Univision’s Jorge Ramos in danger of being Fired as Trump becomes President!

Jorge Ramos might be on his way out of Univision if the latest rumors confirm to be true. According to Rafael Martinez of the show Formula Espectacular, the news anchor might be exiting after Donald Trump takes office.  The Mexican journalist had a an altercation with the now President-elect while he was running for office. It was not clear if Ramos was leaving the network entirely or only leaving the newscast. Ramos hosts “Al Punto” on Univision and is a host on Fusion, Univision’s cable news network. Executives from the Spanish-language network  recently met with Trump in an effort to reconcile their fractured relationship.

“We just had a productive meeting with President-elect Donald Trump about issues facing Hispanic and multicultural communities in America”, Univision said in a statement. “We look forward to working with Mr. Trump and his administration to make our vibrant country even better. Our Univision News team will continue to cover the Trump administration with the rigor that we have brought to the coverage of every administration that preceded it. We approach this task without fear or favor and with one goal only – to ensure our audience is well-informed. Our eyes, ears and minds are wide open.”

With Ramos and Univision backing up Hillary Clinton, and with the outcome of the elections, it is believed the network is trying to vary their news team to reflect the changes and show balanced coverage. Jorge Ramos was kicked out of a Trump news conference when he confronted the politician about calling Mexicans rapists and criminals.

“Sit down, you weren’t called. Go back to Univision,” Trump said as Ramos tried to ask a question that Trump saw as being out of turn.

Ramos and Trump were having an exchange on immigration when the Univision reporter said, “You cannot deport 11 million people, you cannot build a wall, you cannot deny citizenship to children in this country,” before security approached him. “You cannot touch me sir, I have the right to ask a question,” Ramos told security as they escorted him out

Roselyn Sánchez set to co-host 16th Annual Latin Grammy Awards!


Roselyn Sánchez will be co-hosting the upcoming 16th Annual Latin Grammy Awards.

The Puerto Rican actress known for her leading role on ABC’s Devious Maids was just announced to be co-hosting the Latin Grammy Awards—scheduled to air on November 19th—with fellow Latin actress and model Jacqueline Bracamontes, who hosted 2014’s ceremony with Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez.

I simply cannot wait for November 19th to have the honor to host the 16 Annual Latin Grammy Awards. To be able to celebrate the best of Latin music with our incredible artists is going to be one of the most memorable nights of my life,” said Sánchez, gushing about her new hosting gig in an interview, “I appreciate the opportunity and I’m very much looking forward to having a fantastic time with my colleagues, friends and fans.”

Sánchez is no newbie when it comes to hosting. The former dancer as well as co-host on the Spanish-language show Qué Vacilón has hosted other events one being the Miss USA Pageant. However, Sánchez dropped out of the 2015 show as a show of support for the Mexican and Latino community due to the pageant’s organizer Donald Trump’s infamous comments he made in-regards to Mexican immigrants living in the country.

She has been an amazing supporter of the Latin GRAMMY Awards for many years and is passionate about her culture and understands the role music plays in the Latino community. We’re excited to see her take the stage on Nov. 19th in Las Vegas,” said Gabriel Abaroa Jr., the President and CEO of The Latin Recording Academy, in a statement released after the announcement of Sánchez becoming co-host.

The Latin Grammy Awards will include artists from various parts of the world who are nominated for their prestigious success in Latino music. The award ceremony will include performances by J Balvin, Juan Luis Guerra, Matisse, Raquel Sofia and Bomba Estéreo featuring Will Smith.

The 16th Annual Latin Grammy Awards show will air on Univision on November 19th where the ceremony is set to be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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What You Didn’t Know about Charytin


Television host, actress and singer Charytin is one of the most revered entertainers in the Dominican Republic. Her life’s work spans over forty years and includes 18 albums. Born María del Rosario Goico Rodríguez, she is the daughter of a Spanish exile mother and Dominican father.

She started her journey as a dancer on a televison show and caught the eye of renowned television actor and producer, Elin Ortiz. By the 1970s she had her own variety show, “El Show de Charytin” on Univision, which aired on Sundays weekly until 1985.

Charytin and Ortiz married in 1974, and after singing the song, Mosquito Muerta, her career launched into the stratosphere making her an international super star. Five years later, Charytin took on the lifelong role of mother to her first child, Shalim Ortiz.

In 1983 she starred in the film, “Prohibido Amar en Nueva York,” with Julio Aleman. Two of the songs that Charytin sang for the movie’s soundtrack became huge successes. Three years later she acted amongst some of the most popular singers and actors from Latin America in the soap opera, “Escandalo.” In 1988 the small Ortiz family moved to Miami and expanded by two with fraternal twins Alexander and Sharinna in 1990.

With three kids under the age of eleven, the multi-talented Charytin decided to take a step back from the spotlight and focus on her family. She didn’t stop right away, but instead did fewer tours and took her twins with her for the short time she was on the road.

Once her children matured, she hosted a show on the shopping network, became a spokesmodel for Palmolive commercials and print media and also became the host of the show Escandalo TV, an entertainment gossip show.

In 2014 she was dropped from her own show, Charytin and Felipe, but already had plans to start making music with her new album, 7 Vidas. After ten years out of the business, the international superstar is more energerized than ever and is ready to reclaim her spotlight.

I have to renew, do new things…2014 and 2015 will be very strong years,” said Charytin.

Fun Facts

  • Her nickname is La Rubia de America (America’s Blonde)
  • Her eldest child, Shalim Ortiz is a budding star in the United States and Latin America
  • Both of her parents were lawyers
  • She spent the first 10 years of her life in Spain before returning back to the Dominican Republic
  • Mosquito Muerta was based on a character from her sketch show

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Its been quite a media week for Univision, the biggest Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States. Fresh off stage one of it’s war with Donald Trump, Univision announced it would file a registration with the SEC (Securities and Trade Commission.) This would be the initial step before offering of stock later this year.

Univision broke off ties with Trump due to statements he made about Mexican’s which woke up a sleeping Latino Giant. Trump is currently launching a $500 million dollar lawsuit against the station that Univision CEO Randy Falco described as

“proudly serving as the voice of Hispanics.”

Its not affecting the potential growth of Univision, which recently reached an agreement with Grupo Televisa, who supplies the best of its programming. Televisa hold 22% of voting rights for Univision stock. This is good news considering that the public offering is estimated to raise one billion dollars raising the value of the media company to $20 Billion.

After Donald Trump’s offensive comments J Balvin and Univision opt out of Miss USA pageant

j Balvin

First J Balvin and now Univision bows out of Miss USA pageant due to Donald Trump’s racial comments about Mexican immigrants in the United States.

The reggaeton singer J Balvin cancelled his scheduled performance for the beauty pageant on July 12.

“It was going to be my first performance on national television,” Balvin said to Billboard on Wednesday.

The Colombian singer, who spent time in the United States working odd jobs before he went back to his native land to become a successful artist, said to Billboard that he didn’t appreciate Trump’s racist comments.

“We’re talking about our roots, our culture, our values,” he said. “This isn’t about being punitive, but about showing leadership through social responsibility. His comments weren’t just about Mexicans, but about all [Latinos] in general.”

The real estate mogul is part-owner (along with NBCUniversal) of the Miss Universe Organization, which runs several beauty pageants.

Trump made his arrogant and anti-immigration speech during his bid for the republican nomination on June 16. He claimed the United States “has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems,” and “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems [to] us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Trump alleged these “problems” come from “More than Mexico… It’s coming from South and Latin America, and it’s coming probably, probably from the Middle East.”

Those comments by Trump provoked Univision to release a statement announcing “that it is ending the company’s business relation with the Miss Universe Organization, which is part-owned by Donald J. Trump, based on his recent, insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants.”

The statement also says that Univision will no longer conduct any future projects with Trump.

Dominican Republic Wins 2015 Nuestro Belleza Latina

image by Nuestra Belleza Latina

image by Nuestra Belleza Latina

“Ariba la Republica Dominicana,” says the new crowned beauty winner Franisca Lachapel at the Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015 grand finale of Univision’s televised beauty pageant.

I guess the third time is a charm for Dominican Republic, who has lost in the finals the last two-years. But NBL’s ninth season of excitement, glamour and drama did not stop Lachapel from winning the crown while representing her native land with beauty and elegance.

Contestants Nathalia Casco (Honduras), Catherine Castro (Cuba… wait, I mean Puerto Rico) and Clarissa Molina (Dominican Republic) were also in the finals in front of judges, thousands of fans and millions of television viewers.

Fans of the show and supporters of Lachapel exploded on social media when she was crowned the winner of NBL.

“Ariba Dominicanas,” said Twitter user Francis Suero. “Si se puedes.”

Jasmin on Twitter wrote, “No one understands how happy I am that a Dominican finally won Nuestra Belleza Latina for the first time”

“OMG,” tweeted @Shantalx7, “I’m so happy.”

On Instagram, NBL’s page has received close to 6,000 comments (or complaints and catfights) and over 28 thousand likes showcasing their support for the newly crowned belleza.

“100% satisfied que viva Francisca Lachapel,” said Instagram user Martinez Antonio 254. “Los Mexicanos estamos muy orgullosos de ti Francisca,” (The Mexicans are proud of you Francisca) she commented.

Hawkin Brown commented with the hashtag “#DominicanPower por fin,” (about time).

Univision’s Fired TV Host Defends Himself In His Apology Letter To Michelle Obama

Rodner and Michelle

Univision’s fired TV host, Rodner Figueroa, wrote an apology letter to Michelle Obama that also criticizes his former employer for humiliating him and not giving him an opportunity to defend his name.

The former host of Univision’sSal y Pimienta” released an apology letter addressing his comment of Michelle Obama looking “like she’s from the cast of ‘Planet of the Apes,’ the movie” on the daytime TV show “El Gordo y La Flaca”. Figueroa’s comment was during a segment that featured a side-by-side comparison of artist Paolo Ballesteros’ makeup transformation of Michelle Obama and the First Lady’s original photo. The letter personally asks Obama for forgiveness while also stating that he, who has an Afro-Latino father, is not racist and his comment was taken out of context.

The letter also tackles Figueroa’s former employer, Univision, for mishandling the situation by firing him and “humiliating” him after 17-years with the network.

This is the translated version of the apology letter posted on Latin Post.

“I offer my sincerest apologies for a comment that I made about the characterization a make-up artist made about you in the Univision entertainment program ‘El Gordo y La Flaca.

I want to make it clear that I’m not racist and my comment wasn’t directed personally to you, but to the characterization of the artist, that left a lot to be desired. The clip in full context is proof.
I feel embarrassed, I ask for forgiveness, because there is no excuse for a professional like me to make those types of comments that can be interpreted as offensive and racist in a volatile moment that we live in our country. I take full responsibility for the lack of judgment in my part, but I can’t accept that I am being called a racist, being fired for that reason and being humiliated by Univision after working there for 17 years. I come from a bi-racial Latin family, with family members, like my father, who is Afro-Latino. I am the first presenter on Hispanic TV that is openly gay and I am an activist for causes that favor minorities that have been discriminated against just like me. I openly voted twice for your husband Barack Obama, because I consider him a great man that respects minorities, like me, in this country.

I worked on two Univision shows where I commented about celebrity style and looks, including the Royal Family and Latin first ladies, and I have never offended anybody because of their skin color, sexual orientation or nationality. I am a decent person, but I’m a human that makes mistakes like this one. Although the comment was unpleasant and out of line, I do not deserved being called a racist and I have to defend myself for respect and love to my family, my father, my fans and my community. I was notified verbally that due to a complaint from your office I was fired. And thanks to an information leak from Univision executives, I was condemned on social media, destroying my career in an unfair manner, without letting me know personally and without an investigation that would allow to clear up the situation. Again, I offer my humble forgiveness for the misinterpretation and I assume the responsibility.”

Univision Fired Rodner Figueroa After His Racist Comment on Michelle Obama

photo by zimbio

photo by zimbio

The 2014 Daytime Emmy Award winner Rodner Figueroa was fired from Univision for saying that Michelle Obama looks like someone from the cast of “Planet of the Apes.”

The flamboyant TV host, who doesn’t bite his tongue when commenting on celebrity fashion and styles, should’ve bit off his tongue before he commented while on Univision’s most popular show, “El Gordo y La Flaca”. The show’s hosts were talking about an online video that went viral of a male artist, Paolo Ballesteros, who uses makeup to transform into different female celebrities, including Michelle Obama.

“This is incredible,” said Figueroa in Spanish with certainty. “You know that Michelle Obama looks like she’s from the cast of ‘Planet of the Apes,’ the movie.”

“No, it’s true,” Figueroa said defending his horrific statement to hostess Lili Estefan when she said, “What are you saying?”

Raul de Molina, the other host of the show, countered the racist remark saying he thought Michelle Obama was very attractive (ummm, what do you mean “was” Raul?). Nevertheless, Figueroa then again defended his comment and said, “No, no it’s true. Look at her characteristics.”

In a recent email to Huffpost Voces, Univision’s Iveliesse Malave, Vice President of Consumer and Entertainment Public Relations responded with an official statment:

“Yesterday during the entertainment program ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ Rodner Figueroa comments on the First Lady Michelle Obama were completely reprehensible and in no way reflect the values or opinions of Univision. As a result, Mr. Figueroa was dismissed immediately.”

Figueroa, 42, worked for Univision for 17-years and had been on “El Gordo y La Flaca” since 2000 and co-hosted the evening gossip show “Sal y Pimienta”.

Premios Performances a Powerhouse Success!!


It seems to me that Premios have taken its tone of repetiveness. Every year or more like every season we look forward to seeing out favorite artists perform their hit single on that main stage full of lavish lights and sexy standstill performances. One of biggest hits this year was ‘6am’ by J Balvin. This urban youth stole the night from his platform performance on the red carpet to winning numerous awards and dynamic performances on Stage during the cncert with Prince Royce.

Ricky Martin along with Univision producers had us in suspense during the pre concert moments. With mentions of an annnouncement, fans were full of crazy ideas.. “New Baby coming?” “Marriage?” Even my favorite, “Is Ricky switching teams? God would I love him to play on my team for a few bases and home runs. This ballad performance of ‘Disparo al Corazon‘ had me praying during every close that cupid would come target me.

Pablo Alboran came on stage with a very relaxed fit look. With his rustic voice he put his foot on the pedal of this baby grand piano and began to sing his heart out that fans became nostalgic even in the dark. This Spanish superstar has vocals to tell a story of broken heart and brave combat to conquer the one he loves.

Becky G. and Thalia performed a collaboration that I haven’t seen in a while. Thalia angelic appearance with sensual induendo in contrast to Becky G.’s moxiness kept the audience on their feet mimicking the chorus and chaos on stage from the creative choreography put together for this performance.

Marc Athony and Romeo, what can I say? Awesome!! I have to admit I was not a true fan of Romeo with Marc. I love the music and their story moment. But.. it kind of reminded me of Romeo’s collab with Don Omar of “Ella y Yo” The girl that loves to men. The guy that says I’m better.

Premio lo Nuestro was a great event.. From Pitbull’s opening performance to the closeing with Chiqui, Jenny Rivera’s daughter, I can honestly say that the performances we awesome. Some colors and styles of of red carpet sexy attires, suits and ties, I would of stayed away from, but every artists has their own way of feeling true to their deliverance.




Decir que Adriana Cataño es simplemente una estrella de la televisión hispana es una gran subestimación. Decir que la belleza colombo americana es tan misteriosa como una diosa griega, no lo es. Con la cara de una moderna Afrodita y el carisma de una estrella de cine de la época dorada de Hollywood, no queda duda de por que es que la actriz y presentadora de TV sigue disfrutando de una carrera exitosa en el mundo del entretenimiento latinoamericano.

Su éxito explosivo, sin mencionar una vida personal fabulosamente intrigante, ha atraído mucha atención, algo que la colombiana-americana elude regularmente. De hecho, como una celebridad idolatrada por sus fans y siendo la madre de Gaby Cataño (hija del actor Jorge Salinas) la joven maquillista profesional propietaria de Cataño Glam) Adriana ha tenido que mantener una perspectiva inteligente cuando se trata de su imagen y los proyectos que tiene, algo en lo que parece que le va muy bien.


Adriana ha estado últimamente muy ocupada con una agenda súper apretada impartiendo sus ya famosos seminarios en el sur de la Florida, en la academia Imagen Modeling.

La modelo y actriz Adriana Cataño, consciente de lo difícil que es para los jóvenes actores de hoy encaminarse en el mundo del espectáculo está combinando su trabajo de actriz con unos seminarios en donde explica lo que se debe y no se debe hacer para triunfar en el mundo del espectáculo.

¿De qué se trata este seminario?
“Desde que entré en el mundo del entretenimiento cuando estaba en escuela superior surgió la posibilidad de trabajar en una agencia norteamericana de talento, yo hacía teatro por las noches, pero no ganaba los suficiente y empecé a trabajar con el director de “castings” o sea el que seleccionaba a los artistas y modelos para los diferentes anuncios publicitarios o proyectos, y así surgió mi carrera”.

¿Tuviste algún problema que te llevó a ayudar a los demás?
“Claro esa es la idea, yo pasé por muchas situaciones porque no tuve padrinos, y aprendí de mis propios errores. En esa agencia donde trabajaba, el director era uno de los más importantes del sur de la Florida. Mi trabajo era recibir a los modelos y actores y enviarlos a todas las pruebas, antes les aconsejaba lo que tenían que hacer. La experiencia que fui adquiriendo siempre la transmité a otros jóvenes para que encontraran trabajo”.

¿Qué es lo básico que debe saber una persona que busca trabajo en el mundo del espectáculo?
“Primeramente debe tener unas buenas fotos a mi me tomaron unas cuando tenía 8 años y nunca las pude usar. Luego como debe de vestirse de acuerdo a lo que están buscando y como debe ser el maquillaje para cada entrevista y trabajo, porque eso depende mucho ya que no es lo mismo para el cine, teatro o televisión”.

adriana catano Modelo

¿Vistes buenos resultados?
“Claro yo me siento feliz de haber ayudado a unos 100 artistas a encontrar trabajo y hoy están trabajando tanto en el mercado hispano como americano”.

¿Cuánto dura este seminario?
“Un día son sesiones de 8 o 9 horas depende a veces se extiende. Le pregunto a cada uno, que cual es su interés si televisión, cine, novelas, porque dependiendo de sus intereses, varía la información.”

¿Qué es lo más importante para triunfar?
“Lo primordial es enfocarse en un plan de acción y descubrir las metas para poder desarrollarlas, los estudiantes reciben una lista de donde están los mejores entrenadores de actuación en ambos mercados. También es muy importante tener buenas fotos, recuerdo que yo tuve unas que nunca pude utilizar. El vestuario y el maquillaje son claves para las pruebas de luces. Además hay técnicas para reducir los acentos y técnicas de doblaje”.


¿Tu utilizaste algún método especial?
“No hay que lucir bonita solamente, hay que prepararse, estudiar y tener mucha seguridad cuando se van a las entrevistas. Yo llegaba a la fila y habían muchas esperando, pero siempre me decía: “este trabajo es mío y nadie me lo va a quitar”.

Este seminario se lleva acabo en Miami, pero Adriana Cataño espera que se pueda llevar a cabo en otras ciudades. Próximamente nos comentaron que viene a la Gran Manzana, Nueva York. Para más informes visite: adrianacatano.com o siga a la artista en sus redes sociales: @adricatano Facebook: Adriana Cataño.

Antes de terminar le preguntamos a Adriana Cataño sobre como va su relación con el padre de su hija el actor Jorge Salinas, pero prefirió no responder. Nos enteramos al igual que se rumora posible boda entre Cataño y su actual novio un actor norteamericano.