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Justin Bieber Assaulted by Fan in Sweden After Refusing to Sing Remix of Daddy Yankee & Luis Fonsi’s Despacito


Justin Bieber was almost hit in the head with a bottle over the weekend after he refused to play his version of ‘Despacito’ at a concert in Sweden.

The singer’s remix of the Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi song features him singing the recording in for the first time ever, but it has proved tricky for him to perform live.

Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”, featuring Daddy Yankee, has been taking the charts by storm, not just in the U.S., but worldwide! And with Canadian Justin Bieber, featured in the crazy popular remix, it will may go solar. People showered Justin with compliments about how good his accent sounded despite not being a native Spanish speaker. However, when the he performed it live, well, let’s just say it was muy diferente AND disrespectable. In videos that went viral immediately, you can clearly hear him singing “blah-blah blah-blah”…but wait, there’s more! He continued with gibberish and literally sang, “I don’t know the words so I say poquito, I don’t know the words so I say Dorito, I don’t know the words so I say mosquito. Dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba burrito. I ate the burrito. I just want un poquito.” No bueno Justin!! ( see Justin looking like a fool in video below)



“I can’t do that [song] specifically. I don’t know the words, I can’t do it”, he is heard to say only moments before narrowly avoiding the  bottle thrown by an upset fan (Justin, don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time)

Despite the close encounter, Bieber will continue to tour in the UK

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SHOBOY IN THE MORNING – The Latin touch that was missing in New York morning radio

Originally published in the May 2016 of Latin Trends Magazine

Totally happy in his new city, Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo wanders through the streets of New York as if he has lived here all his life. It is hard to imagine that, just a year ago, this popular radio personality was the host of one of the most popular radio shows in Dallas, TX, “Shoboy en la Mañana”.

He tells us about the afternoon he received the call that would change his destiny; a proposal to have his own radio show in English in one of the most important markets in the world.

“When I was asked to do the show, I almost fell backwards. It was amazing. It was something I wanted to do for some time, especially in the number #1 market in New York. At first, it was a difficult decision because my show in Spanish in Dallas was about to be syndicated nationally. My wife and I were happy in Texas, but we came to this city because we base our decisions on faith, not fear,” he says.

But Sotelo’s success is no surprise. This young man grew up at radio stations with his popular brother, Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo, one of most the renowned radio announcers in Spanish radio. He worked in promotions, pasting stickers and helping in everything that was needed at the station.

Despite being born in Jalisco, Mexico, and arriving to the United States when he was five years old, Shoboy speaks English and Spanish with such perfection and professionalism that he is able to brilliantly connect with his listeners in both languages.

“Shoboy In The Morning” is a new radio show that entertains and informs his English-speaking listeners, but of course, he always adds his Latin spark and throws and occasional word in Spanish. The audience that tunes into 92.3 AMP Radio from 5:30 – 10:00 a.m. in New York City is already used to hearing phrases like “que rico” and other common words in “Spanglish”.

Sotelo is fun, casual and sometimes a little crazy, and his listeners adore him because he is able to make his guests play all his games, such as convincing Justin Bieber and Chris Brown to dance the famous merengue “Culiquitaca”. Laughing out loud, he tell us:

“I told Justin and Chris that they would increase their potential to get Latina girlfriends if they learned how to move their hips.”

Despite having received major awards for his radio career-raising over a million dollars to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and being invited to the White House by President Obama, Shoboy is a young man that reflects great humility, passion and a genuine desire to proudly represent Latinos.

His greatest goal is to positively impact the community. When asked how he see himself in the future, he stares at us and answers with a big smile.

“I see myself with more wrinkles from laughing so hard and thanking God for all the beautiful blessings he brings to my life.”

Here’s the Links to some of Shoboy’s most popular youtube videos:



Justin Bieber offends Argentina, again!

Justin Bieber’s relationship with Argentina is by far more complicated than any of his relationship with a Hollywood starlet.

Just three years ago, Bieber first offended Argentinians when he kicked the country’s flag from the stage after it was thrown onto it while in a concert held in Buenos Aires.

Although Bieber apologized for this incident, he’s found himself once again upsetting Argentinians by doing the exact same thing.

Bieber is currently in New York City, and when leaving a hotel and entering a car a 15-year-old fan from who was visiting the Big Apple from Argentina tossed the singer a folded up flag of her homeland into the car after him.

According to sources, Bieber glanced at the flag and threw it out of his window.

After the incident the unidentified fan took to social media to not only explain what had happened but also apologize to Bieber for throwing the flag at him.

I am in Manhattan because it’s my birthday, and I found out Justin is coming, so I bought a ticket…Yesterday I was at the hotel at 10 a.m., and I stayed for hours outside waiting…When he was going out, guards told us to back off, so I grabbed the flag and threw it at him. Of course, it was not my intention for it to [come] close to his face, so I apologized a thousand times. He looked at me … grabbed the flag, threw it on the pavement and shut the window.”

According to the wronged fan, she had apologized to Bieber right after throwing the flag at him, which nearly hit his face, and claimed he had heard her yet still tossed the flag.

No word yet from Bieber regarding the incident and whether there will be a sequel to his single “Sorry” for this recent snafu.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber rumored to be dating again!


Well, it may be Part II for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber after a recent Instagram posting ignites rumors the pair are possibly going to rekindle their relationship.

Only five days ago, Bieber took to his Instagram account and posted an old photo taken of he and Gomez in 2011 sharing a kiss on what looks like to be on a boat off the coast of the beach.

The caption Bieber wrote along with the post was a simply written utterance of “Feels”.

Fans of the Sorry singer quickly began replying to the photo if the two were back together or if he was missing the former Wizards of Waverly actress-singer. Gomez herself even commented on the posting with either a touched or lackluster, “Perfect.”

The fire of a possible restart of their relationship grew when Gomez was spotted at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday night where Bieber took the stage on his Purpose World Tour.

And as rumors go there are contradicting reports from “inside sources” that are stating the pair are either not dating, are thinking about recoupling, or are merely just friends. It was also stated, from an inside source, that Gomez appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself at the concert and even hung out with Bieber after the show in his dressing room.

[Selena and Justin] looked genuinely comfortable together. They both looked really happy,” said an unnamed insider about the pair after the concert.

Since their split both have shared mixed feelings about each other after their parting.

For Gomez she’s written songs like The Heart wants what It wants which implies to she and Bieber rollercoaster relationship that left her heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Bieber stated in an interview that not only has he tried to cover up a tattoo of Gomez on his left forearm but he and Gomez remain good friends who can depend on one another despite their lack of communication.

We don’t talk often, but we’re cordial,” he said. “If she needs something, I’m there for her. If I need something, she’s there for me.”

The couple originally broke up back in 2014, but prior to their split they dated on-and-off for a few years so this could very much be another attempt at Jelenas.

Justin Bieber new Latino Remix of “Sorry” is #1 in Mexico!


Justin Bieber is once again making news within the Latino community, and this time it doesn’t involve controversy.

The Canadian singer recently surprised his fans on Thursday when he released the Spanish-translated, Latino remix of his hit song Sorry now entitled Lo Siento Amor.

Taking to both Spotify and Itunes, Bieber released the track in-which he recorded with the aid of reggaeton artist J Balvin. And it’s a move that’s paid off both musically and publically wise.

The remix is catchy and contains the pulsing sound of a traditional reggaeton dance track which has caused the track to climb to #1 on Mexico’s Top 100 on Itunes music chart.

The Latina girls are gonna go crazy,” Bieber, 21, tells Balvin, 30, in a short posted Instagram video regarding the response to his new Spanish track.

While Bieber is garnering some applause from some Latinos for his latest track, we’ll have to wait and see how the Spanish remix helps with Latinos living in Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia and how they have responded to the track since they may feel the need an apology is in order considering Bieber’s controversy tour through South America back in 2013 which included the star disrespecting Argentina’s flag and graffiti-tagging some wall throughout well-known Latin cities.

Controversy set aside, Bieber will release his fourth studio album on the 13th of November and you can catch Balvin who is set to perform at the 16th Annual Latin Grammy Awards show on the 19th of November.

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Orange is not His new Black: Argentinian Arrest Warrant against Justin Bieber dropped!


Pity, it seems Canadian singer Justin Bieber will not face any jail time
Were he ever to return to Argentina due to a court within the South American country opting to revoke an arrest warrant that’s been issued against him.

Back in 2013, while on the South American leg of his Believe Tour the singer was quite active in breaking the law while touring the region.

From spray painting graffiti in Brazil & Colombia, exiting a brothel in Rio de Janerio, and being filmed in bed—asleep—with an alleged prostitute the Never Say Never singer earned himself the somewhat laughable title of fugitive due to his actions in Argentina.

Back in November 2013, the singer was allegedly involved in an assault of a photographer in Buenos Aires. While at a nightclub within the city, Bieber allegedly ordered two of his bodyguards to attack the victim waiting outside the club. While no one was arrested, Bieber was ordered to appear in court within 60 days to give his testimony.

It is when Bieber and his bodyguards opted out of not responding to the order that he and his two bodyguards were issued an arrest warrant back in April 2015 making a future traveling plans into the country non-existent.

However, the 21-year-old singer may not have to worry and could once again pop up in the country due to the Argentinian court notifying Interpol to withdraw the outstanding arrest warrant that’s been placed on him.

Although the warrant has been dropped, the case pending against Bieber and his bodyguards have not and they could still face legal action.

One other incident in 2013 that Bieber has become largely known for committing while in the South American country is when he rudely removed the Argentina flag from the stage. After fans tossed the flag onto the stage for the singer to take up and wave as sign of him being happy to be in the country, the singer opted to sweep the flag off the stage with his sneakers and the mic stand as though it was a dirty rag.

Bieber has apologized for incident claiming it to be an accident and that he didn’t know what the item was. Despite apologizing for the flag incident, Bieber has not returned to Argentina since his tour. Lucky Argentina.

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Justin Bieber Causing Outrage In Argentina!


Instead of leaving Argentinean fans with fond memories of his ‘Wild Tour’ the 19-year-old pop star generated fan outrage in Argentina after he disrespected their country’s flag while on stage during his concert.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentineans are expressing anger and sure distaste over the latest scandal to emerge from Justin Bieber’s Wild Tour through Buenos Aires, saying the way he treated the Argentine flag shows he has no respect for his fans or the country.

During Saturday night’s (Nov 9.) concert Bieber reacted when fans tossed two Argentine flags onto the stage. A video has surfaced where it shows Bieber brushing two Argentinean flags away with his shoes and his mic stand as if was some dirty rag. Most musicians on world tours usually hold up the flags in appreciation to their fans.

After hearing all the backlash towards himself Bieber took his twitter later that day and explain himself.

Heard about what is going on with me down in Argentina and I’m shocked. I love Argentina and have had some of the best shows of my tour there,” he said to his twitter followers.

People throw stuff on my stage all show and I get it to the stage hands to get off so no one got hurt. That video I saw a bra and thought it was a shirt. I’m being told by my team it was a shirt but even if it was a flag I would never do anything to disrespect Argentina or the people of Argentina or the fans. I’m so sorry for anyone who took my actions the wrong way and I hope you can forgive this mistake.

Bieber went back on to social media to apologize once again:

So once again to the people of Argentina, I’m sorry if that was taken the wrong way and I’m sorry for my mistake,” he continued.

“I hope u can accept this. And I loved my time there performing for you and look forward to coming back. I gave my all and I know the fans did there too. Te amo. I would never do anything to disrespect my fans. I don’t like having to defend myself but this time it was needed as I mean no disrespect.

So it is all love all around the world. Thanks, and to all the beliebers all around the world. I love you and thank you for always standing by me. Much Love to Everyone. Thanks,”

Insulting Argentina’s flag is a crime punishable by up to four years in prison.

Justin is 19 years, and seems to be very remorseful and has apologized for his lack of common sense, do you think he should be forgiven?

Earlier this month Justin Bieber made international news when he was caught by paparazzi trying to sneak out of a brothel in Brazil while covered in a sheet, however his heavily tattooed arm was visible, easily identifying the Bieber.

His team of course denied that Bieber knew it was a brothel by stating that he was told it was a ‘private club.’

Controversy in Argentina, Bieber defaces country’s flag


It’s not uncommon for musical performers to be bombarded with tossed flowers, teddy bears, signs, and maybe some unmentionable undergarments from audience members during concerts. The display, while can be hazardous, is simply a means by fans who want to give something back as a trinket of their adoration.

However, some artists may not be too thrilled about what they receive. Even if it is something harmless as, let’s say, a country’s flag.

Usually, when flags of countries are tossed to performers the performer tends to raise the flag to pay respect for the country’s civilians who are hosting them. Not for Canadian singer Justin Bieber who showed his respect for the country in Buenos Aires by treating the country’s flags as if they were mere dirty rags.

Recent video has been released from a performance on Saturday night showing Bieber disrespecting the country by kicking with his feet and then “sweeping” with his microphone stand two Argentine flags off the stage after they were thrown to him by fans. With the flags disposed, Bieber ended his song amongst cheers and some boos from the audience.

On Twitter, Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, Bieber will eventually be back in Argentina, a decision that may have to be looked into. According to one of the penal codes in the country public defection of the national flag, its national anthem, or any provincial symbol can result in a prison sentence from 1 to 4 years.

In response to the controversy, Bieber has taken to his Twitter tweeting several messages stating “ heard about what is going on with me down in Argentina and im shocked. I love Argentina and have had some of the best shows of my tour there,

Bieber goes on to state that he discarded the items because “people throw stuff on my stage all show and i get it to the stage hands to get off so no one got hurt. that video i saw a bra and thought…it was a shirt. Im being told by my team it was a shirt,” shirt or bra, Bieber then states “but even if it was a flag I would never do anything to disrespect Argentina…” seeming really apologetic.

The Canadian singer has earned quite a bad reputation with the South American leg of his “Believe Tour”.

In the past, Bieber had walked off the stage in Argentina claiming it to be the result of food poisoning and in Brazil he walked off after being struck by a bottle.

Also, the Brazilian police tried unsuccessfully to question Bieber about allegations that he had defaced a public building with graffiti, which is a crime and could mean a year in prison. But the defacing accusation is just one controversy to come out of Brazil.

A few days ago a video was released that showed a sleeping Bieber who was being recorded by 27-year-old Tati Neves who was at first reported to have been a prostitute. However, according to TMZ Bieber’s management have stated that Neves is not a prostitute but someone the star met at an after party he held after a show in Brazil.

Whatever controversy the star attracts, he has come out and apologized for the Argentine flag incident, repeatedly reminding his fans that “Im sorry if that was taken the wrong way and im sorry for my mistake. I hope u can accept this… I would never do anything to disrespect my fans. I dont like having to defend myself but this time it was needed as I mean no disrespect… so it is all love all around the world. Thanks.”

Pitbull To Host The 2013 American Music Awards!


You heard right, Pitbull will host the 2013 American Music Awards.

The Miami native, 32, who has sold more than 5 million albums to date, will also take the stage to perform his new hit single, “Timber,” with Ke$ha at the ceremony, which will be held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and broadcast live on ABC on Nov. 24th.

I am truly honored to be hosting the 2013 American Music Awards.Pitbull said in a press statement.“The night is only about one thing: fun! So buckle and get ready. Dále!

The election of Pitbull as the host of the American Music Awards was a simple choice. “Pitbull is a multi-talented global superstar and the right man to take the reins of the night, which is going to be one great party,” Producer of AMA’s Larry Klein said in a statement. “That’s why he is called Mr. Worldwide. He’s the perfect choice to celebrate the universal language of music.

Pitbull will be the first host of the show since 2008.

Other entertainers scheduled to perform include: Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Luke Bryan, Kendrick Lamar and One Direction.

The American Music Awards will be broadcast on ABC on Sunday, Nov. 24, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Selena Gomez Lashes Out at Bieber Through Song

by Zuleyka Indarte

Selena Gomez has given no signs of heartache or distress after her most recent break-up with Justin Bieber. Rather, the star chose to sing Justin Timberlake’s ode to the relationship gone awry, “Cry Me A River” at a recent UNICEF concert.

She addressed the crowd before singing the famed song, stating, “I’ve been through a lot the past few months. It’s been weird and sad and cool. This song definitely speaks to me.”

Although the star didn’t mention Bieber during her brief introduction, there appears to be a definite link. A few months ago the Canadian singer covered the same song at a concert. The song seemed to bring her suppressed feelings regarding the break up to the surface. A source at the event claimed the star “seemed so angry” while singing the song.

Amidst the relationship drama, Gomez has turned to her best friend, singer Taylor Swift, for support. She stated, “Taylor is one of the most inspirational, positive, good-hearted people I know. I met her when she was 18…it was absolutely incredible to see someone so successful and so humble, I think she’s been a big part of me staying who I am, too.”

Despite the hardships the past few months have brought upon the young star, Gomez continues to keep her head high. She stated, “Everything happens for a reason, so enjoy every moment.”

Ain’t Love Grand? Justin Bieber Beats Up Paparazzi for Selena Gomez

by: Randall Rosario

Selena’s Boyfriend Justin Bieber allegedly beat up some papparazzi for trying to take pictures of the young couple while they where having a night out at the The Common at Calabasas theater last sunday. The photographer reported that he called 911 and told them he was having chest pains after the attack. The police of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are looking for any witness who may have seen what really happened. They also are planning to question the pop star to get his side of the story. Captain Mike Parker from the L.A. County told the newspaper “we would like to talk to all potential witnesses.” Who would’ve thought Bieber would do something like this. The star couple was seen walking out the theater entering their car. A witness said that the photographer jumped in front of Bieber’s car and blocked his way until he got a picture. Bieber asked him to move but he refused which initially started a scuffle or some sort of altercation. Sources say that investigation is still in it’s early stages but they will get to the bottom of it. But with other news Gomez is shooting a film out in florida called “Spring Breakers” with another Disney star Vanessa Hudgens. It is reported by E! News that the movie is about four girls plotting to rob a restaurant for enough money to go on a trip to the beach.

Selena Gomez’s New Perfume & Sexy Photo Shoot!

by: Randall Rosario
Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend is looking pretty grown up now of days. Selena Gomez has just launched her brand new fragrance campaign, the fragrance smells sweet and girlie, but her ad is definitely grown-up. The debut image was shot in an aquarium tank which features Selena soaking wet in a purple dress, with slicked-back hair giving her the “simple and pretty” effect as she described to Us Weekly.
But as for the slim dark purple glass bottle and playful lips-adorned topper, Gomez says that theres more behind the design than just something attractive. She says ” I wanted it to be tall so it stands out, the design of the bottle is almost like a gown so it represents me on the red carpet. The lips are fun…it makes more youthful and you can play with it.” Selena’s journey to make her mark with her fragrance is different from her hollywood colleagues, because she enlisted her fans help from the beginning and flew them in from all over the world to decide on its notes. She says “They’re the ones wearing it, so I trust them– their opinions and everything that they’ve done for me.”