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    The Reality is: It’s Very Safe to Travel to Dominican Republic

    After reading, seeing and hearing all the negative news on Dominican Republic, I had to dig in...

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    Video of Ronda Rousey & Nick Diaz Grappling on Mat

    Video of Ronda Rousey & Nick Diaz Grappling on Mat

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    Photos from the premiere of “La Gradua”

    Photos by Eddie Olmo

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    Trump Needs to Learn the Constitution — on Constitution Day

    With Trump previously accusing Texas senator Ted Cruz of being ineligible to run for commander in chief due to his Canadian birth as well as stating that President Obama wasn’t born in the US, either (though Trump was proven wrong and only just admitted it), it makes you wonder how much of...

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    Shakira Gets Animated!

    By Jessica Torres In theaters today, the movie Zootopia features Shakira as pop sensation Gazelle! The long...

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    Latino Star Carmelo Anthony – Jordan Melo M10

    New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony’s 10-year anniversary with the Jordan Brand is celebrated with the launch...

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    2014 People’s Choice Award LatinTRENDS Fashion Recap Including Latino Stars

    The People’s Choice Award Show has been held annually since 1975 and is voted on by the...

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    “Design for Brad Smith” Competition

    For the Philadelphia Eagles, Superbowl 2014 is no longer a possibility but wide receiver Brad Smith has...

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    TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2013

    Pope Francis papacy began on March 13th 2013 as he became the 266th Pope of the Catholic...

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    Famous Latina Barbie

    Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet Doll Ready to wow any crowd, this portrait doll is sculpted in JLo’s...

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    5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Looking Fabulous with Beauty Products from Target

    Beauty & Style Expert Tai Beauchamp has provided us some great tips on keeping our hair looking...

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    New look, New year!

    Want a new look for the New Year? SHE by SO.CAP.USA Hair Extensions offers a large selection...

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    Dominican-American Jewelry Designer

    Margaret Lajara is a young Dominican-American Jewelry designer from New York City and founder of Xpressions by...

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    Gala Styles For Her

    What to wear at a Gala event? Unless otherwise noted a Gala event requires a formal attire....

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    Five Reasons Why Being Bilingual is Equivalent to a SUPERPOWER!

    1 – According to Common Underlying Proficiency research the human brain stores languages in separate compartments and these individual sections have little, or nothing to do with each other. So basically, with the ability to speak more than one language, you taping into more areas of the brain than a monolingual individual;...

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    Lucy Loves Me: A Play @Intartheatre

    “Lucy dreams of not having to deliver pizza, Cookie dreams of a cabaret career, and Milton dreams of bleeding. Lucy delivers a pizza to Milton. Milton randomly calls Cookie. And when Cookie invites him over, Lucy answers the door. Is this a recipe for love?” Not impressed with the movie theatre selections?...

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    The “Mystery” Voices in Harlem Shake Want Their Money…But

    If you haven’t heard the Harlem Shake, or had to sit through your cousins home-made rendition of it, well, congratulations, you are a select few. Brooklyn producer Just Blaze (also know to his abuela as, Harry Baauer Rodrigues) sampled work by off-the-map-for-a-minute Reggaeton star, Hector el Father, now a preacher known by...

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    Victor Ortiz, aka @VICIOUSortiz, is Breaking Out of the Ring & Hitting the Dance Floor

    A few weeks back the buzz on the web was that Dancing with the Stars pro, Cheryl Burke, was hoping to get a little Victor Cruz salsa action on the show this year. He declined, it didn’t happen. Nonetheless, they still got their Victor! Mexican-American lightweight boxing champ, Victor Ortiz, will be...

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    Have You Tried This Yet? Glaming Up the Everyday

    I’m a sucker for a beauty product. Isn’t every woman? I don’t mean that to be sexist, but seriously, haven’t we all, at some point, purchased something because the bottle is cool, or the label is pretty? But there’s also the stuff we have to buy because it’s a necessity: toiler paper,...

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    Young Voices: Lack of Diversity in works of Literature

    If you’re a child who loves to read, loves to pick up a book and dive right into the world contained in-between the front and back covers, you tend to be enthralled by a story that may—in some way or form—relate you. But what if you’re a child of a diverse background...

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    Young Voices: President Barack Obama’s State of the Union and Reaction

    Last Night, President Barack Obama stood before Congress and all of America and delivered his State of the Union address. On Tuesday, President Obama discussed both economy recovery and for immigration reform. Continuing to place emphasis on the importance of reforming immigration, Obama called for Congress to send him an immigration reform...

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    Latino Rock: Latino Performances at the 55th Annual Grammys

    The 55th Annual Grammy Awards were held this past Sunday and much was discussed from Jennifer Lopez’s eye-popping gown, Justin Timberlake’s return, and the impressive Frank Ocean performance giving a nod to Tom Hank’s “Forest Gump” the night involved Latinos dominating the stage. Singer Miguel graced the stage with a pulsating performance...

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    Breaking the Dress Code: Fashion at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards

    People are talking about several highly-profiled individuals who broke a CBS rule

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    Latino Superheroes coming alive in Comic Books

    Taking heroes from the colorful panels of comic books and placing them on the silver-screen in live-action movies has been a big trend for Hollywood, and now comics are making a trend of their own. Lately, comics have been making their world containing super-powered heroes more diverse by introducing characters with racial...