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  • Entertainment
    Zoe Saldana Speaks out on Sexism in Hollywood

    Not one to shy away from calling out the sexism that exists within Hollywood, Guardians of the...

  • Culture
    “Hispanic Heritage Month” Special Report on Guatemala

    Read all the fun facts about this Latin American country!

  • Culture
    Capoeira: The Sexy Afro-Brazilian Workout

    Check out the information about this exciting trend!

  • Entrepreneurship
    13 Tech Trends That Will Impact All Businesses

    As technology and digital marketing tools continue to improve, businesses will have to adapt to trends in...

  • Featured
    U.S. sent Latino Youth Travelers to Cuba in order to start Rebellion

    It sounds like something you would see on FX’s The Americans or something you’d read in the...

  • Lifestyle
    3 Tips for Finding True Love Any Time of the Year

    Love is not just for Valentine's Day!

  • Featured
    Alpo Martinez: Where is the Infamous Harlem Drug Kingpin?

          Alberto “Alpo” Martinez is a name that most will not know, however if you...

  • Entertainment
    10 Well known Hispanic Dads

    Here are 10 famous men…some more then others, but to their kids their just dad.  Daddy Yankee:...

  • Entertainment
    Demi Lovato accredits Kim Kardashian for embracing her curves!

    Demi Lovato has stepped out of her shell recently by accepting, embracing, and loving her body after...

  • Entertainment
    Representing Latinos on the Big Screen: Michael Peña’s Year of Films continues

    This year is proving to be Latino actor Michael Peña’s year. Along with drawing attention for portraying...

  • Entertainment
    Benicio Del Toro set to play Kingpin of the Cuban-American Mafia in ‘The Corporation’!

    Benicio Del Toro is set to play Jose Miguel Battle Sr., the Don of a Cuban-American Mafia,...

  • Entertainment
    Selena Gomez interested in Older Men!

    Selena Gomez has expressed interest in dating older men, however she feels that older men may not feel the same due to her very young appearance. In a recent interview, Gomez revealed that while she would be interested in dating men who are older she feels that the feeling may not be...

  • Entertainment
    George Lopez’s ‘Lopez’ on TV Land gets a 2nd Season!

    George Lopez seems to have another hit series on his hands with the recently announced renewal of his TV Land’s series aptly titled Lopez. Check out our exclusive interview with George Lopez below!    The series follows Lopez as he portrays a fictional version of himself trying to cope with all the...

  • Entertainment
    Sofia Reyes ready to dominate American music industry!

    Sofia Reyes is about to become a big name in the U.S. and could become the next pulling force to stir a new Latin explosion in the music industry. Two years ago, bachata superstar Prince Royce signed the Monterey, Mexico native to his label called D’León Records, and since then Reyes has...

  • Featured
    Sanders & Clinton battle it out for Latino votes in California!

    Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton are about to battle it out once again when it comes to snatching the next set of Latino votes as the Californian primary is right around the corner. But which democratic hopeful could win big with Latinos on the West Coast come June 7? According to some...

  • Entertainment
    Eva Longoria to Wed this weekend! Maybe.

    Eva Longoria might be a married woman come next week. According to sources, the former Desperate Housewives and Telenovela star will be reportedly tying the knot with her fiancé Jose Antonio Baston in Mexico this upcoming weekend After dating for nearly three years, Longoria,41, and Baston,47, announced their engagement back in December...

  • Featured
    Bernie Sanders visits Puerto Rico!

    Bernie Sanders may not know Spanish, but that prevent the President hopeful from visiting Puerto Rico on Monday and speaking before crowds of his supporters. “If elected president of the United States, you will have an ally in the Oval Office” promised Sanders, who began a day of campaigning in the island...

  • Entertainment
    ‘Sons of Anarchy’ returns to FX with a Latino Twist

    Sons of Anarchy fans can rejoice as the show will be returning to FX, but it will be returning with a Latino twist. Back in December 2014, Kurt Stutter’s hit biker gang series aired its final episode after 7 seasons. Since its end, Stutter announced just 8 months ago that he had...

  • Featured
    Donald Trump’s continued offense of Latinos

    It’s no surprise that there is no love between Donald Trump & the Latino community, especially since last June when Trump verbally assaulted the Mexican community—which also impacted the Latino community at large—during his announcement speech which entailed his intention to become our 45th President of the United States. In the speech,...

  • Entertainment
    Justin Bieber offends Argentina, again!

    Justin Bieber’s relationship with Argentina is by far more complicated than any of his relationship with a Hollywood starlet. Just three years ago, Bieber first offended Argentinians when he kicked the country’s flag from the stage after it was thrown onto it while in a concert held in Buenos Aires. Although Bieber...

  • Featured
    Ted Cruz drops out of Presidential Race!

    There was no real winner last night for the Republican party, or America come November if something terrible & frightening happens if a certain billionaire is elected, but there is no sense of winning for the United States Senator of Texas Ted Cruz who has officially dropped out of the elections. After...

  • Entertainment
    Fast & Furious 8 causes Traffic Jams in Cuba!

    While the Fast & Furious franchise is continuing to grow as its next installment is currently being filmed in Cuba it may be a joy to some of the film’s fan but an upset to some Cuban residents. Earlier this month, the 8th installment of the Fast & Furious series began filming...

  • Featured
    The Day After Super Tuesday…The Sequel.

    It appears that the predictions made after the first Super Tuesday is being backed and supported by...

  • Featured
    The Day After New York Primary: Clinton & Trump Victorious!

    So it looks like New York has a lot of faith in both Senator Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump who were victorious in the New York Primary. After yesterday’s primary, exit polls are showing that both Clinton & Trump have attained a significant push forward in obtaining their party’s nomination to duke...

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