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  • Love Advice
    Ask Judy: Am I TOO Latina For My Co-Workers?

    Ask Judy   Dear Judy, I have recently begun a new job at a fashion house that...

  • Fashion
    Puerto Rican and Dominican Shoe Designer Emily B

    Emily Bustamante was a fan favorite on the first season of Love & Hip-Hop. On the show...

  • Featured
    New York’s Mom & Pop Businesses are Being Replaced by BIG Corporations

    Hey! Want to grab a bite to eat at the original 2nd Avenue Deli in the East Village? How about we grab some lunch at Manatus restaurant on Bleecker Street? Then maybe grab something from Ralph’s Discount City up in TriBeca? And why not stop by the great home of punk rock...

  • Entertainment
    Heighten Racism of the 2016 Presidential Elections

    Initially, when it came to the 2016 Presidential Elections I wanted to forego discussing anything that was going on politically in the country. Yes, I know that to do nothing means that I am not privy to make any comments when something unsavory results due to my inaction. However, my choosing to...

  • Entertainment
    New ’24’ Reboot Series could star a Latino Lead!

    Kiefer Sutherland is no longer a part of the planned 24 series, and now with a spot to fill a Latino or African-American could be the new lead in the spy drama 24:Legacy. According to recent reports, Sutherland—who was the star of and originally made the 9 year series which ran from...

  • Featured

    Originally published in the April 2015 issue of LatinTRENDS Magazine Pageant Trends Paulina Vega beautifies the cover...

  • Entertainment
    Zoe Saldaña upset over forgotten Nina Simone Biopic!

    Zoe Saldaña is angry and upset that her Nina Simone biopic has yet to hit theaters after being completed nearly three years ago. According to the 37-year-old actress, the reason no one has seen the controversial biopic is due to mismanagement and a lack of organization that surrounds the finalization of the...

  • Entertainment

    El pelo es el marco de nuestro rostro, esa corona que nos puede hacer lucir bellas y...

  • News & Politics
    The Power of Education: Latino Student Graduates on the Rise in the Country

    In order to get far in life, education is substantial tool needed in helping you tear down some walls that may keep you back. And currently for Latinos in America, obtaining an education is on the rise and will surely help hundreds of Latinos living in the country tear down some walls...

  • News & Politics
    50 Years of Cold Shouldering to End: U.S. & Cuba work on mending Diplomatic Relationship

    It seems like last week’s the Summit of the Americas event proved useful since it mended 50 years of diplomatic recourse between the United States of America and Cuba. Since the event that brings together the leaders of several countries along the Americas together in a forum to discuss issues that is...

  • Featured
    Summits of the 7 Americas: U.S. & Latin American Heads of Government & State come together to discuss important issues

    Every three years an event is held known as the The Summits of the Americas where the...

  • Featured
    What is funny and what is not? The possible racism on Latino television

    Last Wednesday, Rodner Figueroa fell under the spotlight after his comments regarding First Lady Michelle Obama were considered racist and earned him a swift firing from Univision’s popular television program El Gordo y La Flaca. However, aside from Figueroa earning sometime in the spotlight the incident has shown an ongoing, overlooked culture...

  • Featured
    One Year Later: El Barrio honors those lost in Gas Leak Explosion

    Yesterday marked the one year anniversary since tragedy struck East Harlem after a gas leak led to an explosion that saw to the destruction of two buildings, the injuring of 70 people, and the deaths of eight. And to pay tribute to those lost, the residents and those wishing to honor the...

  • Featured
    Meaning of Friendship or Meaning of Corruption: NJ Sen. Bob Menendez faces Corruption Charges

    He says he is not going anywhere, but if charges due prove he is just another corrupt senator a New Jersey senator may not be able to stand by his words. On Friday, controversy hit the garden state when it was revealed that the Department of Justice is planning on filing criminal...

  • Featured
    The Latino Enrollment: How did the Affordable Care Act benefit from Latino enrollment?

    Around this time last year, the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—or what has become widely known as Obamacare due to it being President Barack Obama’s healthcare law—was nearly at the precipice of becoming non-existent in the U.S. due to the enrollment rate not meeting the requirement to become law. But at its final...

  • News & Politics
    Latino Cities: Top 10 Cities with the highest Latino Population

    From Jacksonville to St. Louis to Baltimore, do you know which cities across the United States of America are the top for Latinos doing the best economically? Well, Forbes magazine recently released a report compiling the top 10 U.S. cities where Latinos are reportedly finding economic success when it comes to entrepreneurship...

  • Entertainment
    SOTU 2015: The Days after the President’s State of the Union address

    Yesterday and Tuesday evening, Twitter, Facebook, and any other form of social media was abuzz with chatter. No, there wasn’t a celebrity arrest, marriage, or pregnancy but talk was on the 2015 State of the Union address. And this SOTU address is sure to be one of President Barack Obama most memorable...

  • Featured
    What is IDNYC? And what could be behind New York City’s new municipal card?

    Over the summer, a plan was proposed to introduce into New York City a municipal identification card program which is a form of identification card that is not issued by the state or federal government but offered by the city itself. Municipality identification cards enable people who are immigrants or who have...

  • Featured
    Más Latinos en College: President Obama’s new plan for free College offered to Americans & how Latinos benefit

    It seems 2015 will possible be President Barack Obama year if the plans he are proposing are enacted upon. From his executive plans on immigration announced late last year earning him a favorable response among Latinos, the president has made another announcement that will possibly do him some good after earning himself...

  • Featured
    Mayor de Blasio vs. the NYPD Pt.II: The tension continues

    Yesterday, mourning continued in the city as Police Officer Wenjian Liu was laid to rest. During the service, hundreds of police officers were in attendance to honor their fallen brother-in-blue along with Mayor Bill de Blasio. Unfortunately, the mayor’s appearance was not welcomed. With tension still present between the New York City...

  • Featured
    Target de Blasio: Latino Committee Aims to bring more Latino Representation to New York City

    When running to become New York City’s mayor, Bill de Blasio saw an administration that wasn’t fitting a diverse city it was meant to serve and promised to make his administration more inclusive in-regards to various communities located within the city. However, since taking office there are groups who are challenging whether...

  • Entertainment
    Latinos Approve!: President Obama’s approval rating rises among Latinos after plans on Immigration revealed

    It’s been a week since President Barack Obama revealed his executive action plans regarding immigration within this country. And while he has drawn criticism and threats from his opponents, it appears the president’s plans may have re-earned him support from the Latino community. According to a Gallup—an American research-based, global performance-management consulting...

  • Entertainment
    Iconic Beauty Sissi Fleitas Gets 5*

    The international beauty mogul, Sissi Fleitas was recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters, presented by the...

  • Entertainment
    #MIKEBROWN: An Understanding of the power of Protest

    When you think of Ferguson it will not a surprise if your mind immediately goes to St. Louis, particularly to August 9th 2014 when the community became infamous after the murder of Michael Brown. Since the start of this summer there has been an increase in racial-profiling throughout the country regarding young...

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