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    Five Common Travel Mistakes We All Make

    Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, nothing has the power to ruin an otherwise perfect escape like any of these preventable mistakes: Overpacking – The bigger the luggage, the greater the chance you’ll pack things you don’t really need. Take what you need, and leave behind what you...

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    Why You Should Consider Guatemala As Your Next Vacation Destination

    One look at the video for singer-songwriters Ricardo Arjona and Gaby Moreno’s duet, Fuiste Tú, and it’s no wonder they chose their native country as the backdrop. Some of the regions depicted in the music video are Antigua Guatemala, Río Dulce, Lake Atlitán and the ruins of Tikal. With its breathtaking sights...

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    Top Five Reasons To Visit Brazil

    With so many countries as options, why should you contemplate a trip to Brazil? Besides its liveliness and culture, Brazil is recognized for its natural beauty. Here are just five reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to make your next vacation a Brazilian getaway. 1. There are many beautiful beaches in Brazil, over...

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    10 Signs You Have A Serious Case Of Wanderlust

    Truth be told, you probably suspected there is something wrong with you well before opening this post. The word ‘wanderlust’ alone is enough to provoke your interest. If you think you have a serious case of the travel bug, chances are you do. Here are ten signs your desire to travel is...

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    Why You Should Plan A Trip To Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is known for its liveliness. With an array of street performers, club promoters and artists all around, it’s difficult to leave the city without at some point feeling its zest. Las Vegas is a great location for celebrations. Don’t just think bachelors or bachelorette parties; there are other reasons to...

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    5 Music Videos That Will Make Your Wanderlust Even Worse

    A music video serves as a representation of a song. Sometimes it depicts a love story, other times a breakup, or the consequences of one. Regardless of the story being told, it’s often the fashion and setting we’re most intrigued by. And for some videos, such as the ones featured below, artists...

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    Feel Like You’re Traveling, Even When You’re Not

    You’ve probably been there – every fiber of your being wants to be on vacation, but your bank account and/or work schedule disagree. If you can’t go off to surf in California or sip piña coladas in Punta Cana, then how do you unwind? It may be impossible to take a vacation...

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    California Dreaming

    It’s nearly inevitable to think of California without thinking of the celebrities residing there, the award shows, and the famous Hollywood sign. Sure, people move to California to make their dreams of fame come true, but there’s more to California than meets the eye. California’s weather is delightful, without being too severe....

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    Travel Fashion: Dressing For A Warm Getaway

    It’s fashion week in New York City and a great time to get inspired. Whether your style is casual, chic or edgy, now’s the perfect time to mix and match, try new things and get inspired by your favorite designers. Adding staple pieces can take your look from bland to memorable and...

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    Travel For Two: Creating A Memorable Vacation With Your Significant Other

    It’s easy to get wrapped up in routine and forget to enjoy the simple things. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it makes sense to plan a getaway with your significant other. Don’t settle for simple and mundane. Get adventurous! Knock something off your bucket list…together! No compromise necessary. If you each...

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    Super Bowl Sunday Travel Inspiration

    Today is an exciting day for sports fanatics all over the world. While some cheer on the Seattle Seahawks, others are busy cheering for the Denver Broncos. This year's Super Bowl is taking place at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. With a toboggan in place and millions of tourists celebrating, the city...

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    MOVIMIENTO: ¡Vamos de campamento!

    El verano trae consigo múltiples actividades que pueden desarrollar todos los amantes de los deportes extremos.

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    Two of the most important airlines in Latin America will be working together to offer passengers the...

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    Check out these great statistics!

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    Celebrity Style Weddings Come to Life in Cancun

    Check out this great wedding idea!

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    Celebrate the Holidays in the Warmth and Beauty of Cancun

    Getting away from the cold and out to the beach has become even more tempting this holiday...

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    THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC West Coast Launch of New Advertising Campaign “CLOSER THAN YOU THINK”

    Dominican Ministry of Tourism in California and the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival (DRGFF) Proclaim Dominican Republic...

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    J-Lo: “I Need a New Assistant!”

    The bruja is on the hunt for a new assistant, according to Life & Style!

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