Prince Royce

Prince Royce






May 11, 1989


The Bronx, New York


Geoffrey Royce Rojas he is a Bachata singer of Dominican heritage. Royce made his full-length album debut with Prince Royce in 2010, the album was well received by bachata fans. A bilingual version of the Ben E. King standard “Stand by Me” was released as the lead single and became a smash hit, breaking into the Top Ten of the Billboard Latin Songs chart. “Corazón sin Cara” was also released as a single.

What you didn’t know

His middle name Royce means king’s son, and because of this that’s how he chose his stage name Prince Royce. He started writing poetry at the age of 13.

Sofia Reyes ready to dominate American music industry!


Sofia Reyes is about to become a big name in the U.S. and could become the next pulling force to stir a new Latin explosion in the music industry.

Two years ago, bachata superstar Prince Royce signed the Monterey, Mexico native to his label called D’León Records, and since then Reyes has been garnering a reputation within the music scene.

Collaborating with reggeaton veteran Wisin, electronic dance music trio Cash Cash, singer Kendal Schmidt, and Prince Royce himself, Reyes could be the leading force that brings a second Latin craze similar to the one seen back in 1999 that introduced Americans to Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, and Shakira.

I’m really thankful for [Prince Royce’s] support,” said Reyes, 20, in a recent interview about her climbing success. “He’s an amazing person and an amazing artist. He works so hard, and that’s why I admire him so much, and I am just really thankful that artists like him and Wisin and Kendal Schmidt support my career.”

With only a few singles to her name, Reyes is nearing the release of her first studio album which some fans are expecting to drop in June.

I’ve been working on it for three years—which is a long time—and I’m actually working on my second album [as well], because I don’t want to waste any more time,” she said. “These singles are just a little bit of what my album is going to be.”

Reyes albums will feature some songs in English, some in Spanish, and some that are in both. Much like Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, and Shakira, Reyes album and would surely impact more audience members in the country.

I grew up listening to English music, to Spanish music – so singing in both languages for me is very natural,” she said. “It’s not forzado (forced). I feel like people all around the world keep listening to my music. Even people who don’t speak Spanish love my Spanish songs, which is really cool. I feel like music has no rules.”

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Jennifer Lopez y Pitbull en The AXIS Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino


By Florentina Narchet

Es que no se puede poner en duda que cuando se trata de química en la tarima, Jennifer López de origen puertorriqueño y el artista cubano Pitbull son la pareja perfecta.

Una vez más estos dos artistas se unen en la tarima y causan sensación en su concierto, Jennifer Lopez: All I Have, a The AXIS Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino en Las Vegas, Nevada, recientemente. Esta vez los artistas cantaron junto la canción On the Floor, que se convirtió en un hit en el año 2011.

La Diva del Bronx y Mr. Worldwide, como también se le conocen, han colaborados en otras exitosa canciones: Dance Again (2012), Live it Up (2013), We Are One (Ole Ola) con Claudia, la canción oficial Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brasil 2014.


Su más reciente participaciones fue cuando se unieron junto al artista dominicano Prince Royce con su tema Back it Up (2015). ¡Ya te puedes imaginar la combinación de estas tres sangres caribeña en un proyecto musical!

Estos dos artistas han enloquecido al público desde que pisan la tarima.

jlo-prince-royce-y-pitbull-diario-palm-beach - candela

Pitbull y JLo han cantado sus exitosas canciones en eventos como Billboard Awards, American Idol, American Music Awards, la abertura de la Copa Mundial del FIFA, entre otros.

Pitbull también está realizando conciertos todo el mes de marzo en el mismo The AXIS –  Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino PITBULL – TIME OF OUR LIVES LAS VEGAS.

Sin embargo, Jennifer López seguirá realizando 29 conciertos más en todo el año en Las Vegas The AXIS –  Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Su próxima presentación será este 22 de mayo.



The 89th edition of the Thanksgiving Day Parade was large, 8,000 people took part, decorative with theme floats and balloons, with top line entertainment with Mariah Carey taking center stage.

Mariah waved to her fans from a nutcracker suite lined float with toy building blocks and big red bow. Mariah dressed in a red ballgown and short white coat. She performed the Christmas classic, “All I want for Christmas is you.”

Before the singing sensation appeared, some of the more prominent balloons featured were the NYPD Cop, SpongeBob Squarepants, Ronald McDonald, Power Ranger, as well as all time favorite, Snoopy.

Prince Royce was the favorite of all the young fans as he sang “Stuck on a Feeling” on a float with a outcropping of a Big Apple emerging out of the New York skyline.


As the procession ended in Macy’s Herald Square, Mariah, now 45, stood tall, a flesh and blood princess soaking in the moment at the heart of New York City.

Photos: Prince Royce Celebration of His First English-Language Album

Prince Royce Album Release Party

Crossing over from Latin music to the English-language market is not easy, but some have done it with great success. Shakira, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and even Enrique’s father, Julio Iglesias, have all enjoyed the success of crossing over. But can the young Prince Royce successfully crossover from bachata to pop?

Yesterday, the Bronx-born singer Prince Royce released his first English album after dominating the Latin charts and winning the hearts of Spanish-speaking audiences. Royce scored his first No. 1 on the Hot Latin Songs chart at the age of 20 with the song “Corazon Sin Cara”.

Royce’s silky smooth voice went perfectly with bachata’s new sound – mastered by Aventura – while displaying his affectionate demeanor and a baby face that melted the hearts of females everywhere.

Now, after three albums and a bunch of hit Spanish songs, Royce introduces his first English-language album, Double Vision, that features a mix of reggaeton, R&B, pop and EDM.

At the VIP Room, one of New York City’s hottest nightlife spots, Royce was able to speak to La Mega’s Reyna Franco – from El Jukeo – about taking off his shirt in concerts, making the album and the first single, Back it Up, featuring Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull.

“It was a lot of work but I enjoyed it. I learned so much from J.Lo and Pitbull that I know I will apply those lessons to future projects.”

Double Vision

Ironically, Sprint – the cellphone service provider, which Royce worked for when he was creating his very first demo Bronx – sponsored the event featuring adoring fans that already knew all of the Double Vision songs by heart. In fact, his young and mostly female fans sang along to an album that was just released. Royce, pleasantly surprised, continued to sing with the fans as DJ New Era played some of the new tracks in the album release celebration.

Before Royce and his security was mobbed by the young and older (and I mean older) selfie-crazed fans, he was able to listen and speak to some of his fans that genuinely were inspired by his voice, talents and good character.

Check the photos below of Prince Royce album release celebration of Double Vision, Sponsored by Sprint in New York City:

Prince Royce with Reyna Franco

Prince Royce with Reyna Franco

Reyna Franco

Reyna Franco

Prince Royce

Prince Royce

Prince Royce Album Release Party

DJ New Era

DJ New Era

Prince Royce Album Release Party

Q&A with Prince Royce

Q&A with Prince Royce

Fan is inspired by Prince Royce

Fan is inspired by Prince Royce

Prince Royce listens to fan

Prince Royce listens to fan

Fan creates inspired paintings of Prince Royce

Fan creates inspired paintings of Prince Royce

The future Prince Royce

The future Prince Royce

Prince Royce Album Release Party

Prince Royce taking selfies with fans

Prince Royce taking selfies with fans

Prince Royce Album Release Party

DJ New Era

DJ New Era




Humilde, tímido y agradeciéndole a Dios al final de cada frase, ese es Jordy Quintero, un joven cantante procedente de la ciudad de Guayaquil, Ecuador. De tez oscura, sonrisa amplia y mirada inocente, Jordy quien imita a la perfección al cantante Romeo Santos, nos ganó el corazón desde el primer momento por su simpatía y naturalidad.

Considerado por sus fans, un aún mejor cantante que Romeo, este talentoso muchacho se hizo famoso en todo Ecuador por su participación en el Reality Show “Yo Me Llamo”. Jordy, mejor conocido por todos como “El Romeo Santos Ecuatoriano”, se encuentra de visita en Estados Unidos realizando su primera gira internacional donde recorre las principales ciudades del país.

“La gente aquí, me ha dado un gran apoyo incondicional. Es un privilegio y gracias a Dios porque él me dio el talento y el carisma”

nos dice feliz este ecuatoriano de tan solo 21 años.  Quintero comenzó a cantar desde niño y se hizo famoso entre sus amigos y en la escuela por cantar y bailar las canciones de Michael Jackson, hasta que en el 2001, escucho por primera vez la música del famoso grupo de Bachata “Aventura” y se aprendió todas sus canciones.

“Todos me decían pero tu cantas igual que Romeo y los amigos y familiares me empezaron a llamar Aventura y luego Jordy Romeo”.

El éxito y la popularidad del este artista coincide con la fuerza que el ritmo dominicano, se ha expandido por toda Centro y Suramérica, y donde intérpretes como Prince Royce y Romeo Santos se encuentran en los primeros lugares en la preferencia del público.  Jordan nos comenta un poco apenado,

“aun no conozco a Romeo Santos personalmente pero espero con ansias que cuando sea la voluntad de Dios no podemos ver y le pueda decir cuanto lo admiro”

Por terceros, Quintero ya escucho que Romeo conoce de su existencia y que aprueba su trabajo. Con numerosas canciones propias, a Jordy le gusta también interpretar salsa, pero en todas las presentaciones la gente aclama que cante las canciones de Romeo. La similitud en el tono de voz es realmente asombrada y sería imposible reconocer la diferencia sino fuera por las evidentes diferentes físicas de este Romeo de la costa ecuatoriana con el Romeo original, que es un poco más bajo de estatura y con la piel más oscura que el famoso bachatero.

Este nuevo talento es representando por empresarios dominicanos y existen grandes planes de promoción entre los que se encuentran una gira por toda la Republica Dominicana, País que Quintero considera ya su segunda patria, por la bendición de conocer y enamorarse perdidamente del ritmo de la bachata.

Jordy Romeo o el Romeo Ecuatoriano cuenta con un talento evidente, gran carisma y un ángel muy especial que llama la atención de los fans de la bachata. El reto de este largo camino hacia la fama, será demostrar que es un cantante con luz propia más que el imitador de una estrella internacional



Hold Up, ‘Back It Up’, Prince Royce Has Another Hit Song

American Idol performance by Prince Royce with J.Lo and Pitbull

American Idol performance by Prince Royce with J.Lo and Pitbull

I guess now we can call the song, “Back It Up”, by Latin-pop sensation Prince Royce as a chart topping hit now that it has debut on the Billboard’s Hot Latin Song chart.

Royce’s new Spanish version of his song, “Back It Up”, featuring Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez enters at No. 27 on the charts. Part of the song’s success could be attributed to the recent performance at Fox’s American Idol season finale where all three wowed the crowd and J.Lo sung her Spanish verse with a sexy breathy style.

The chart’s rating is based on digital sales, streaming data and the airplay the songs get from radio station (in this case it is Latin stations). Both versions of Royce’s song had a total sales of “23,000 downloads during the week ending May 17 (a 201 percent increase), with 29 percent of overall sales attributed to the newly released Spanish version,” reports the music website Billboard.

Even though the Bronx-born bachata star’s English version of his latest single hasn’t seen itself on the charts, Royce’s other singles have been experiencing a lot of success as he continues to be on the road to becoming a crossover king. Or prince. Prince Crossover… maybe.

The prince of bachata – who recently celebrated his 26th birthday – has successfully released “Stuck on a Feeling” featuring Snoop Dogg, which the support of excited fans pushed that single to reach No. 17 on the Mainstream Top 40 charts. Royce’s other song, “My Angel”, was one of the hot singles that pushed the “Furious 7’ soundtrack to dominate the charts for more than three months.

If Royce keeps going like this he might find himself in the same name bracket of other successful Latin artists that crossed over like Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesia and Gloria Estefan.

Latino Artists Help Drive Furious 7 Soundtrack To No. 1

Prince Royce Furious 7

Artists like J Balvin, Prince Royce and Fito Blanko helped the movie soundtrack, Furious 7, drive to the No. 1 spot in its fourth week on the U.S. Billboard chart.

The soundtrack jumped from the No. 2 spot a week ago to the top of Billboard 200 chart and sold more than 111,000 album units since April 12 according to Nielsen Music.

Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth “See You Again,” a tribute song to Paul Walker displayed in the final scene of the movie, has been the top selling single since the movie came out with over 464,000 downloads for the week.

But with that said, J Balvin’s “Ay Vamos” featuring French Montana and Nicky Jam is currently No. 2 in the Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs for the last two weeks. Plus Prince Royce and his sexy furious 7 video of his song “My Angel” has more than 7 million views on YouTube. Fito Blanko, the Panamanian sensation that has captured the hearts of people in Canada, is showcasing his talent with his song “Maneo”.



Toby Love has had a good three year run with two number one songs in the Tropical charts and several nominations for the upcoming 2015 Juventud Awards on March 27th. It has been an impressive peak from recent valleys and Toby, who sees himself as the “underdog” can point to a major reason, control.

“It’s the fans. Also I am on an independent label now, I have more control when it comes to my music.”

Toby explained,

It’s easier now because I’m the one who decides. I’m in a better place now.”

Social media continues to work for those artists who know how to make it work for them. Toby has reaped the rewards for example as he is up for “Ringtone of the Year.” To that end Toby is releasing an APP for this fans as well which is being earmarked for iphones and android and will be called “The Toby Love” app. The fans will be exposed to new platforms and web episodes and everything Toby.

“I’m trying to get my hands on everything, trying to take music to the next level, anything new that I can bring it to the forefront.”

Toby Love said,

“People want to know what your doing.”


Toby is pushing a new album this summer and with colloborations with artists like French Montana and “Fuego”, Toby’ career appears to be heading in the proper direction. He is excited about the possibilities. “Grand things. I will be visiting Europe for the fourth time this year, releasing new video in the Dominican Republic, and then an east coast tour. We will be in a town near you.”

What makes Toby so engaging is his honesty about the business without sounding bitter. But in one area he was straight to the point. Bachata, in it’s newer form has taken Latin music by storm the last few years and Toby shared his thoughts.

“The biggest Latin artists in my opinion are Bachata artists. My brother Hector, Romeo Santos, myself and Prince Royce ”

Toby explained,

“The movement is still growing cause the youth loves this. As long as it re-invents itself and colloborates with other artists, like my duet with French Montana, that breaks barriers and brings in new fans.

Prince Royce Adds His Bachata Song ‘My Angel’ to ‘Fast & Furious’ Soundtrack

Prince Royce

The prince of modern bachata, Prince Royce has released his latest single, “My Angel,” which is featured in the upcoming movie “Furious 7” soundtrack.

Royce described to the Associated Press that his new single, which was released Tuesday, is “very sexy-romantic”.

“The guy basically tells this girl, ‘Wow, you are an angel. Where did you come from, I’ve been waiting you my whole life,’” Royce said.

Even though Royce does not appear in the movie, “Furious 7” in theaters April 7, the singer/songwriter gets to drive really fast in his music video. He said that he’s been a fan of the blockbuster series for a long time and he’s taking acting classes just in case he’s called to play a movie role.

“I’ve seen all the movies, way before being part of the project. It was a pleasure and an honor to be part of the soundtrack.”

The Latin heartthrob says that he enjoyed watching all of the movies especially when he saw his reggaeton friends.

“Every Film has been something different; No. 6 had a lot of action, we saw people like Don Omar and Tego [Calderon] that gave them some variety,” Royce said. “For me it’s also important to see how Latinos are being represented, both in music and film,” Royce told AP.

The Dominican-American singer called the recent Oscar win “progress” when Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, the Mexican filmmaker won awards for his film “Birdman”.

“It has taken a long time for Latinos to be recognized in the Anglo world, in the American world, but I believe that every ear we are representing our culture and I believe every year we get more and more respect.”

“My goal is to represent Latinos, because although I was born in New York, My parents are Dominican and I feel very much Latino.”

Premios Performances a Powerhouse Success!!


It seems to me that Premios have taken its tone of repetiveness. Every year or more like every season we look forward to seeing out favorite artists perform their hit single on that main stage full of lavish lights and sexy standstill performances. One of biggest hits this year was ‘6am’ by J Balvin. This urban youth stole the night from his platform performance on the red carpet to winning numerous awards and dynamic performances on Stage during the cncert with Prince Royce.

Ricky Martin along with Univision producers had us in suspense during the pre concert moments. With mentions of an annnouncement, fans were full of crazy ideas.. “New Baby coming?” “Marriage?” Even my favorite, “Is Ricky switching teams? God would I love him to play on my team for a few bases and home runs. This ballad performance of ‘Disparo al Corazon‘ had me praying during every close that cupid would come target me.

Pablo Alboran came on stage with a very relaxed fit look. With his rustic voice he put his foot on the pedal of this baby grand piano and began to sing his heart out that fans became nostalgic even in the dark. This Spanish superstar has vocals to tell a story of broken heart and brave combat to conquer the one he loves.

Becky G. and Thalia performed a collaboration that I haven’t seen in a while. Thalia angelic appearance with sensual induendo in contrast to Becky G.’s moxiness kept the audience on their feet mimicking the chorus and chaos on stage from the creative choreography put together for this performance.

Marc Athony and Romeo, what can I say? Awesome!! I have to admit I was not a true fan of Romeo with Marc. I love the music and their story moment. But.. it kind of reminded me of Romeo’s collab with Don Omar of “Ella y Yo” The girl that loves to men. The guy that says I’m better.

Premio lo Nuestro was a great event.. From Pitbull’s opening performance to the closeing with Chiqui, Jenny Rivera’s daughter, I can honestly say that the performances we awesome. Some colors and styles of of red carpet sexy attires, suits and ties, I would of stayed away from, but every artists has their own way of feeling true to their deliverance.


Prince Royce Rocked this Christmas @ Rockefeller Center!!


When The Prince of Bachata, Prince Royce, participated in the Christmas celebration at Rockefeller Center in New York, I couldn’t think of any other way to celebrate the tree lighting this year.

The Christmas Tree Lighting has the strongest viewership national, attracting thousands of spectators and millions watching on television. That is awesome!

Prince Royce charismatic performance of “Jingle Bell Rock” really reminded me of the innocence of Christmas. The hot chocolate, the candy canes and the sneak peeks of presents, Such great memories!

Don’t get me wrong, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, singer Tony Bennett, among other artist blew me away this Christmas but Royce is Royce. With all the chaos and the rally’s, Royce gave New York for one brief moment a night of nostalgic remembrance and fun reminiscing.

Keep on Rockin’ Royce! I hope to see you next year, but singing to your sweetheart fans “All I Want For Christmas Is You!”

I am very sure there are a number of them that would want you under mistletoe.

Christmas in Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony Featuring Mariah Carey, Prince Royce, Lady Gaga and Many More!


It’s that time of year again, time to kick off the Christmas season with the annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center tree lighting spectacular!

Not only will the NBC television special feature the 82nd annual tree lighting, it will also be a great night of musical entertainment for those who tune in to watch the holiday special tomorrow night.

This year the holiday spectacular will feature performances by Mariah Carey, Prince Royce, Darius Rucker and, of course, the famous Rockettes. Mariah Carey will open the holiday program with a very special performance of her No. 1 smash hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You.

Image: Mariah Carey Performing Rockefeller Center Lighting of the Tree Ceremony 2013

But wait, that’s not all, there will also be performances by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, Cyndi Lauper, Seth MacFarlane, Sara Bareilles, LeAnn Rimes, Trisha Yearwood and many other celebrities.

This year’s 85-foot tree was donated by the Dan and Rachel Sigafoos of Hemlock Township, PA. Rachel told NBC that she is a “big Christmas elf” and donating the tree is beyond her “wildest dreams.

The tree is 90 year’s old and weighs an enormous 13-tons. The tree will be decorated in 45,000 LED lights and topped off with a massive 9.5-foot-wide Swarovski star.

Today anchors Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Natalie Morales will host NBC’s “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” special on Wednesday night, complete with a countdown to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting. Tune in December 3rd at 8 p.m. ET on your local NBC station.