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  • Entertainment
    [PHOTOS] LatinTrends Fashion Recap of the AMAs 2014

    Fashion at the 2014 American Music Awards was right on point. ‘High Slit Dresses‘ ruled the carpet...

  • Entertainment
    The First South American Latina elected-Judge in Queens!

    Just two weeks ago, Queens made history after the November 2014 Elections when voting in the first South American Latina judge from Ecuador. Being the first South American elected-judge, Carmen Velásquez attributes being voted into the Queens Supreme Court of the 11th judicial district of the New York Supreme Court to her...

  • Entertainment
    “Enough of Fear!”: Thousands of Mexicans protest against violence amidst 43 Students’ massacre

    A month ago, LatinTRENDS reported on the disappearance of 43 student-teachers who vanished back on September 26th after police and alleged gang members broke up a demonstration they were participating in. According to witness accounts and news reports, the students were said to have been carried off by both law enforcement and...

  • Entertainment
    THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PT. 1 – Women Warrior Gallery

      The worldwide phenomenon of The Hunger Games continues to set the world on fire with The...

  • Entertainment
    Chino y Nacho on the Cover of LatinTRENDS Magazine Nov. Issue

        Grammy® winners Chino y Nacho are on the cover of the November issue of LatinTRENDS Magazine. Also in this issue, Laura Posada, “Gotham” girls Zabryna Guevara and Victoria Cartagena and a shocking story on Human Trafficking, happening on our own backyards. Chino y Nacho, the Venezuelan duo that captivate audiences...

  • Featured
    Did they or Didn’t They? Pt. I: The Latino Voting Dilemma

    If you didn’t notice why your children or local schools were closed or why there was a flurry of red, white, and blue due to the flying of countless American flags or why your Facebook is abuzzed with “Get Out and Vote” well you should know it was Election Day. Yesterday, the...

  • Entertainment

        By: Deyanira Martinez After being one of the most important and respected figures in the Dominican Republic for nearly three decades, Tania Baez, the famous TV host, producer, journalist and entrepreneur decides to reinvent herself at the age of 48, leaving her comfort zone behind and becoming a life coach...

  • Featured
    Education Denied: Latino immigrant children blocked from getting an Education in New York City?

    The concept that knowledge is a gift and should be available to all is a noble one, but in order to obtain knowledge—one that is accepted by all—obtaining an education is an essential tool in showing the world that you have it. However, for some the pursuit of knowledge is barred due...

  • Entertainment
    November Elections 2014: Latinos in U.S. House expected to increase!

    While coverage over the past few days has largely been on where the Latino vote could be going, this post will look at the Latinos who could soon be entering the United States House of Representatives in the upcoming elections. While there are current Latinos preparing to take high positions within the...

  • Entertainment
    Failing to Pull the Latino Vote: Democrats could face losses this upcoming Election

    Earlier this week, I talked about the recent issue regarding Latinos and the possibility of some who can vote and who are eligible to register to vote will forgo voting in the upcoming elections. To continue this discussion, I want to look at what will happen if Latinos choose to remain away...

  • Entertainment
    In Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month: Influential Hispanic Trans-People

    From September 15th to October 15th across the United States of America the country views National Hispanic Heritage Month. A month where we celebrate the very diverse and exuberant Hispanic culture and where we honor Hispanic figures that have made history by pushing the boundaries that were once placed on Hispanics in...

  • Entertainment
    WEPA! Dash Of Sazon On Daytime Talk Shows

    Two gorgeous Latinas debut as co-host on popular daytime talk shows and we are all ecstatic. Hailing...

  • Entertainment
    25 Years Later – NYC awards Central Park Five $41 Million after wrongful conviction

    It’s become one of New York City’s most infamous cases of injustice, and now after twenty-five long years it seems some form of justice will be given to the Central Park Five due to a recent court settlement in a case that was started two years ago. A case started after a...

  • Entertainment
    Hundreds of Fast Food Workers arrested during Nationwide Strike

    A week ago we celebrated Labors Day Weekend which is a yearly celebration to honor labor workers in the workforce. Started as recognition to workers who embarked on social and political movements, the holiday was to remember what workers did in the past in order to better their livelihood and the livelihood...

  • Entertainment
    Deportation Shouldn’t Stop: Congressman on the deaths of Immigrant Children deported

    In the ever-growing debate regarding immigration in the United States of America, not even the possible deaths of some immigrant children may face if deported back to their country of origins seems to quell the debate’s intensity. In fact, for one American congressman the deaths should not stop the deportation process but...

  • Entertainment
    Latinos & Labor Day: Recognizing Hispanic Workers on Labor Day!

    Celebrated on the first Monday of September, and consisting of an entire weekend, this past weekend across the country we celebrated Labor Day. A day—or again a weekend—where we acknowledge the American Labor Movement, Labor Day is a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers within the United States...

  • Entertainment
    Issue in Silicon Valley: Hispanic Service Workers suffer from low wages

    Silicon Valley, the Southern region of the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, and the home to the world’s largest technology corporations like Apple. In-addition, it is a place where thousands of small startup companies go to because it is known for being the land of opportunity. However, within these companies...

  • Entertainment
    The Prison Pandemic among Youth

    The general idea of the prison system is that it is a place where those who stray away from following the social norms of society and commit crimes go to in order to reform. However, for some who do go to prison the very structure no longer follows that intention. Now, as...

  • Entertainment
    A Husband’s quest to solve the sudden disappearance of Salvadoran Mother and Wife

    For the last two years, the only thing Luis Fuentes has of his wife is the remembrance of her voice since her sudden disappearance when she was trying to cross the border into Texas. In those two years since her disappearance, Fuentes refuses to give up on his continuing quest which has...

  • Entertainment
    Depression: How to Break the Silence of its Sufferers?

    On Monday, August 11, 2014 the world received the shocking news that beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams was dead due to an apparent suicide. As the story unfolded, it was uncovered that despite having a lengthy battle with alcohol and substance abuse Williams was dealing with severe depression. His dealing with...

  • Entertainment
    Latinos of NYC feel uneasy with NYPD’s ‘Broken Windows’ Policy

    Last month the name of Eric Garner became widely known throughout New York City due to the highly-profiled controversy regarding Garner’s death. When a video showing the death of Garner at the hands of police officers was released, members of the Latino and African-American communities and civil rights activists have come out...

  • Entertainment
    Henry Santos – Padrino of the 33rd Annual National Dominican Day Parade NYC

    On August 10, 2014 over 500,000 Dominicans are expected to fill the streets of 6th Avenue with...

  • News & Politics
    Young Latino Activist Group Honored in New York City

    Within several cities in America throughout the 1960s and 1970s, a Latino group known as the Young Lords fought for social justice for Latinos living in the country and for the independence of Puerto Rico. Due to their historical contribution to the Latino community during the civil rights era, a street located...

  • Fashion
    Curvy Ladies, Checkout These Swimsuit Bargains

    Sad to report that summer is almost coming to an end however now is the time to...

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