whether through personal choice or circumstance, athletes like Gigi Fernandez, Carmelo Anthony, and even gymnastic star Laurie Hernandez, all added their tallies to the United States.

    Never has the Puerto Rican national anthem been played at an Olympics. Then a 22-year old professional tennis player, who has never been ranked higher than 33 and owns only two singles tournament wins, grinded through a tough field to the top of the mountain with a finals win over Angelique Kerber to bestow the honor of Puerto Rico’s first ever gold medal in Olympic history.

    “I think I united a nation and I just love where I come from,”

    Monica explained shortly after her defining victory.

    The reaction on the island nation was nothing short of elation. Puerto Rico, who through it’s complicated relationship with the United States has always been given the tools but never the option of using them. This victory was solely for Puerto Rico and it was both strange and empowering to see the flag raised above and “La Borinquena” playing for the first time.

    Puig’s tearful reaction was as much a release for a people who are economically troubled but on this court, Monica was in control of a country’s sporting destiny and through this humble woman from Hato Rey, took their place among the relevant in Olympic lore and is forever worth more than gold to her countrymen.

    Carmelo Anthony is owner of a soccer team



    Carmelo Anthony, of the New York Knicks, has completed the road to ownership. The interest he showed in bringing professional soccer of a higher level to Puerto Rico is admirable. The Puerto Rico FC have been revived and will join the NASL in the Fall season in 2016. The official announcement took place in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

    This project is the latest attempt to improve Puerto Rico for the past years, first via his Foundation by restoring basketball courts in limited means communities on the island nation. Establishing pro soccer is the next big step in the process.

    “It is an honor for me to bring back soccer to my beloved island, birthplace of my father.”

    Carmelo said,

    “Its a special place that I carry with pride in my heart and soul.”

    The team will enter as the 13th and they will play their home games in the Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium in Bayamon, which has seen recent renovations. The 12,500 seat stadium will also be home for the Puerto Rican national team. Carmelo, by bringing this about, will blood a new generation of professionals that may bring some much desired talent to the national team.

    “I can promise a world-class organization in a world-class league.”

    For the first time Puerto Rico will be able to attract and develop better players on the island and in the United States. Puerto Rico suffers mostly from organization and infrequent game experience.

    NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson sees this as not only a shot in the arm for Puerto Rico but beyond.

    “The addition of Puerto Rico FC is another exciting step for the league.”

    Peterson explained,

    “The club will play a key role in the growth of the game not only on the island, but also across the Caribbean and North American regions.”

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    Lala Anthony on the Cover of LatinTRENDS Magazine

    ISSUE110 cover_resizedStar of VH1’s Lala’s Full Court Life, Think Like a Man Too and Starz television series Power, as well the author of The New York Times bestseller The Love Playbook; the versatile Lala Anthony garners the cover of LatinTRENDS’ July/August summer issue. In our exclusive interview with the wife of basketball phenom and recent free agent, Carmelo Anthony, Lala speaks candidly about her family roots, where she gets that down-to-earth vibe, a blossoming acting career and motherhood.

    While Lala Anthony is representing Latinos on various creative platforms including television, LatinTRENDS does the numbers; how many Latino viewers are there in comparison to Latino actors on TV? See exclusive info graphic for the scoop. Also, in this issue, you will get to know Lifetime Television’s seemingly sweet Edy Ganem from the hit series Devious Maids. There is a bad girl in her…find out why?

    Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is jumping on the television series bandwagon with his production of Power. LatinTRENDS interviews J.R. Ramirez who joins Lala Anthony and former LatinTRENDS, Latino Trendsetter Award Recipient, Luis Ramos, in the recently premiered series already picked up for a second season.

    Renewed for its third season, Orange is the New Black continues to capture audiences with its diverse cast, including the sassy Maritza Ramos played by Diane Guerrero who is just as sassy in real life. LatinTRENDS poses 7 questions for Guerrero and she tells us what it is like to work with Gina Rodriguez, LatinTRENDS cover person back in April 2013, on the new CW television series Jane the Virgin.

    Google’s recent transparency in their lack of employee diversity has sparked controversy and LatinTRENDS peers closer for a look at how Google will take corrective measures; how the company can benefit from diversity; and what is to be expected in the near future as more companies take hard look inward.

    The LatinTRENDS summer issue also offers an exciting review of Latin flavor and fun in the city of Seattle, how to get soft and sexy skin for the summer and a selectively curated collection of his and hers summer style. What you eat is important to you. An article on: You and your food “A Healthy Relationship” will provide quick healthy eating tips for today’s busy lifestyle.

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    10 Sexy Latino Celebrity Dads

    Not only are they great dads but they are super sexy too.

    Daddy Yankee: Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez is a hot father of 3. He had his first daughter when he was only 17 years old.


    Carmelo Anthony: Born to a Puerto Rican father and African American mother this professional basketball player from Brooklyn is a proud father of son Kiyan Carmelo.


    William Levy: Cuban-American actor, former model and former reality star is the sexy father of 2.


    Pitbull: Cuban born Grammy award winning rapper Armando Christian Pérez is also the father of 2.


    Ricky Martin: Puerto Rican pop star and father of twin boys, Matteo and Valentino who were born by a surrogate mother.


    Mario Lopez: Mexican descent actor and TV host is the father of 2 adorable kids.


    Henry Santos: Dominican singer and our June cover model is the proud dad to a son.

    People En Espanol 50 Most Beautiful 2013

    Romeo Santos: Born to a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother, Bronx native is a singer, composer and one super sexy father of 1.


    Victor Cruz: Born to an African American firefighter (who died on 2007 fighting a fire) and Puerto Rican mother is a charismatic professional football player and father to a lovely daughter.


    Danny Pino: Cuban descent actor and star of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a father of two boys.

    D.Pino_Headshot 2 - Version 3

    Feliz Dia De Los Padres!

    Fashion Inspiration From Puerto Rican Hottie

    Puerto Rican Hottie Lala Anthony is a television personality, reality star, actress, former disc jockey designer and author. She is also the wife of basketball star Carmelo Anthony.

    Besides her lengthy resume, Lala is one stylish gal. Need some fashion inspiration? Look no more….

    Casual Fridays:


    Showstopper Date Night:






    Girls Night Out:


    Gala Style:


    Pool Fab:


    What Latina fashionista should be featured next week?
    Twitter: @latintrends2010
    Facebook: @LatinTrends

    Does Ethnicity Really Matter?

    ethnicityIt is about embracing who you are. What are we talking about? What we are talking about is culture. Culture will not go away. While interracial relationships raise concerns for some people, some are embracing it, getting married and even having children mainly because they see the person for who they are on the inside, not on the outside.

    Yet in Hollywood and other big cities, the paparazzi and other critics are having certain actors and actresses choose which race they want to be represented as. A celebrity or anyone for that matter should not have to choose which race they want to be, but be represented as someone who embraces all the races that they are.

    Below is a representative list of celebrities that are Afro-Latinos and doing a lot of good that sometime may go unnoticed by others.

    Alex Rodriquez or (A-rod) donates money to charities like The Children’s Aid Society and UNICEF; he further has worked with the Boys and Girls Club.

    Musician Esperanza Spalding plays the bass, oboe, violin and clarinet and beat out two men for the Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards. Moreover, her mom is Welsh, Hispanic, and Native American, and her father is Black.

    Naya Rivera is Puerto Rican, African American and German descent, but plays a Lesbian on television and she has become a role model to young gay women.

    Olympic Gold Medalist and a five-time NBA All-Star, Carmelo Anthony founded the Carmelo Anthony Youth Development Center and has contributed to the Living Classrooms Foundation, which helps thousands of children and young adults in Baltimore.

    So does ethnicity really matter?

    Latino Star Carmelo Anthony – Jordan Melo M10


    New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony’s 10-year anniversary with the Jordan Brand is celebrated with the launch of the Jordan Melo M10. Carmelo is the third athlete to celebrate a decade with the Jordan Brand.

    Melo’s first cursive signature logo can be found on the heel counter in a chrome finish, a detail Melo is please by. “If you see this shoe from afar, the chrome statement piece is the first thing you are going to see. Combining that element with my ‘M’ on the toe cap and very first signature logo we created 10 years ago, we’ve made a true anniversary shoe.” said Anthony.


    Available now for $165 at Jordan.




    2013 NBA Playoffs: Pacers eliminate Knicks

    New York native Roy Hibbert and his Indiana Pacers dealt the death blow to the Knicks' season Saturday night.

    New York native Roy Hibbert and his Indiana Pacers dealt the death blow to the Knicks’ season Saturday night.

    New York Knicks fans’ worst fears came true last night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, where their team’s season was ended by the Indiana Pacers.

    The Pacers, 106-99 winners over New York in Game 6, move on to play the defending NBA champion Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals (Game 1 is on Wednesday), while the Knicks organization will likely mull whether it should enter a rebuilding phase this summer.

    Carmelo Anthony (39 points) and his teammates—most notably Iman Shumpert (19 points) and Chris Copeland (three 3-pointers)—fought valiantly to erase a double-digit deficit in the second half of Game 6, but the Pacers’ Roy Hibbert (21 points), Paul George (23 points), Lance Stephenson (25 points), George Hill (12 points) and David West (17 points) were the much better starting unit.

    Not since 1973 have the Knicks won an NBA title. Add another year to that drought.

    2013 NBA Playoffs: New York Knicks’ season on brink

    Paul George and the Indiana Pacers are one win away from moving on to the Eastern Conference finals after defeating the Knicks 93-82 in Game 4.

    Paul George and the Indiana Pacers are one win away from moving on to the Eastern Conference finals after defeating the Knicks 93-82 in Game 4.

    If you thought a New York Knicks loss to the Indiana Pacers in Game 4 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse would signal the end of their season, their season must feel pretty over to you this morning.

    New York lost to Indiana 93-82 Tuesday night, falling behind in the Eastern Conference semifinals 3-1. Knicks star Carmelo Anthony scored 24 points on the night, but was held scoreless in the fourth quarter.

    Pacers guard George Hill attempted only 14 shots, but he made nine of them and went 6 for 9 from the free throw line for a game-high 26 points. Hill’s teammate, 6-foot-8 forward Paul George, filled up the stat sheet, recording 18 points, 14 rebounds, seven assists, two steals and two blocks.

    The Pacers had a 16 to 11 edge in offensive rebounds—leading to 19 second-chance points—and outrebounded the Knicks overall 54-36. They also outscored the Knicks 36-26 in the paint, highlighting both New York’s heavy reliance on (and thus far, poor) jump-shooting and the effectiveness of the Pacers’ Roy Hibbert-led interior defense.

    The series resumes at 8 p.m. ET Thursday at Madison Square Garden.

    2013 NBA Playoffs: Knicks blow out Pacers 105-79 in Game 2

    The Knicks' Carmelo Anthony (l.) and Raymond Felton (r.) enjoyed a laugher over the Pacers in Game 2.

    The Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony (l.) and Raymond Felton (r.) enjoyed a laugher over the Pacers in Game 2.

    The New York Knicks bounced back from their lackluster effort last Sunday in Game 1 of their second-round series vs. the Indiana Pacers, winning Game 2 at home Tuesday night 105-79.

    New York’s blowout victory—facilitated by the Knicks’ field goal percentage of .495 (44 of 89) on the night—evens the best-of-seven at a game apiece. Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony had what was easily his best game in over a week, dropping a game-high 32 points on Indiana on 13 of 26 shooting.

    The Knicks’ starting backcourt was also very efficient in the Game 2 win. Iman Shumpert, Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni finished with 15, 14 and 10 points, respectively, and combined for five 3-pointers in seven attempts.

    Indiana’s Paul George scored a team-high 20 points, and George Hill and David West chipped in with 12 and 13 points, respectively.

    The series shifts to Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis for Game 3 Saturday night. Saturday’s matchup is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. ET.

    2013 NBA Playoffs: New York Knicks lose again to Boston Celtics

    Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks suffered a huge letdown in Game 5 vs. the Boston Celtics Wednesday night.

    Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks suffered a huge letdown in Game 5 vs. the Boston Celtics Wednesday night.

    Once up 3-0 in their first-round playoff series against the Boston Celtics, the New York Knicks this week have the appearance of a team that is in a world of trouble.

    On Wednesday, the Knicks missed another opportunity to advance to the Eastern Conference semifinals, falling to Boston 92-86 before a stunned crowd at Madison Square Garden.

    The Celtics’ seven-man rotation proved too much for the frustrated Knicks, overcoming an 11-0, first-quarter deficit and taking a 45-39 advantage into halftime. The Celtics were quite balanced on offense in Game 5, producing five players—Kevin Garnett (16), Jason Terry (17), Paul Pierce (16), Jeff Green (18) and Brandon Bass (17)—who scored at least 16 points.

    Carmelo Anthony, who played through a left shoulder injury he sustained in the second half, and Raymond Felton combined for 43 points, the same amount that the eight other Knicks who played in Wednesday’s game scored collectively. Not good.

    Both teams attempted 22 3-pointers in Game 5, but Boston knocked down 11 to New York’s five. The series shifts to Boston’s TD Garden on Friday night for Game 6, which starts at 7 p.m. ET. New York, despite dropping two straight games to Boston, leads the series 3-2.