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  • Entertainment
    Hundreds of Fast Food Workers arrested during Nationwide Strike

    A week ago we celebrated Labors Day Weekend which is a yearly celebration to honor labor workers in the workforce. Started as recognition to workers who embarked on social and political movements, the holiday was to remember what workers did in the past in order to better their livelihood and the livelihood...

  • Entertainment
    LatinTRENDS Coverage Of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015: Designer Diane Von Furstenberg

    Diane Von Furstenberg best known for her iconic wrap dress showed her Spring 2015 collection at Spring...

  • Entertainment
    “The Cruising Monologues” at The Nuyorican Poets Cafe September 10

        “The Cruising Monologues” explores the topic of “cruising” which is walking or driving around locally...

  • Entertainment
    How Far Would You Go To Get a Job?

    Finding jobs is frustrating enough to the point of that people are almost applying for anything that they think they qualify for. But how far do people actually go? How much would they stretch the truth on their resume just to get a job? Is it moral or is it unethical? From...

  • Entertainment
    Latinos & Labor Day: Recognizing Hispanic Workers on Labor Day!

    Celebrated on the first Monday of September, and consisting of an entire weekend, this past weekend across the country we celebrated Labor Day. A day—or again a weekend—where we acknowledge the American Labor Movement, Labor Day is a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers within the United States...

  • Entertainment
    The Prison Pandemic among Youth

    The general idea of the prison system is that it is a place where those who stray away from following the social norms of society and commit crimes go to in order to reform. However, for some who do go to prison the very structure no longer follows that intention. Now, as...

  • Entertainment
    Pandas to Come Back After Nearly 30 Years to NYC?

    Good luck seems to be on everyone’s mind lately and some objects in certain cultures, people believe, bring you luck. Some examples are the rabbit’s foot, the four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Adding to the list of good luck charms, pandas are...

  • Entertainment
    Depression: How to Break the Silence of its Sufferers?

    On Monday, August 11, 2014 the world received the shocking news that beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams was dead due to an apparent suicide. As the story unfolded, it was uncovered that despite having a lengthy battle with alcohol and substance abuse Williams was dealing with severe depression. His dealing with...

  • Entertainment
    Latinos of NYC feel uneasy with NYPD’s ‘Broken Windows’ Policy

    Last month the name of Eric Garner became widely known throughout New York City due to the highly-profiled controversy regarding Garner’s death. When a video showing the death of Garner at the hands of police officers was released, members of the Latino and African-American communities and civil rights activists have come out...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Is Law Enforcement Going Too Far?

    We all want to feel safe when we walk around the neighborhood; there is no question in that. We expect law enforcement to be there when something happens and to make sure that everyone remains safe. But how far should law enforcement go? Is aggressive force just a little too far? Can...

  • Entertainment
    Henry Santos – Padrino of the 33rd Annual National Dominican Day Parade NYC

    On August 10, 2014 over 500,000 Dominicans are expected to fill the streets of 6th Avenue with...

  • News & Politics
    Young Latino Activist Group Honored in New York City

    Within several cities in America throughout the 1960s and 1970s, a Latino group known as the Young Lords fought for social justice for Latinos living in the country and for the independence of Puerto Rico. Due to their historical contribution to the Latino community during the civil rights era, a street located...

  • Events
    “Where We Are…” 1D @ METLIFE STADIUM

    What Direction are you headed next week?? Head to the METLIFE Stadium to see One Direction. If...

  • Entertainment
    X96.3 LUIS JIMENEZ SHOW – OFF THE AIR! “Bring Back Luis! Bring Back Luis!”

        The Luis Jiménez Show, on Univision Radio’s WXNY 96.3 FM since 2008, was canceled almost...

  • Entertainment
    Sunday Funday! Brooklyn Tour

    Ever since the World Cup ended people were left feeling confused, sleep deprived and most likely dehydrated...

  • Entertainment
    Las Bicicletas Art Exhibit

    One of the most beautiful things about our city is all the creativity that surrounds us. If...

  • News & Politics
    Latinos participate in New Jersey’s new bike ride initiative Passaic Pedal EA

    You can call it a social network on wheels that’s going on in Passaic, New Jersey thanks to a new initiative called Passaic Pedal EA. In order to help various members of the community and ethnic groups integrate into the city in order to unite everyone into a community. According to their...

  • Entertainment
    Madonna ‘Causing A Commotion’ At A New York Courthouse

    After skipping out on jury duty through a doctor’s note on May 27, Madonna arrived at 60 Centre St. Monday morning with an entourage of course– two big male bodyguards and two female assistants. Madonna arrived about 30 minutes late for her 10 a.m. scheduled arrival time, which is an hour later...

  • Entertainment
    Detained Immigrant Children and Families from Latin America incite protests in California

    Last Tuesday, the center stage concerning how intense the Immigration debate in this country is getting was the Californian town of Murrieta. When Homeland Security buses carrying children and family migrant workers to a detainment facility located in the town, the buses were forced to leave after being met by protesters demanding...

  • Entertainment
    Celebrating Independence Day w/Celebrity Birthdays!!

    Today, July 4th is a federal holiday in the United States of America commemorating the adoption of...

  • Entertainment
    The problem with Relying on the Latino Vote – Rangel vs. Espaillat

    It was supposed to be the election race that could have put the first Dominican-American into congress, however the result of last Tuesday’s primary election disproved many political analysts and quieted any hopeful Latinos of such a change and accomplishment. Most believed that State Senator Adriano D. Espaillat would win the seat...

  • Entertainment
    Did Latinos vote in First Dominican-American Congressman? Is Charles B. Rangel Out?

    Despite State Senator Adriano Espaillat putting up yet another intense challenge, but it seems like New Yorkers have made their decision and have decided to grant Representative Charles B. Rangel the privilege of keeping his seat. Last night, Rangel appears to have been voted into Congress representing the the 13th Congressional District...

  • Entertainment
    Summer Classic Charity Basketball Game at the Barclays Center

    CC Sabathia’s PitCCh In Foundation and Robinson Cano’s RC22 Foundation unveil their Summer Classic Charity Basketball Game at Barclays Center on Thursday, August 21st at 8:00PM. Sabathia and Cano will serve as captains to two celebrity basketball teams which will be announced closer to the game. All ticket proceeds from the event...

  • Entertainment
    Dominican Film Festival 2014 Red Carpet Video Recap

    For its third year running, the Dominican Film Festival in New York was a huge hit! Highlighting...

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