D’Marte Despues De Ti No Hay Nadie

Dominic M

DOMENIC MARTE, born in Lawrence, MA., is of Puerto Rican & Dominican descent with the capacity to interpret and perform outside the sometimes confirming realms and speculations set forth by specific musical genres flowing from these two Caribbean wonderlands as he cleverly fuses rhythms, sound and talent effortlessly in his Bachata Pop style sound.

DOMENIC MARTE is not only multi-talented, but a man with a bright future ahead. Of the 16 songs that cohabit in the 1st album, on “Intimamente” He not only wrote 6 songs but also majestically produced one of the tracks, “Find Another Man” on the first album “ Intimamente”.On “Deseos De Amarte” and The NEW album “The Voice” Domenic Marte wrote 6 songs each. That alone makes quite a statement as to the many hats DOMENIC MARTE is capable of wearing artist, producer and song writer. 8 of the album tracks are performed in English combined on all 3 albums while the remainder of the album is in Spanish on “Intimamente” “Deseos De Amarte” “The Voice”. The album consists of a variety of musical styles from Latin Pop and Bachata to some smoothed out R&B.

The first single, “VEN TU” in 2004 with close to 2 million hits on YouTube was sizzling in every sense of the word; a modern day Bachata, spiced with Latin emotion, passion, style and flavor, produced by Gio Williams and brilliantly written by Wascar Brazoban, but it’s DOMENIC MARTE soulful sense of interpretation that makes the song sultry and alive. Today “Ven Tu” is a worldwide hit in many Latin Countries around the world and Europe. The Album”Intimamente” also had other hit songs like
“Ella Se Llevo Mi Vida Feat Geraldine” “La Quiero” “Ya Que Te Vas A Ir” were all top 10 songs on Latin Tropical, Spanish Contemporary & Regional Mexican radio stations around the US and abroad.

DOMENIC MARTE kept going with his courage to inject the Latin Music Bachata Industry with a NEW album entitled “DESEOS DE AMARTE” using his outmost creativity to unite both Pop music and Bachata of which is known to be fully Tropical, has demonstrated his talent, abilities, and creativity as an artist who is willing to add an extra bit of spice into the “traditional.” It is a great risk, yet as he has previously proven with his previous success song in the past “Ven Tu” and other songs.

DOMENIC MARTE 2nd album “DESEOS DE AMARTE ” earned the way to being nominated in 2010 with “ERES ASI” as SONG of the year and 3 other NOMINATIONS on Premio Lo Nuestro Latin award show on Univision TV a Nationally televised Award show. 6 other songs on the “DESEOS DE AMARTE”album where also top 10 on Latin Tropical, Spanish Contemporary & Regional Mexican Stations around the US and abroad. “Deseos De Amarte” Con Los Ojos Cerados feat Geraldine” “Yo Me Equivoco” “Que Importa Amiga Mia” “Ese Soy Yo” “Mia Nada Mas”.

DOMENIC MARTE has more to offer to the higher demand for his fans and HE is the ORIGINATOR of the Bachata Popmusic Style. A new and revolving culture of Bachata Pop worldwide. Domenic Marte using his passion and dedication has pursued this new “twist” to further his sound with his NEW 2014 3rd album entitled “THE VOICE”. It is because of his transparency and passion for the music Bachata Pop that he is fearless of failure, but demonstrates his talents to be innovative and willingness to accept the requests of his fans globally & why they refer to him as the “Gipsy of Bachata”“THE VOICE” has proven to be another album that has captivated Latin Tropical Stations, Spanish Contemporary & Regional Mexican stations in the US and abroad with “Muero De Celos Feat Luz Rios” peeking at num 4 on the Billboard Tropical Latin Chart.

Dominic Marte

Domenic Marte also featured his duet with Luz Rios on Sabado Gigante with Don Francisco on Univison on the 50th Anniversary of Sabado Gigante that was featured on the weekend of Thanksgiving in 2012. Primer ImpactoUnivision also came down to do an exclusive on the video behind the scenes on “Muero De Celos” that was featured on their show. “The Voice has made is way thru the Latin Tropical Stations along with “Horoscopo” “No Se Por Que” “Despues De Ti No Hay Nada” all top 10 hits across the Tropical, Spanish Contemporary & Regional Mexican radio stations in the US & abroad.

DOMENIC MARTE or D’MARTE, whichever you prefer, will prove to have the innovative strength and youthful energy to revitalize that special spark of the Latin Bachata Pop style as he sets out to the world and capture the hearts of a new generation of Latin music lovers. 

Eddie Rodriguez Domenic Marte manager worked doing National radio promotions in the American market for 25 years before managing Domenic Marte. They both took it upon themselves along with JN Records to work his albums WORLD WIDE. They both have worked the music with over 15 songs on TOP 10 on Tropical, Spanish Contemporary and Regional Mexican stations in the US and abroad.

Top 5 Songs by Latinos in the Billboard Top 100

billboard top 5

If you haven’t noticed Enrique Iglesias continues to reign over the Billboard chart’s Latin categories. But, according to the Billboard chart’s Top 100 songs that are currently playing all over pop radio, Iglesias may not be the No. 1 Latino rocking the mainstream airwaves with his hit song, Bialando. Let’s find the top five songs by Latinos that are on the Billboards top 100.

So here are the Top 5 songs by Latino artists on the Billboard’s Top 100

1) Uptown by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars
Ok, I know that Mark Ronson isn’t Latino or Hispanic but Bruno Mars, whose last name is Hernandez from his Puerto Rican father, is a proud Latino.

2) Love me Harder by Ariana Grande
The soulful Dominican princess is on top of the music world with big hits. We’ll soon see how many hits Grande can squeeze into this top five

3) The Hearts Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez
The actress turned singer has captivated many with her voice. Gomez is of Mexican descent from her father’s side.

4) Bang Bang by Jessie J featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj
When you want to make a “bang” out of a song, featuring Nicki and Ariana is the perfect recipe.

5) Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande
You know Ariana is doing something right when she has over 7 million views for a holiday song.

Rico is Suave for the Lord!


This famous saying “the industry is small” plays a big role not only in the connections you make, it also plays a serious part with the role you play. This quote came to mind when I heard this old song from this famous Latino rapper, Gerardo Mejia aka Mr. Rico Suave.

Remember when this Ecuadorian rapper released his first bilingual single ‘Rico Suave’? It became a hit single in through out the U.S. I believe fans fell in love with his physique over his lyrics. I don’t think til this day anyone even knows the words besides the words in the title. Gerardo’s appearance in the 90’s was almost considered to be too much for TV. With a frontal view of his oiled-up toned abs, and a back end view his tight pants, and let’s not forget his long wavy hair and accessorized bandana, he left the women with impure thoughts and men not hating for a moment.

We were hearing ‘Rico Suave’ in our sleep til he released his second single, when ‘We want the Funk’ was released with much excitement we tried to love it and for the most part we did. It gained 16th position in Billboards . But after single dropped it was like, ok???

What went wrong? From the beginning we noticed the lyrics weren’t the hottest we pretty much fell in love with his image. Like I said before what artist was on full display like Gerardo if it wasn’t Donnie Walberg or LL? Gerardo was a Latino.

As heartbreaking as it was to Gerardo such a hard hit downfall he knew he had to let it go.

“It was the hardest thing!”

“I took on a second album in English, I do not succeed, I made two albums in Spanish, they didn’t work either. So that’s when I thought, maybe you should go behind-the -scenes.”

I have to agree with that Gerardo. Very smart decision to be behind the scenes. This Latin Fabio became the senior executive of music in Interscope. This was his chance to proove to the world his passion for music was good for something. His hit or miss project to crossover Enrique Iglesias releasing, “Bailamos” made Enrique a pure Latin Heartthrob on an international scale. Goes to show that just because you think you can shine don’t mean your meant to be a star. It also means you have the talent to take a star where they’ve never been before.

Presently Mr. Mejia continues his passion in the world of music with an interesting twist involving his career experience mentoring as a Christian youth pastor. He will be debuting his new reality show on VH1 December 3rd, “Suave Says”. Rico must have a lot to say!

Rico Suave has proven “The sky is the limit!”

It’s the 25th Anniversary of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation


‘Contol’, ‘Escapade’, ‘Miss You Much’, and ‘That’s the Way Love Goes‘ are just a few hit singles this iconic performer has released as record breaking hits throughout music history. I’m speaking about thee one and only, Miss Janet Jackson.

As a five-time Grammyaward-winning recording artist and actress, Janet has left an imprint of inspiration for many artists, but most do not know the role her family has played in her success. With help from the late, great Michael Jackson, she released her first album self-titled, Janet Jackson, selling over 250,000 copies. Her following release was just as successful featuring her brothers Michael, Tito, Jackie and Marlon.

You see, Janet may have been the independent, open minded, creative and most definitely the diva sibling in the Jackson family, but the support of her brothers was what made her feel she was untouchable. And it happened!

This pop legend has kept a low profile in the past few years. But with any hidden agenda, icons such as Janet make sure that when she is out, the world clearly takes notice. Who’s to say that she hasn’t been in the corner store, or shopping at your nearest mall? Surely a recent appearance at the ‘Vogue Fashion DubaiExperience Gala‘ on Friday caught the eyes of dozes of paparazzi’s, ready with the one question they all hoped she would answer.

Is this a sign Miss Jackson is returning to the world of music?

It’s been more than 6 years since her last album ‘Discipline‘ and I think I speak for the all the Janet Jackson fans when I say, the world is ready for the return of Janet Jackson. With fans, friends and media around the world celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation‘ through social media, events and tributes, Janet’s heartfelt appearance would be the least she could do to show the millions of fans she’s fierce and ready to return to the stage and give us the performance of a lifetime.

I just want my music and my dance to catch the audience’s attention, and to hold it long enough for them to listen to the lyrics and what we’re saying.”

Enrique Iglesias Sex! Sex! & More Sex!


When you think of Enrique Iglesias what crosses your mind? Hot and Steamy am I right? Well, that’s what crosses my mind. ;) When he’s on stage belting his lyrics with that sexy ‘mirada, Oh My! Oh My! Oh Dear! It makes me think he is dedicating those words to me for that brief moment.

A girl can dream can’t she? lol

Love and Sex are the perfect words to describe this Latin heartthrob. Why not make it the album title? Enrique has released hit after hit. Each one dedicated to his self expression of passion in many different positions.

‘Bialando’ has been rated the #1 in numerous charts and continues to break records. The hottest single of the Album ‘Sex And Love ‘, the second part of ‘ Euphoria’. Enrique’s sizzling recipe to combine in One album several songs with varous degrees of increased sensual passion and the consistency of rhythmic style is the perfect recipe for foreplay and air play.

As hard as it was for be to believe, i was told Enrique was skeptical to release such a sexual album. However, after a few nights of reminiscing of his past romantic singles it took no arm twisting to convince Enrique ‘Love And Sex’ was a history maker and barrier breaker.

‘Bailando’ became one of the 10 most downloaded songs on iTunes.

This phenomenon with over 100 million albums sold, has overcome criticism and questions over his artistic ability to express his form of love for the music and for the warmth and excitement of a partner. I definitely have no criticism. Express Away Enrique!!

Enrique is smart and sexy and in addition to have a great head of hair he has a great head on his shoulders. He prefers not to include alcohol in a night of passion. It causes problems under the covers, apparently liquor doesn’t make him feel in control. WHAT A FREAK!!

More Fun and more romantic when you remember what you did the next morning. lol!

Despite the eye candy he is to so many fans, Enrique states he’s not interested in casual encounters.

He’s made ​​it clear his view on the double standard that is applied between women and men when judging their relationships.

“If a man lies with a lot of women , it is the best , but a girl does the same , its wrong?? Its not fair!

I personally thought he was a womanizer but he appears to be the whole package of hotness, humor and hero to defending women with double standards.

“… I honestly believe it’s difficult for love to survive without sex.” – Amen to that! lol

J. Lo’s A.K.A. is H-O-T!




Jennifer Lopez’s 10th album and her first for Capitol Records – is out and she’s celebrating its release with a series of high profile television appearances.

J.lo, who graces this week’s cover of Billboard Magazine, recently delivered two killer performances at the Billboard Music Awards and became the first female recipient of the Billboard Icon award. In an emotional speech, she recalled her days in the Bronx and spoke directly to all the kids encouraging them to dream big.

Her new album “A.K.A. is a showcase for where she’s at today,” says her Billboard Magazine cover story, She raps alongside French Montana on the summer anthem single “I Luh Ya Papi,” With collaborations with Sia, Chris Brown, and Pitbull just to name a few. This album completely takes Jennifer’s artistic vision to a whole never level.

Latino Music: Jarabe de Palo Video Premier of “Hoy No Soy Yo”



Spanish rock band Jarabe de Palo exclusively premiered their new video for “Hoy No Soy Yo” on Billboard on February 3. The new video brings the song to life through captivating images of street fashion all over the world, as a visualization of the search for self-identity. The song is their second single off of their upcoming album “Somos” which will be released on February 18. The album features collaborations with Ximena Sariñana, Jovanotti, and many more.

The Barcelona-based Jarabe de Palo, fronted by legendary songwriter Pau Dones, is one of Spain’s most popular rock bands and originally broke onto the international scene with their smash hit “La Flaca.” They have since continued to connect with international audiences with their irresistibly catchy fusion of rock and blues with Latin rhythms.

They’ve been nominated for 13 Latin Grammy’s and have sold more than five million albums worldwide, collaborating with a wide variety of major artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Celia Cruz, Compay Segundo, Pavarotti and Chrissy Hynde (The Pretenders).


Famous Latino ENRIQUE IGLESIAS Debuts New Video & Uncovers Title of 10th Album


ENRIQUE IGLESIAS revealed the title of his tenth full-length studio album, SEX + LOVE, in stores and available online March 18th on Republic Records. Today, he’s giving listeners everywhere a glimpse of what’s to come on the record with the cover art. It’s an intimate photo of the singer that you’ll want to keep your eyes wide open for.

SEX + LOVE will be on everyone’s mind in 2014. Recently, the Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum global superstar dropped the latest single and video from the effort, “I’m A Freak” featuring Pitbull. The longtime friends and collaborators light up an enticing beat from The Cataracs [Robin Thicke, Selena Gomez] with a downright soaring hook perfect for dance floors worldwide. “I’m A Freak” is just another standout from the track listing that also features the album’s previous singles “Heart Attack” and “Turn The Night Up”.

With SEX + LOVE on deck and ready to go, the artist is also gearing up for the one night only “ENRIQUE IGLESIAS & Friends” gig February 15 at Madison Square Garden.

ENRIQUE “turned up” 2013 as one of his hottest years ever. “Turn The Night Up” became his thirteenth No.1 on the Billboard Dance Chart. As the record-holder for most #1’s on the chart, he upped his tally yet again. Meanwhile, the track also clinched #1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay Chart, making it a cross-format smash.

Remaining a cross-cultural phenomenon, his most recent Spanish smash, “Loco” featuring Romeo Santos, just reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs Chart. It’s his 24th number one on the Hot Latin Songs Chart, and he continues to hold the record for most number ones on the chart.

Since 1995, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS has solidified himself as one of the most respected and revered stars worldwide. He remains one of the best-selling Spanish artists in history with sales exceeding 100 million worldwide. To his credit, he’s turned out five top 5 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 with two reaching the top spot as well as 13 number ones on the Dance chart-the most for any male performer ever. Moreover, he has an impressive total of seventy number ones across all Billboard charts. Meanwhile, he also is the record holder for most Spanish language singles to hit number one on the Hot Latin Tracks chart, producing 23 in total. Still, there are even bigger things on the horizon for him.

There’s nothing like SEX + LOVE with ENRIQUE IGLESIAS!


Latino Star JUANES Unveils New Album Name And Release Date



On January 30 in a Tweet & Facebook post to his 15+ million followers, the Colombian rock superstar Juanes revealed that his highly-anticipated new studio album “Loco De Amor” (‘Crazy From Love’) will be released globally on Tuesday, March 11th.

With lyrics and music written by Juanes, “Loco De Amor” is the first Spanish language album produced by Steve Lillywhite (U2, Killers, The Rolling Stones & More) with the collaboration of Emmanuel “Meme” del Real of Café Tacvba.

In conjunction with making his fourth appearance on the GRAMMY Awards Telecast, Juanes recently spoke about the album with the Hollywood Reporter’s annual music issue .

Just released over the holidays, Juanes’ new single “La Luz” (The Light) continues its fast climb at radio, already surging to #6 on Billboard’s “Latin Pop Airplay Chart” – while setting airplay records at #1 in Colombia, Argentina & more of Latin America.

“La Luz” is a propulsive fusion of Colombian Cumbia, EDM, and Latin Alt. Rock that captures seduction in the darkness. With over 2.5 Million views already, the recently released video for “La Luz” finds Juanes bringing viewers into the midst of a joyous street party in Old Town Cartagena when the lights go out.


MARIO In Concert at the Resorts World Casino 1/31


By: Naisha Balay


Back in 2002 R&B Superstar and Billboard winner Mario took us by storm with the lead single “Just a friend”. After four years of anticipating a new album; Mario is making headlines yet again with his released single “Fatal Distraction”.

With Mario’s falsetto outcries over a piano-led ballad, this single is filled with raw emotion. He admits this song is about his own personal experiences with his ex-girlfriend and their public break-up. The R&B album is still filled with love songs; many of them showcasing the dark side of love and heartbreak.

Be on the look-out for his unreleased album “Evolve” but until then check him out performing live Friday January 31, 2014 at the Resorts World Casino Queens, New York! Hey, I wouldn’t mind Mario serenading me! Ladies trust me, you will not be disappointed and gentleman if you want to make a lasting impression make sure you get your tickets early!

Doors open at 8PM. For further information check out the flyer!